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10th > January > 2013 Archive

FCC to unleash unlicensed spectrum, relieve 'Wi-Fi traffic jam'

CES 2013Shared-spectrum scheme with the Department of Defense

Just what the world needs: Android in the rice cooker

Things you can’t make up

Anonymous wants DDoS attacks recognized as speech

'No different than Occupy protests'

Report: RIM plans six BlackBerry 10 handsets for 2013

CES 2013Carrier-free spread of smartphones for all sectors

Fireflies donate gut feelings to LED research

Belly, belly, burning bright

ZTE to launch Mozilla-based phone in Europe in 2013

CES 2013Other markets may not be far behind

Astronaut yells FIRE ... from SPAAAACE

Handheld shots show flames from International Space Station

Foxconn calls in the cops over supplier bribes claims

Employees sought payments from suppliers

Microsoft’s Asia-Pac head goes to post office

Drops off resignation letter, joins Australia Post to digitise its business

Chinese Twitter Sina Weibo goes bilingual

The Chinese are coming!

Lucky Luczo: Seagate sales will beat expectations

Shifts more drives than it thought it would

Twitter won't unmask racist Frenchie unless US judge says so

Hé Parisians! Nos lèvres sont scellées!

Logicalis: We've found the new FRESH PRINCE OF BERKSHIRE

Now this is the story all about how Starkey's life got turned upside

5,000 UK pubs get free Wi-Fi... and they're not even all in London

Pleased as Punch

Drop that can of sweet pop and grab a coffee - for your sanity's sake

Tinned 'diet' swill will send you insane

A pre-ticked box in web forms should NOT mean consent - EU report

New proposals suggest an end to automated assent

Microsoft spin-out floats Azure for open-sourcers

All the Linux you want, as long as it's Ubuntu

Sony PS3 extends lead over Microsoft's Xbox 360 by a cool million

Upcoming next-gen machine a console-ation for 360 fans

WD mixes flash-disk cocktail in Vegas, lets clients feel up models

CES 2013OEMs given terabyte and half-terabyte versions

Baby sharks are so HARDCORE they avoid baddies like tiny ninjas

How canny fish sense and trick predators with SCIENCE

SMART, Micron 960GBs: Safe pair of NANDs or more cloud guff?

CES 2013Heat-slash tech versus through-the-night endurance

Review: HTC 8X Windows Phone 8 handset

Taking on Nokia at the Microsoft smartphone stall

The 10 best … Windows Server 2012 features

OpinionMicrosoft takes on all comers

Wireless charger posse smacks down rival in EXPLICIT video

VidNo strings wires attached

Google's Schmidt: I squeezed Norks to lift web blockade

Stop being evil, yeah? Well, at least I asked

Not Cool, man: Potent new hacking toolkit costs crooks $10k a month

Blackhole gang snap up latest 0-days to build a better mousetrap

Review: HP ENVY x2 Windows 8 convertible

Display unclips to work as a tablet

Woohoo! UK IT channel insolvencies plunge to pre-credit-crunch levels

Good news: Only 57 firms crashed out. Bad news: Er, 57 firms crashed out

2e2 investors pull in bigshot beancounters to pore over books

Last FD Simon Burt replaced at troubled integrator

Ruby off the Rails: Enormo security hole puts 240k sites at risk

Update NOW or give everyone shell access to your app server

Yahoo! Mail! offers! HTTPS! amid! account! hijack! spree!

VidWeb giant tangles with resilient XSS bug

Manning was 'illegally punished', will get 112 days lopped off any sentence

Treatment of 'WikiLeaks' private was 'excessive' - military judge

Report: Tablets to outsell ALL PCs by 2016

Yes, but today's PC isn't the same as tomorrow's...

Dell, Intel and pal pump $10m into OpenStack biz Mirantis

Chip titan and Chinese sugar daddy help bankroll PC giant's cloud dream

Kill that Java plugin now! New 0-day exploit running wild online

Over to you, Oracle

Hunt is on for Jupiter-sized HIDDEN planets stuffed between star's belts

What happens in Vega, stays in Vega

IBM tops chart for churning out patents for the 20TH TIME

Today it's mostly software IP - 2 decades ago it was hardware

Amazon puts up CD rack in the cloud, unearths your OLD stuff too

No Limits (2 Unlimited)? Um, that's not MINE...

Hybrid flash array maker Starboard bags biz trio

Hired gurus in big mid-market showdown

SAP claims speeds record with HANA Business Suite revolution

Co-founder smiles at Ellison's discomfort

All your audio, video kit is about to become OBSOLETE

CES 2013Deep-geek soothsayer predicts smart audio, Ultra HD eyewear, much more

Cray beats out SGI at German HPC consortium

Climbing to 2.6 petaflops with a "Cascade" super

Latest exoplanet discovery is a virtual CLONE of Earth

Right size, right star, right orbit

Technology, bushfires and AM radio

The connected life isnt' hugely helpful in the bushfire zone

First Swedish Pirate Bay server displayed by Computing Museum

After some considerable tarting up

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