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11th > January > 2013 Archive

Help a US gov't agency switch to open source, win $3 million

Veterans Affairs holding contest to upgrade systems

Nokia decrypts browser traffic, assures public not to worry

It’s acceleration, not snooping, say Finns

ST-Ericsson uncloaks 2.5GHz Jekyll & Hyde smartphone chip

CES 2013First out of the gate with FD-SOI and power-saving eQuad tech

IBM scales down PureApplication cloudy boxes

Fewer nodes and less storage, and presumably at a lower price

Boffins develop microwave weed-zapper

Backyard Triffid exterminator could be yours in five years

Nokia's Q4 'beat expectations' despite ongoing sales slump

Investors desperate for good news got some

SAP plans HANA education push to channel partners

Business Suite for all

Mozilla to Adobe: PDFs don't need no more steenking plugins

Firefox beta renders PDFs with HTML 5

Hackers deface Indonesian president’s website

It’s payback time for SBY

Time has already run out for smart watches

Ugly, limited, devices are a wind up

China censors chat users outside China

report says messages discussing press freedom campaign blocked

Raise a beer: Titans of tech fill out 'Worst CEOs' list

Hoodied honcho Zuck gets shout-out, Zinga man comes third

Forget 3D: 13,000 UK homes still watch TV in black and white

Manchester surprising hotspot for greyscale telly

Happy now? Mobiles, cloud, big data now 'a growing security risk'

Wheels are about to fall off those bandwagons, warn EU advisors

Blighty's schools shake on new 3-year deal with Microsoft

Freeware and new prices to 'save £10m' for UK says DfE

Nipper's toy train enjoys journey to edge of SPAAAAACE

VideoBrit-built locomotive smiles its way heavenwards

Which sneaky storage upstart is drilling into software-network craze?

PernixData: Do you think they'll notice us slipping in?

Fatty French Kilogram needs a new-year diet, say Brit boffins

Methanol, Soxhlet and an ozone detox is what's needed

Ten stars of CES 2013: Who made the biggest splash?

CES 2013Las Vegas eye-catchers

Is this possibly the worst broadband in the world?

Web crawler

Why mergers LOSE money, but are GOOD for the economy

Takeovers never deliver... and disties are no different

O2 refuses to deny plans to offload home broadband product

ExclusiveSale may happen after converged core migration completes, source tells El Reg

'Mauro, SHUT THE F**K UP!'

QuotwPlus: 'We firmly believe that it is our Hell Fire Belief'

'Better than Adobe' Foxit PDF plugin hit by worse-than-Adobe 0-day

New security hole: How an evil URL will ruin your day

Review: Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Windows 8 convertible Ultrabook

A meditation on the portable PC

EU floats growth plan: Aim power hose of cash at oldsters, web start-ups

You'd best make your own jobs, folks...

New tool jailbreaks Microsoft Surface slabs in 20 SECONDS

Bam! Run any desktop app. Pow! Samsung kills Win 8 tab

iPhones, tablets... Pah: By 2020, we'll froth over hot new SOFTWEAR

Sysadmin blogCyborg me up - I'm ready and waiting for it, says El Reg's Trevor

Apple rubbishes rumours of iPhone for the masses

What are we, Samsung?

EU antitrust chief growls at Google, hopes to avoid sanctions

Ignores 'noise and fury' from cymbal-clashing Microsoft camp

British armed forces get first new pistol since World War II

Finally catch up with US drug dealers of the 1990s

Vodafone goes titsup for BlackBerrys in mobile data outage

Yet another reason to down tools and head to the pub on Friday afternoon

Europe's cybercrime fighters get new digs... complete with Faraday room

Europol coppers set up shop in The Hague

Nokia: Ship's now stable, all we need is passengers

AnalysisEverything's rosy except Lumia

Biz users, hard-up punters: Nobody loves Windows 8

Touch is for consumers but consumers won't touch lonely Microsoft OS

Largest ever spiral galaxy spotted - may give birth to dwarf baby

'Youngest, hottest stars' helped boffins realise how massive NGC6872 is

Next-gen H.265 video baked into Broadcom's monster TV brain

VidMarch to MPEG-5 for mobes, 4K screens reaches silicon

Bad news: PC slump worse than feared. Good news: It's Friday

Blame Windows 8, BYOD, smartphones, and tablets

Vibrator guru on pleasure tech: 'Of all the places you'd want a quality UI....'

CES 2013Former bomb suit maker on how he saw an opening and... filled the need

Forrester: IT spending facing challenges in 2013

Particularly in Europe, and in servers and storage

Reuters rubbishes report rubbishing cheap iPhone rumor

Chinese paper changed tune at Apple's request

Oracle management tools top critical list in quarterly patch party

No sign of a Java fix however

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