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8th > January > 2013 Archive

China to build ANOTHER 100 petaflops hybrid supercomputer by 2014?

Intel Inside the Middle Kingdom

Judge OKs Novell investor suit over Attachmate sale

Novell board's actions were 'essentially inexplicable'

Bacterial quantum tricks could help solar power

Deep-sea microbe re-energises incoming light with molecular vibrations

After December surge, Apple has sold 40 BEEELLION iOS apps

Possible last call for Apple in numbers game

Intel bets the farm on touch-enabled 'convertible and detachable' Ultrabooks

CES 2013Beats own deadline for sub-10W Core chips

US nuke lab drops Chinese networking kit

Report says Los Alamos ditched H3C kit over security concerns

Curiosity gives Martian rock its first scrub down

DRT – a pretty fancy name for a wire brush

Segway daddy unveils DIY weight-loss stomach pump

Make sure you leave room for dessert

Intel uncloaks 'no excuses' smartphone for emerging markets

CES 2013Enough features to make an iPhone user green with envy

Lenovo, EA, Intel unite to DESTROY our childhood memories

CES 2013Today's happy nuclear family basks in the glow of a 'Table PC'

Adobe offers free trip to PowerPC era

'Free' download of CS2 is real, but crusty

Chinese go online to protest censorship

Celebs and activists mobilise support for hacked-off hacks

Bob Dylan's new album is 'Copyright Extension Collection'

The times they are a-changin', thanks to Cliff Richard

Chinese man pleads guilty to $100m piracy scam

Microsoft, Oracle and SAP among victim, NASA was one buyer

2013 in storage: Flash, file systems and... Is CDMI actually HAPPENING?

StoragebodPlus - Storage arrays: The Next Generation

New gov rules stick pin into bloated ICT frameworks

Cabinet: Suppliers 'of all sizes' need to get a fair crack

Facebook snubs storage barons for cheapo Far East kit - insiders

Blocks and FilesEMC? HP? We'll get our own arrays... bitch

FAVI smacks your dumb TV with £30 Android SmartStick

El Reg tests Raspberry-Pi-media-player-for-the-lazy

China throws 3G net over disputed island chain

Where there's coverage so follows ownership

Nokia chief Elop: 'Android? Hey, anything's possible!'

Will HTML5 lure away Windows Phone mobe maker?

UK Apple cart Square punched in the wallet as sales, profit fall

Loss of major customer and sick economy blamed

Sir James Dyson slams gov's 'obsession' with Silicon Roundabout

Actual inventor of stuff disses Cameron's crush on Media2.0 websluts

Tablets to out-sell notebooks this year, reckons tech prophet

But laptops will become de facto fondleslabs

Ten affordable mid-sized Full HD monitors

Product Round-upGive your PC a facelift

Hey Lenovo, want to kill Apple? Look to Samsung hitman for tips

AnalysisIf it walks like a ThinkPad and quacks like a ThinkPad it's not an iPad

Nvidia fixes hole that turns PCs into remote-control toys for hackers

More importantly, new driver boosts Call of Duty graphics

Switching to IT: Which qualifications are worthwhile?

Commentards, help a fellow reader

5.6TB helium disks could balloon, lift WD onto enterprise throne

So says a number-cruncher, but is it all hot air?

NASA: There are 17 BEEELLION Earth-sized worlds in Milky Way

Plus: Kepler sniffs out 4 'potentially life-bearing planets'

Oracle, Dell, CSC, Xerox, Symantec accused of paying ZERO UK tax

MPs reel off more 'unethical' titans 'avoiding bills on industrial scale'

German ebook firm pushes cheapo ereaders into US drug stores

The txtr, sir? It's in the laxatives aisle

FBI-wanted US bank hack suspect chills in Bangkok cooler

VidAlgerian cuffed for allegedly siphoning millions

Dell dangles dongle PC at enormo-display-desiring road warriors

CES 2013USB stick-sized Android mini computer, anyone?

'Not even Santa could save Microsoft's Windows 8'

Open ... and ShutDidn't buyers know it was Christmas time at all?

Bite us, Apple: Samsung hauled in $8.3bn in Q4

South Korean shiny things rival had a fat Christmas

Red Hat Linux: Now with Microsoft's Hyper-V drive

Menace of Umbongo, VM sees Hatters engage Redmond warp

EMC gobbles storage and robo-cloud maker iWave

The bit that Oracle spat out

Dell chief biz gobbler Johnson flees for hedge-fund Blackstone

IT giant commits to continued embiggening

Seagate: Stuff the cloud, back it all up on our box

CES 2013Storage, media streaming plus wireless backup for home networks

Guitar-playing keys enable extremely thin keyboards

CES 2013With Strategic Polymers, you don't touch keypad, keypad touch YOU!

New York's Chelsea gets free Wi-Fi courtesy of Google

Leonard Cohen has something else to do in Chelsea

Scientists snap first film of giant squid in action

Don't worry, it was armless

Do Not Call Register operator breaches Register

Left hand, meet right hand, write $AUD110k cheque to cover fine

Drones could help predict fire paths, say researchers

Irony: bushfire research funding dries up

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