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14th > December > 2012 Archive

Google gives fat fingers the flick before they click

Mobile ads are often a mistake

HP pretexting affair ends with jail time for last player

'Concludes not with a bang but with a whimper'

Polish man mistakes hot iron for mobe


N. Joseph Woodland, inventor of the barcode, dies at 91

ObituaryInspired by Boy Scouts

Dexter malware targets point of sale systems worldwide

Payment cards plundered in 40 countries

NASA reveals secrets of Curiosity’s selfies

The tinfoil hat brigade aren’t going to believe a word of this

Analyst offers cut-price fondleslab recipe

Suggests PC-makers may undercut Apple and Amazon with $US150 'slab

GlobalFoundries CEO: Europe must 'wake up' and help industry

Emphasis on innovation over manufacturing helps Asia, not EU

Suspected fake internet cop trio collared by real cops

Ransomware demanded on-the-spot £100 fines from victims

Falling slinky displays slow-motion causality

VidSydney University boffin explains why dropped springs seem to defy gravity

Sniff.. Phew! WORLD'S OLDEST CHEESE discovered in Poland

Crucial fromage tech developed 8,000 years ago

The best smartphones for Christmas

So many great handsets, so little time...

Frack me! UK shale gas bonanza 'bigger than North Sea oil'

AnalysisExtraction to restart ... until the next tiny tremor

Spanish airport cops seize cocaine-packed Bulgarian airbags

Panamanian cuffed over extra-fun funbags

UK cops: How we sniffed out convicted AnonOps admin 'Nerdo'

Hint: Sometimes gamer tags give the game away

Apple confirms Amazon ebooks bendover, EU watchdog drops bone

Bezos tosses up grappling hook, climbs into walled discount garden

The 30-year-old prank that became the first computer virus

Elk Cloner creator Rich Skrenta looks back

'It’s called capitalism. We are proudly capitalistic. I’m not confused about this'

QuotwPlus: 'The Snoop Charter is a paranoid fantasy'

Kelway splits with COO Lamey after six months

Former HMRC CIO and COO moves on after stint at reseller

John Lewis agrees to flog Microsoft's Surface RT tablets

'Demand for Windows 8 has been phenomenal'

Happy birthday, transistor

The first working version powered up 65 years ago

Management gobble food-tracing-by-Microsoft firm Anglia

A 'hidden gem', salivates money man

UN telecoms talks FOUNDER as US, UK, Canada and Aussies quit

WCIT2012Let's not talk about the internet - but we had to

Windows 8: At least it's better than ‘not very good’

Something for the Weekend, Sir?A night on the tiles

Stephen Hawking pushes for posthumous pardon for Alan Turing

Lords and boffins urge PM to forgive 'iconic British hero' hires data-handling privatisation point man as CTO

'After all, it is our data. Not the state’s'

Assange voted in to play John McAfee in upcoming blockbuster

Reader pollThe Fugitive meets Rain Man backs away from ISP level filtering plan to protect kids

Parents, keeping your broadband clean is up to you

NASA to smash its spacecraft INTO THE MOON

VidGRAIL probes scheduled for mission-ending crash 'em up

Next IPCC climate assessment due 2014 now everywhere online

No particular surprises - have a read yourself

Pentagon hacker McKinnon will NOT be prosecuted in the UK

His decade of stress ends today

Dragons' Den badboy's biz Expansys is soaked in red

Profits burned in Euro meltdown as re-org kicks in

Microsoft puts off fees overhaul... the resellers are restless

Ye can't squeeze blood from a stoooone, man!

iPhone 5 launches in China, late and expensive. Chinese say 'meh'

We saw 'em while we were making 'em. No thanks

Dutch script kiddie pwns 20,000 Twitter profiles

How much do you have in common with the other lusers?

Convirture finally control freaks ESXi hypervisor

NOW VMware can finally BUY IT

Bolshy investor sinks teeth into weakened Emulex, tears off another chunk

Might just buy the boardroom right out from under it

Microsoft: IE mouse tracking vuln no big deal. Sort of...

Will fix it anyway. Probably...

Senator threatens FAA with legislation over in-flight fondleslabbing

Highlights double standards over aircraft electronics

iPad mini to outsell iPad, get Retina Display? iPad to slenderize?

Rumor trifecta brightens fanbois' Fridays

Police use 24/7 power grid recordings to spot doctored audio

Fakers outed by telltale buzz

Won't follow Apple Store rules? How 'bout an iTASER TREAT!

Don't tase Li, bro

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