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3rd > January > 2013 Archive

iPhone 'Do Not Disturb' bug to self-destruct on Monday

Bug surfaces just as Apple trumpets feature in new Venus 'n' Serena ad

Eric Schmidt heading on mystery mission to North Korea

Economic kaboom possible when über-capitalist meets anti-capitalist

Microsoft says Google trying to undermine Windows Phone

Blocked services lead to 'degraded experience'

Al Jazeera buys Al Gore's Current TV news network

Planned relaunch as Al Jazeera America this year

Aw grandad, I asked for an iPad and you got me an iPod

I thought it was rather reasonably priced

Tiny Brit island stranded after £10m undersea fibre plea sunk

FCO snubs St Helena, anyone got some spare cash?

30 years ago, at flip of a switch, the internet as we know it WAS BORN

AnalysisHow TCP/IP nearly fell at the first hurdle

Soz, switch-fondlers: Doesn't look like 2013 is 10Gb Ethernet's year

Recession-bashed users are waiting for another ball to drop

Hey, Apple and Google: Stop trying to wolf the whole mobile pie

Open ... and ShutStick to your slice and we'll ALL get better tech

MEGAGRAPH: 1983's UK home computer chart toppers

ArchaeologicNo prize for guessing the leader, but the rest may surprise you

Malware SNEAK dons cunning disguise, opens creaky back door to servers

Attack targets web-hosting servers

Ofcom looks at contract opt-outs as users rage over price hikes

Operators: The 'fixed' bit was supposed to be for you, not for us...

Newborn planets spotted slurping up gas from young parent star

Baby giants eat cosmic dust for growth

Windows Media Center EPG has SWITCHED OFF, wail Euro users

Has MS shot itself in the foot, or dropped the ball on it?

Google WON'T ink consent decree with FTC on search - reports

'Insiders' suggest US settlement deal will happen TODAY

Open-source attack dog enters Ballmer's inner ring

Microsoft's Research chief steps aside before retirement

Microsoft snaps up Slingbox mastermind's home control biz for Xbox

Lights, heating, video at push of a phone touchscreen

US military nails 'best ever' Microsoft deal, brags size does matter

'No one comes close to our scale'

Earth's anemic IT budgets to bounce back in 2013 - Gartner

Enterprise software to sport biggest growth rates

Traffic app Waze 'turned down Apple's $400m, wants $750m' - report

Maybe THIS will fix Maps

Imation snaps up Nexsan for $120m

Acquisition spree over, cash largely gone

Apple loses round to Amazon in 'App Store' name dispute

False advertising? Nope. Trademark infringement? Maybe...

FTC clears Google in anticompetitive probe

No search bias found and FRAND patents for all

Brit boffins build projectile-vomiting robot to kill norovirus

VidArtificial 3m spew offers infection insight

Ruby on Rails has SQL injection vuln

Get patching

Facebook continues to CONQUER THE WORLD

Social-networking domino theory crushes global competition

Samsung confirms Tizen-based mobes to debut this year

Alternative OS to offset Android's dominance

EMC backs Iomega up into Lenovo partnership

Readies Lenovo|EMC arrays for launch in China this month

Graphene plus molybdenum oxides yields faster electronics

Smaller nano semiconductors

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