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4th > January > 2013 Archive

'Holey code, Batman!' Microsoft to patch 12 vulns on Tuesday

Christmas zero-day flaw not included

Wi-Fi, WiGig Alliances to wed, breed 60GHz progeny

Beyond mere Wi-Fi into a hella-fast world of wireless wedlock

Polaroid plans retail Fotobars to print out your pics

Tries 20th century solution to company woes

Browser makers rush to block fake security cert

Turkish authority's goof could compromise data

Satnav-murdering Google slips its Maps into car dashboards

If you must have fleshy drivers at least we can tell them where to go

Lights, camera, infection: HACKERS get Bollywood makeover

Virus comedy-thriller but no sign of Angelina Jolie, boo

US court ungags Yelp reviewer who dissed builder

Negative review can stay - BUT if it's not true, you're in trouble

Social media and the channel marketing Fear Factor

Around half of resellers swerve Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Campaigns

Bringing Iron Man to life: Exoskeletons, armour and jet packs

Power without the muscle of Banner and Captain America

Up your wormhole: Star Trek Deep Space 9 turns 20

Defiantly different yet still boldly going

Microsoft: We're SO SORRY for Media Center TV guide titsup

Telly info now back for Brits, Irish on todo list

Google wriggles out of FTC search smackdown. Now to Europe!

AnalysisFight or flight time for commissioner Almunia

She's a beauty! Super WATER-RICH Mars rock FOUND

PicMeteorite is missing link to Red Planet's wet past

Review: Lego Lord of the Rings game

One brick to rule them all

Eric Schmidt's Norks outing poorly timed, tuts US govt

'A private affair' Awkward!

Sinofsky's new blogski: Windows 8 king reborn as management guru

Ex-Microsoft exec knows all about 'bringing products to market'

EMC flies in Azure bods for TOP SECRET 'data plane' project

But will new agent Bourne shoot to kill Atmos?

This photo slide scanner costs €60... The bundled malware? That's free

Pre-pwned device on sale riddled with worms

El Reg's 'Chuck Norris' faces down charging elephant

Provocative pachyderm becomes unit of rocket thrust

China fines Samsung and LG for LCD price-fixing

Follows similar action from EU and US

Victory on mobile belongs to Google in 2013

Open ... and ShutData beats Apple's polish

'SHUT THE F**K UP!' The moment Linus Torvalds ruined a dev's year

Top tip: Don't break users' apps

Ubisoft probes sudden rash of hijack attacks on gamers' accounts

'Maybe you should log in with FACEBOOK'

IT sector bumped up jobs in the US in December

Computer design hot, chip making not so much

Minicam movie pirate gets record-breaking five years in prison

IMAGiNE crew shares over 12 years in sentences

US Patent Office seeks public input on software patents' future

Roundtable discussions scheduled for February

Cray misses revenue targets for Q4

Blue Waters super booked, but Titan still put through paces

Anonymous turns private eye in Ohio rape case

Releases purloined data after hacking attack

Where do old supercomputers go to die? New Mexico

Encanto heads to the academic chop shop and scrap heap

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