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7th > December > 2012 Archive

Tim Cook’s 'One more thing': Apple TV rumor-stoker

Nebulous product refuses to die ... or live

SoftLayer fires up MongoDB database service

Eyes Cassandra, Hadoop, your money

New research cuts Kepler's exoplanet count by one third

Look out for those 'astrophysical false positive' impostors

Republican staffer fired for copyright reform suggestions

Don't mess with Big Content big business

Report blasts NASA for 'lack of consensus' on goals, plans

Future of US space program said to be at risk

Google kills free version of Apps for business

Goes back on 2007 blog saying Standard edition 'will continue to be offered for free'

China admits $10 BEEELLION tech trade deficit

Still imports way more than it flogs abroad

EMC: 'Nope', XtremIO won't link to back-end arrays

Possible Tucci successors hinted at also

Google enables private Play stores

Roll-your-own app store means game on for BYOD

Cognizant filing stokes Indian outsourcer growth fears

Keep Calm and Hold Your Shares: growth will still be around 16 per cent

'Build us a Death Star, President Obama' demand thousands

Would create more and better jobs than highways, maybe

England and Germany square off for FIFA goal line tech prize

Let's hope it doesn't come down to penalties

Speaking in Tech: So you've built a data centre - but is it UNDER THE SEA?

PodcastThe things you come up with while in Amsterdam

The best tablets for Christmas

Surface, iPad, Nexus, Note - we were spoiled for choice in 2012

Tearful, poetic Reg readers hail heroic, departed Playmonaut

The short 'naut who cast a long shadow

GPU-stuffed monster cracks Windows passwords in minutes

That's what you get for using a crap hashing algo

Major £30m cyberheist pulled off using MOBILE malware

Eurograbber did just what it says on the tin

Private cloud user in dialogue with Atmos, el Reg facilitating

It's a unique edge case, not a bug

NetApp launches SECRET MARS MISSION, seeks egghead

We drill into storage biz's Red Planet development

Datel: Reseller growing faster than its vendor master Sage

Gobbles record orders, belches, loosens waistcoat

'Facebook is completely undreamt of even by the worst spying nation'

QuotWPlus: 'Students who have iPhones don't work'

Emulex moves to snap up network-monitoring Endace

Yum yum, end-to-end app visibility

Take it or break it: the return of the drop test

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Smashing technology

2020AD: Space tourists will be FOUND ON MOON

To the moon for $700m. Jupiter and Mars? Don't even ask

Apple, Samsung patent judge: 'I feel like I'm in Groundhog Day here'

Samsung wants a retrial, Apple wants MORE damages

I've got the 'fastest growing THINGY ever', boasts Google+ chief

You could be in Plus and not even know it

Battle of the Clouds: Azure goes lower

What will Amazon and Google do now?

Data gobbling app lands Delta Air Lines in the dock on privacy charge

Biz faces $2,500 fine per download since 2010

Rare critical Word vuln is the star of December Patch Tuesday

Microsoft cheese a bit less swiss this year

Arbitrators side with Foxconn in brain-damaged worker case

Fondleslabricator gets away with lower payout

Telcos and hosters add US jobs in November, semi manufacturers cut them

Hurricane Sandy didn't affect the national stats

Dell storage boss Topgun Thomas leaves 'to pursue a new opportunity'

Former fighter pilot hits the eject button

TVShack's Richard O'Dwyer sent home with £20,000 fine

Extradition swerved

C2000: 'We will become a £3bn distie'

Clock ticking on five-year revenue goal

Apple: 27-inch iMac won't ship until next year

If you're a UK fanboi, prepare to pay dearly

AMD bites bullet, slashes chip orders

Downside: hefty penalty. Upside: leaner inventory

Stallman: Ubuntu spyware makes it JUST AS BAD as Windows

Urges users to give it stern shunning

FCC urges rethink of aircraft personal-electronics blackout

Signs of sanity over American skies

Business sues for $750,000 over bad Yelp review

Novel form of corporate funding plan

US text-to-911 emergency SMS to go live by 2014

Top four carriers to start rollout next year

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