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13th > December > 2012 Archive

Goldman Sachs: Windows' true market share is just 20%

Desktops are over, tablets and Smart TVs are in

John McAfee on a plane to America

'Officers are here with guns and I must leave'

Hubble takes furthest peep back into universe's history

Spots galaxy formed 380 million years after Big Bang

Juniper snaps up SDN startup before it even uncloaks

Contrail Systems fetches $176m

Andromeda home to micro-quasar

Little black hole is big sucker

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer named 'most improved tech CEO'

But there's room for improvement yet

Londoners can bonk their way to work without Oyster cards TODAY

Buses first to siphon cash from NFC bank cards, mobes

Australian State launches IBM probe

SAP-based payroll system said to need $AUD245m of repair work

Pure Storage to VDI players: Flash array trounces the platter

5,000 virty desktops with cheap(er) flash tech

2012: A generation-spanning year for gaming

In with the new, but not yet out with the old

LOHAN fabricates full-fat fantastical flying truss

Vulture 2 launch platform hewn from carbon-fibre rods

Atmos: Give us your tired, your poor... Heck, our cloud will even take that S3 app

Rolls out native support for Amazon S3 API, CIFS cloud gateway too

Stroustrup on next-gen C++: I didn't want to let go of my baby

Badly taught, over-used... better than ever

Hacking bazaar ExploitHub gets hacked, database leaked

But online shop denies $250k of exploits were pinched

Delegates launch dawn spitball raid in battle for INTERNET DOMINATION

WCIT2012Funny that, no mention of interwebs in comms treaty...

Google maps app is BACK on iPhones, fanbois spared death

'I almost died in Australia, thank God this is out'

Free HPC cluster to good home

HPC blogUS and Canada researchers vie for supercomputing bigness grant

Punters rate Apple, Samsung more highly than ever

And turn their backs on other tech titans

Schmidt 'very proud' of Google's tiny tax bill: 'It's called capitalism'

Ads giant branded 'morally bankrupt modern-day robber baron'

It pays to study the habits of your email users

Spot the filers and the pilers

BT broadband goes TITSUP - cripples Scots, Geordies, Northern Irish

A man walks into a bar complaining about his multiple nodes

In a mobile data eating contest, Brits would win - Ofcom

What's that smeared around your mouth?

Apple and Samsung mobile monsters: 'We only eat RAW CASH'

Open ... and ShutGo on Microsoft, feed the beast

Big Data storage of the future: Fat spinning tubs smothered in NVRAM gravy

No more tiers, vows one storage guru as industry places its bets

UK taxpayers spunk £8m on lubing civil servants for data release

£25k wad dangled before start-ups to make apps about

Sinclair ZX Spectrum FAILS latest radio noise rules SHOCK

1980s tech for 1980s rules

Sleepy North Yorkshire village is first to get gov-subsidised BT fibre

90 bumpkins get speeds of up to 80Mbps

Avnet Technology Solutions in UK revamp

Don't just use us when you feel like it, we want a relationship

Win7 hotspot hackers kick-funded - now they're network bondage pros

Double your broadband for only $70*

Shiny new stats website a 'disaster' - MPs

Numbers chief admits it's hard to use, navigate and search

FCC: Kids, here's 100MHz of radio spectrum - but you have to share

Sets 3.5GHz band free for public use

Dixons and Microsoft haggling over Surface RT Ts&Cs

Distie deal likely but not before end of 2012 - sources

Three little words stall UN's 'bid for INTERNET DOMINATION'

WCIT2012And it's not: screw, go, and yourself

Flash makes servers go with a Bang, benchmarks show

Fujitsu and Dell scream along with added Violins

Apple loses iPhone patent lawsuit

Jury rejects Apple's claim that Sony, Nokia patents were 'obvious'

US sides with UK, walks away from sticky WCIT treaty

No consensus, no signature

Google Maps becomes Apple's most popular app

Users seek a proper sense of direction

TPC kicks out quick-and-dirty virty server test

Good for calculating hypervisor overhead – maybe

Couchbase adds JSON docs, geo replication to NoSQL

Taking on MongoDB in ease of use, scalability

Facebook ditches mobile HTML with native Android app

UpdatedNew version 'twice as fast' as lousy old one

Cassini spots Titan ‘mini-Nile’

Largest off-Earth river seen so far

File-sharing mom begs US Supremes to void bloated RIAA fine

Would Founding Fathers approve of $9,250 per track?

Yet another eavesdrop vulnerability in Cisco phones

Security groundhog day

Apple debuts detailed failure gauge page

Bookmark it, frustrated fanbois, for when iCloud evaporates

US Immigration service won't drop BlackBerry after all

BlackBerry 10 pilot program could save RIM jobs

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