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21st > January > 2013 Archive

Oracle reveals cloudy engineered systems

Living in your own private Idaho Larrycloud

Global mercury ban to hit electronics, plastics, power prices

Minamata Convention will mean mercury runs away by 2020

W3C steps up China outreach with Beijing centre

Standards body wants to tap Sino innovation boom

Martian 'lake' said to hint at 'deep biosphere'

McLaughlin crater deposits suggested as proof of life-friendly groundwater

Google pulls 'racist' Make Me Asian app

Thousands petitioned for removal of Android app

SimCity to teach SimMaths and SimScience at school

Real Obama will like it, but what will a SimBoss make of a SimCV?

Engineers are cold and dead inside, research shows

Unable to care or love

'End of passwords' predictions are premature - Cambridge boffin

Nice fresh well-salted hash will keep them healthy

‘Anonymous’ hacks Oz Uni’s email to protest bulk iPad buy

University of Western Sydney students spammed, made to endure anti-Apple rant

Mozilla picks JavaScript titan Eich to lead charge against 'Droid, iOS

Must race Ubuntu, Tizen and Sailfish onto the battlefield

X-IO plumps up ISE Station rack to tempt biz barons

Quadruples rackery for cloud, large data centres

China turns to no-name handsets: Android - without the Google-iness

Thanks for coughing up for development, G

Tech giants don't invent the future, they package it

Open ... and ShutSanding down the rough edges of progress

We trust computers to fly jets... why not trust them with our petabytes?

Storagebod blogWait, hold on, software-defined storage ain't so crazy

Oz library finds Lance Armstrong books a new home: The fiction section

Literary quippery reclassifies disgraced cyclist

Good news, everyone! KDE cookie-scoffing bug smashed after 10 YEARS

Some sort of record? Let us know

This week's BBC MELTDOWN: Savile puppet haunts kids' TV

Parents choke on cornflakes at Tweenies shocker

Web is turning us into kid-ults with no 'private identities' - report

'Hyper-connectivity' is re-defining who we are

Forget bonking, now mobes can buy stuff using pay-by-SQUEAK

Chinese spurn NFC, go for acoustic-coupled modem look

AT&T 'violates net neutrality' by NOT charging twice for same data

FCC should probe femto financials foul-up - digital rights group

Nokia Siemens Networks plans to flog bonds, raise €700m

VCs didn't want to cough cash, but maybe public will...

WTF is... Weightless?

Internet of Things enabler in the space between the TV signals

IBM to pump Power Systems through Tech Data, Ingram Micro

Expanding channel coverage in the US, and maybe Canada

Polish knights slay Virut, the brazen virus army that has its own EULA

Multi-headed zombie mob will be back for more

Germany's RTL pulls free-to-air channels off terrestrial TV

It's like ITV leaving Freeview

Holy classic car auction, Batman! They sold THE Batmobile!

Man called Rick Champagne coughs up $4m for original motor

Fraud cops collar two blokes accused of dodging bank's 2-factor auth

Online accounts raided in SMS scam

Game over for Atari? One life left as biz files for bankruptcy protection

Hey, anybody got a quarter?

Backers: What's this, another cloud storage upstart? Here, have $20m

VCs seem dead sure that companies will bin their arrays

Kim Dotcom's locker may be full, but the cupboard is bare

CommentReduce the value of creative work to the value of its storage? That's not smart

First Google wants to know all about you, now it wants a RING on your finger

For those who've always wanted to give the web giant the finger

Time Warner Cable to Netflix: We want your 3D films, not your network

Vid service: You want our content, you'll need our CDN

DataStax cranks up Facebook NoSQL to 3.0 with enterprise features

Weaving in the latest Hadoop data muncher and Solr search

Student claims code flaw spotting got him expelled from college

Canadian college denies overreacting

Australian spooks want mobile dev to build ... something

ASIO changes IT hiring policy to bring more specialists aboard

Telstra inks 4G roaming deal for Hong Kong travelers

Biz travelers will benefit from faster speeds

ACCC spikes gadget price-fix

Australian regulator rebuffs retailers' request over competition concerns

Rackspace to build custom servers, storage for cloud biz

Open Compute 2013What's good for the Zuck is good for the Rackers

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