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25th > January > 2013 Archive

China wants eight new Lenovos by 2015

Government decree says local firms should merge to reach global scale

Fujitsu launches 'Athena' Sparc64-X servers in Japan

And Larry has slapped the Oracle labels on them, too

Lenovo considering RIM buyout to boost mobile biz

'We are looking at all opportunities'

Opportunity celebrates nine years on Mars

Rover has lasted 36 times longer than planned mission

NASA joins ESA dark stuff hunt

Euclid mission heading to L2 in 2020

Activists urge Skype: Tell us who is spying on us

Microsoft mum on privacy, security policies

Belkin buys Linksys from Cisco

Tie-up means Cisco's not entirely free of low-end business

Alien space rocks EXPLODE in fireball over Japan

Vid: Were the Mayans just a few weeks out?

Microsoft acknowledges the long and winding road ahead

Still blames OEMs for lack of touch

Fedora project may expel MySQL

Devs don't like Oracle's direction, prefer more open MariaDB

Waiter! There's a phone in my soup

'iBowl' makes lunch less lonely

Michael Dell and the Curse of the Exploding Batteries

First his laptop, now his personal jet may belch fire

Sympathetic Scots scoff-house offers hard-up Apple fanbois a discount

Understands their Cupertino habit will leave them penniless

RoboVM stirs up another helping of Java for iPhone

Apple unlikely to get cross over this compiler

Ministry of Fun builds crack team to juice up bumpkin broadband

BDUK consultants, Whitehall mandarins sent to the sticks

Tiny tech ZigBee harnesses puny power of the press

Batteries? Where we're going we don't need batteries

'We are not concerned about your patents at all' - Jobs

Plus: 'Not only is this a pain, it's actually losing me wages'

Shiny, shiny! The window's behind me...

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Has the matte-screen lobby finally given up?

Now Spanish sperm takes a kick to the cojones

Male fertility falling, shock study shows

LOHAN premieres intimate REHAB vid

Lid blown on shed-built hypobaric rocket motor test rig

Amazon: IVONA bevy of 'all natural' blabber babes to beat Siri

Look out, Apple - Voice of Kindle now owned by book-slingers

Panasonic: We'll save Earth by turning CO2 into booze

Scrub air of greenhouse gas, get plastered to celebrate

Have Brits fallen for Netflix, or do they still LoveFilm?

FeatureStream engine: Internet television in the UK

Cisco and NetApp fatten up Flexpod, chuck it at cloud biz

Also fling out ExpressPods for branch offices

Twitter must unmask racist French twits or face $1,300-a-DAY fine

Paris court demands easier abuse report system too

Silly gits upload private crypto keys to public GitHub projects

Amazing what you can find searching for 'BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY'

Boffins baffled over pulsar with 'split personality'

No explanation for its changing behaviour

Facebook DIES ON THE VINE hours after Twitter tie-in

Has 'find friends' ferret had a fall ... bitch?

Tablets aren't killing ereaders, it's clog-popping wrinklies - analyst

Market dying... literally

Broadband ESSENTIAL to life, titsup ISPs must cough up - court

Aber nur in Deutschland, ha ha. Entschuldigung Engländer!

Samsung posts RECORD profits, but execs drip cold sweat over 2013

Can't have a 75% profit spike every year, eh?

Brit 2.5-tonne nuke calculator is World's Oldest Working Computer

Elderly giant takes 10 seconds to divide a number

NFC Forum: We're not just about paying by bonk, you know

Special interest groups show other ways to make the tech pay

Scottish Power blows a fuse after Twitter hijacking

'Leccy biz 'really sorry' after customers lured to villains' lair

Apple 'dismayed' to find over 100 kids building its iDevices

Stops doing biz with worst offender - report

IT box'n'services floggers to learn coding as biz want apps

@property (nonatomic, copy) NSString *file? Screw this, we're outsourcing

Don't like your cell network? Legal unlocking ends TONIGHT in US

Land of the free big corporate operator

Boeing 787 fleet grounded indefinitely as investigators stumped

Short circuit may be culprit for flammable flights

Juniper carbon copies sales and profits in Q4

SDN, security, and cloud will drive the future – and maybe servers

Samsung demands Apple's iOS 6 source code in patent case

Apple's lawyers: It's 'insane'

Meet قلب, the programming language that uses Arabic script

Visualizing code in a whole new way

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