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9th > January > 2013 Archive

Actifio claims it is the 'fastest growing enterprise storage firm' – ever

Thin copying, fat juicy revenues

Apple may debut low-cost iPhone for emerging markets in 2013

Our poorer pals = potentially 'billions of customers'

Microsoft pats self on back over Windows 8 sales

AnalysisThe figures are trending upward, but what do they mean?

Boffins hide messages in Skype ‘silence packets’

Careful, someone might hear you

Mozilla claims 25 per cent JavaScript speed boost with Firefox 18

Retina display support and Android malware checking included

'Physical pressure' from Iran’s cyber cops killed blogger

Police chief fired after illegally-held man found dead in cell

2012 was warmest year ever recorded in USA

Also 'second most extreme' year according to US National Climatic Data Centre

Twitter's real time data cruncher is made of people

Crowdsourcing advocates will be in your ear about this forever

India asks Nokia for £340 million in tax

Handset maker could be set for bill shock

Japanese cops cuff cat carrying remote control virus

Anonymous hacker still at large, pulling strings

Making apps for touchscreen mobes? YAWN. Try a car instead

CES 2013Ford pops bonnet on open dashboard APIs

Nuisance calls DOUBLE, Ofcom vows to hunt down offenders

Not that easy when you only regulate UK firms, eh?

Big Brother is prosecuting you: More cops to use court vid chats

Plod, witnesses, defendants beamed into hearings via webcam

HMRC hops back into bed with Microsoft, finds purse £10m lighter

Computacenter puts couple right after four-year split

Guess who'll grab Facebook Sponsored Stories payout? (Hint: Not the victims)

CommentIt's not like you'll ALL come calling for measly $10... bitch

Buying a petabyte of storage for YOURSELF? First, you'll need a fridge

StorageBodPlus a few hundred thousand quid, a reinforced floor...

€1.5bn swiped from EU cards: Fraud mainly takes place in the US

Euro cops: We've got chip-and-PIN, but they don't...

Crypto boffins smuggle secret messages in silent Skype calls

Masquerades as normal VoIP traffic

Speaking in Tech: It's not a CLOUD fail, it's a cloud FIRM fail

PodcastC'mon, Netflix, own up...

Bletchley Park boffins start trailblazer EDSAC computer rebuild

First replica parts go into production

Toy train company bids for West Coast Mainline

Miniature wooden rolling stock will deliver excellent service, no delays and seats for all

Hellish XML demon exorcised from Windows, IE bug stays

Patch TuesdayPlus Adobe, Mozilla drive out their own security horrors

Review: Vodafone Smart Tab II 7 budget 3G tablet

Mobile broadband capability at a lower price than the Nexus 7 - surely not?

'Leccy-starved Reg hack: 'How I survive on 1.5kW'

Make microwave popcorn and watch the plasma telly? Forget it

BT in ad slapdown after 'misleading' punters on fibre deployment dates

UpdatedOnline checker checkmated by ad watchdog

Razer uncages Core i7, GeForce megaslab for hardcore gamers

CES 2013Ten-inch play slate gets green light for sales

Hey, tech titans! Those smartmobe sales bans? Give it a rest. NOW

US Patent Office, DoJ fed up with Apple, Samsung, Moto battles

UK armed forces could be 'fatally compromised’ by cyber attack

Say MPs, after gang-briefing from cyber-military complex

Standards sultan sanctifies 60GHz wireless LAN tech

IEEE blesses WiGig's HDMI-over-the-air, publishes 802.11ad

Integrator-reseller 2e2 'broke banking covenant', hits credit buffers

Crushing debt repayments drive firm to its knees

Faster-than-disk 1TB USB on sale soon... but if you lose it, you've lost £2k+

CES 2013Plus: SanDisk and Tosh add crypto flash dash to SSD ranges

Don't shoot the Windows Live Messenger, cry IM users

Execution set for 15 March despite Skype migration complaints

At last! A REAL use for NFC: Bonking butler bots and oven-puters

CES 2013Control fridges, speakers, TVs, servers from a pocket-stroker fondle

Devs: 'Pirates are flogging OUR stuff on BlackBerry's App World'

Android coders say their gear has been stripped out and RIMmed

IBM Euro channel bigwig made Tech Data account daddy

And Big Blue's UK boss goes global too

Panasonic pitches Ultra HD 4K x 2K monster tablet

CES 2013Pixeltastic, and makes your hands look really dainty

Google drops standards-essential patent claims in Xbox slap fight

Video-compression tech claims binned

Dish charges into Sprint-Clearwire hotel room waving cash

But there can be no ménage à trois here

Texas schoolgirl loses case over RFID tag suspension

Unchipped card somehow still 'the mark of the beast'

GlobalFoundries plunks $2bn into New York fab

Cooking up 3D chips and extreme ultraviolet etching

Silly Rabbit! Like Trix, color e-readers are for kids

CES 2013Laws of physics keep saturated e-paper color from grown-ups

US gov blames Iran for cyberattacks on American banks

Itsoknoproblembro and the bRobots

Stratus: Virtualization drives demand for ftServers

Mirror, mirror in the glass house, who is the fairest hypervisor of all?

'Doomsday' asteroid Apophis more massive than first thought

Watch its Earth flyby live tonight at 0100 UTC

Potty-mouthed Watson supercomputer needed filth filter

Urban Dictionary blew its digital mind

IBM grafts old AIX 5.3 onto shiny new Power7+ servers

Legacy wine in new bottles – just what some customers want

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