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17th > December > 2012 Archive

Chinese spacecraft JUUUUST avoids smashing into Toutatis

Chang'e-2 snaps pics during close shave with spud-shaped space rock

Report says Cisco offloading Linksys

Barclays hired to do the deed

Ocean seeding a dead duck as carbon solution

Plankton won’t save the world

Samsung mobes pwned by ANY APP, thanks to chip code hole

Cluster of Exynos-powered Galaxies and other gear at risk

'Metadatagate' fails to bring down Oz pollie

Sysadmins in the news after time stamps become key to political scandal

NetApp to build MARS waystation from flash dev's kit

ExclusiveWill spit out top secret February product after swallowing CacheIQ

'We are screwed!' Fonts eat a bullet in Microsoft security patch

UpdatedEternal vigilance is the price of wingdings

Seagate slips out super-silent 2.5in video hard drive

Bespoke drive holds up to 38 hours of media

First Mac OS X fake installer pops up, racks up your mobe bill

Russian music app? Nope, it's an SMS trojan

Huawei feeds up flash fish, offers juicy Dorado to storage-munchers

Gen 2 flash array triples in size

Taxpayers to cough for Comet staff redundo

Last of stores to close tomorrow

Hackers warn: We'll hit US banks... again

Insecure PHP web apps powering zombie DDoS assault

Musos blast US copyright bods: 'ARTISTS MAKE LOUSY SLAVES!'

Michelle Shocked shocks - You don't want sausage grinder to do WHAT?

Review: Eurocom Monster W110ER gaming netbook

High-end gaming condensed into an 11.6in notebook

Mobile devices bring back that old client-server feeling

It's deja vu all over again

Google close to deal with FTC: May fob off probe with 'tweaks' - report

Eric Schmidt's eleventh-hour horse-trading may just have paid off

Polar drilling effort hits snag: Boffins' search for life put on ice

Ancient Antarctic lake won't get another drilling for at least a few days

ITU to treaty haters: Enjoy your pricey roaming, boatloads of spam... suckers

WCIT2012You'll be back, just you wait, say telecoms charter bods

Samsung gobbles flash upstart for starters ... Servers for main?

Mmmm, we'll have a side order of 64bit ARM blades

Qualcomm bucks global chip biz slump - report

But Intel and Samsung don't need to panic just yet

2012 in the channel: The year we sold EVERYTHING as a service

HP, Eurozone, Olympics - how the year shaped up for channel players

Apotheker: HP board was just as culpable for Autonomy buy

I didn't get chance to 'implement strategy in its totality'

Micro-computer bakers open Raspberry Pi shop

Mmmm, tasty apps

Coming soon to a theme park near you: Shocking ANTI-PIRACY NAG ADS

UK's ho-hum copyright, patent shakeup revealed

Samsung, LG 'lose confidence' in OLED TV tech

Waiting for an organic telly? Be prepared to wait some more

Look out, Flash! Phase-change RAM IS HERE ... in Nokia mobiles

I, for one, welcome our new amorphous blob overlords

Sorry, Apple - China's just not that into your iPhone 5

Still, 2 million sales in 3 days nothing to sneer at

Germany sets date for Google vs newspapers smackdown

Sie haben schlürfte uns zum letzten Mal

BEELLIONAIRE Paul Singer slings $2.3bn into Compuware

UpdatedHedge fund hot on the heels of Covisint subsidiary IPO plan

Here's a free tip, Cisco: DON'T buy NetApp unless you're crazy

Blocks and FilesLest you raid the festive booze and wake up with regret

It's official: Mac users are morally superior to Windows users

Well, they're more generous, at least

Anonymous hacks Westboro Baptists over Sandy Hook protests

Other hackers join the fray

Quadriplegic woman demos advanced mind-control of robot arm

Achieves personal goal: feeds herself chocolate

Oracle upgrades Big Data Appliance with Xeon E5s

Berkeley DB NoSQL database gets 2.0 rev

North Korea's satellite a dud, say US astroboffins

Tumbling out of control – just like the country that built it

Australia gets new CIO and CTO

New CTO role created as AGIMO splits itself in two

Sprint offers $2.2bn to acquire second half of Clearwire

But will minority shareholders accept buyout? Mebbe so, mebbe not

Web devs gasp: HTML5 takes big step toward standardization

HTML 5.1, Canvas 2D specs also announced

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