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15th > January > 2013 Archive

Siri, will Chrome's new speech features kill you?

Google bakes Web Speech API into browser beta

RIM adds 15,000 new BlackBerry 10 apps in one weekend

Crisp $100 bills waved in devs' faces

Hyperspeed travel looks wrong: Leicester students

Movie-makers ignore the Doppler shift

DDN grabs first slab of 100PB storage cloud

Australia's Research Data Storage Infrastructure is coming online

Swedish school puts Minecraft on the curriculum

Those are some lucky students

IRENA launches global renewable energy atlas

Shines a light on wind and solar to help spur adoption

China's Android users warned of giant botnet

One million infected by MKD Trojan, and counting

Singapore allows pre-crime strikes against online crooks

Hack first, ask questions later, to protect vital infrastructure

DoJ to Kim Dotcom: We never asked you to retain files

US authorities rubbish entrapment claims

Titsup Windows Phone 8 orders user to cram 'boot disc' in mobe

PicBaffling 'black touchscreen of death' emerges on web

Hooking offshore wind farms into UK grid will HIKE bills, MPs warn

'Leccy supply deals will bankroll investors, bankrupt us

Satnav blunder sends Belgian granny 1,450km to Croatia

Quick trip to the station ends in two-day odyssey

Today's antivirus apps ARE 'worse at slaying hidden threats'

But they're not as rubbish as those other researchers said

Microsoft ends Mac users' Windows Phone 8 misery

Stone the crows, fanbois can actually use their mobes now

Smooth criminals spared the clink for hacking Sony's Jacko archive

100 hours of unpaid graft for music raid. Now who's bad?

BT's shock new wheeze: Make phone calls from smartphones

There is method in this VoIP app madness

Ex-Xsigo CEO grabs reins at Brocade: Will he sell or will he grow?

Lloyd Carney replaces Michael Klayko

IBM brains ponder universe, say kids will go nuts for STEAMPUNK

Data-crunching beasts crack key problems facing humanity

Just who is the mystery gobbler of flash upstart GridIron?

And did they pay $300m for the TurboCharger maker?

Amazon-bashed HMV calls in administrators, seeks buyer

Slightly battered gramophone, dog - only to good home

Flash pioneer STEC invests in ZFS zealot Nexenta

Open storage software firm gets cash injection

Media barons threaten to spike's audacious copyright grab

Instagram-like gobble of pics and code dragged into courts

Privacy winds blow through Clouds towards Switzerland

OpinionSafe haven guaranteed?

Former PayPal, eBay hackers strap a rocket onto MongoDB

NoSQL cloud runs on flashy hydrazine

Sheffield ISP: You don't need a whole IPv4 address to yourself, right?

PlusNet seeks volunteers - just for a tick, until IPv6

Hortonworks adds Ambari control freak to Hadoopery

Downloads and business are booming for open source data munching

UK falls behind in global graphene patent race

Chinese physicists have already outlapped the lot

WTF is... WebRTC?

FeatureVoice and video communications game changer

Belgian watchdog barks at Apple: Take care when you flog that warranty

EU consumers need to know their rights

Ex-Doctor Who babe Karen Gillan touts dodgy diet pills in twit gaffe

Amy Pond actress tackles new kind of monster - hackers

HP dangles axe over Autonomy salesmen, cash wad over coders

70 layoffs planned in push for mobe video software

Mysterious Facebook product plumps up shares on Wall Street

Fat goose or slim pickings coming later today?

Grey Matter cashes in on solving software licensing mysteries

Sales and profits up in fiscal 2012

Google denies smacking Botswanan ass

Street View donkey outrage shakes cyberspace

Verizon puffs up Terremark cloud over London and Dallas

Offers per VM pricing, Federal-grade security to enterprises

Latest Java patch is not enough, warns US gov: Axe plugins NOW

Metasploit boss says Oracle needs TWO years to make everything good

Live blog: Facebook's 'screw you' to Google revealed at last

Zuckerberg's big unveil as it happens. And, no, it's not a phone

Storage glitches fell Australian supercomputers

DDN and SGI find fix after faulty firmware fingered for Fornax fail

NASA snaps pics of China's 'Airpocalypse' pollution disaster

ImagesBad from orbit, worse on the ground, shades of London '52

Google ordered to identify bloggers

Australian defamation case a headache for Mountain View

Microsoft control freaks Server 2012 clouds with System Center SP1

Wraps up Azure cloud smarts for service providers

Long-delayed Fedora Linux 18 arrives at last

'Spherical Cow' brings updates for desktop, cloud, and more

Empire says ‘primitive’ Earth not ready for Death Star

Imperial Press Release strikes back against Obama's Death Star decree

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