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16th > January > 2013 Archive

NASA aims Curiosity's percussive drill at pink, veiny target

It's hammer time for first Mars drilling mission

Patent trolling surges, but righteous cavalry on the way

The next battle in the troll wars is up to you, Reg reader

Juniper to build its own software-defined networking stack

Carving up network software even more than OpenFlow

Symantec to offload Altiris: report

Vision for 'total package' of security and endpoint management slipping away

Security audit finds dev outsourced his job to China to goof off at work

Cunning scheme netted him 'best in company' awards

Microsoft to give free TV ad to top-voted Windows Phone 8 app

App dev deathmatch offers thousands in prizes

Myanmar to open telecoms to foreigners

Two licenses up for tender

Soot forces temperatures more than thought: AGU

Dumping diesel, fireplaces, could buy time while world sorts out CO2

IT boom driving candidate hungry Honkers

Job opps galore out East, but you may have to do the talking

Social networks give Australia a throat to choke

Regular government meetings the prize for signing complaint-handling plan

Korean boffins crack art of bendy batteries

Discovery could herald more flexible phones

China shoves Beidou intro tractors, trucks and buses

Latest decree from on high turns up heat on GPS

EMC polishes up entry-level VMAX for biz types

Enhanced VMAX 10K

Amazon rainforest starts making phone calls

Trees get Gemalto radio tech, can ring the cops

The forkers saving open source from a corporate bear hug

Open ... and ShutPromising tale of Portugal's Salt man

Wanna really insult someone? Log off and yell it in the street - gov

Being rude in Blighty now lawful unless you're on Twitter or Facebook

STEC's flash daddy on SSD rivals, NAND and having your OWN controller tech

3-bit flash needs TLC, says Mark Moshayedi

Facebook shoves biz pal Microsoft aside, unzips new Graph Search

AnalysisEveryone invited to the party, except Bing... bitch

Datatec sets off profit drop klaxon as Westcon sales slip

Year's predicted revenue slides $100m

NRA: Video games kill people, not guns. And here's our video game

First-person shooter for Second-Amendment drum bangers

Spy romp Zero Dark Thirty: The tech behind the special effects

Captain, we need those digital files, NOW!

France stalls plan to make Google and pals foot broadband rollout

'Obscure panel' mulls web giants funding new high-speed networks

BT's 'six-month free broadband' offer is a big fat FIB - ads watchdog

Misleading advert banned in second ruling of 2013

Lynch mob of bankers say they'll stump up cash to take Dell private

Financing deal not a problem for four top banks, whisper sources

Here we go again: New NHS patient database plan sets off alarm bells

Health Sec Hunt wants your records in the cloud by 2018

Look out, fanbois: One in two nicked mobes is an iPhone - cops

But at least you're 'young', 'professional' and 'partying'

Skytap fires up Hadoop data-chewer as cloud crash-test dummy

Eager to work with and compete against Amazon – someday

Playboy fined £100k by Blighty watchdog for FLASHING SMUT at kids

Websites didn't verify age, Ofcom rules

Viruses infect vital control systems at TWO US power stations

'Sophisticated' malware snuck in via USB drive

Fusion-io touts cheap-as-chips flash to Apple, Facebook and chums

Want a retail discount? You'll need to buy in bulk

Bloke blasts Sprint for fingering his home as phone thieves' den

Welcome to Wayne's world: Multiple missing mobes mistakenly tracked

Another Apple retail chief crashes out the door

Third 'great leader' in as many months moves in

Fans of dead data 'liberator' Swartz press Obama to sack prosecutor

'Aaron's Law' to ease 'outlandish' US computer laws

Woz flash firm Fusion-io has a gift for Facebook open-sourcers

Open Compute Project given ioScale designs

AMD+friends forge 'Roadrunner' Open Compute server mobo

Open Compute 2013Opteron 6300s get a thumbs up from Facebook

Globalstar: Don't be afraid of our private Wi-Fi superhighway plan

Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi group: But you'll run us off the road!

Surprised? Old Java exploit helped spread Red October spyware

New Java exploit can be yours for $5,000

AMD lawsuit claims spying ring took secrets to Nvidia

Over 150,000 documents slurped by four managers

Facebook friends bash servers, storage, and racks into bits

Open Compute 2013Realizing the dream of independently upgradeable subsystems

Canada rejects US bid for Megaupload info, kind of

Not quite a win for Kim Dotcom

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