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6th > December > 2012 Archive

Long-distance robot makes landfall in Oz

James Gosling's swimmers were bound for Botany Hervey Bay

IDC: Windows tablets won't hit 10% market share until 2016

Less than 3% of fondleslab market for 2012

Being responsible, creative and motivated means you aren’t

Your LinkedIn profile is not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Optus tests new approach to New Years' Eve mobile woes

Trial will shift packet core onto blades to handle traffic spikes

UK climate expert warns of 3-5 degree warmer world by 2100

50% species loss and dissolving reefs 'not unlikely'

Revealed: ITU's deep packet snooping standard leaks online

UpdatedBoring tech doc or INTERNET-EATING MONSTER?

Court ruling means Kim Dotcom can sue NZ spooks

Illegal surveillance on trial

Russian iTunes offers smut video links

Freedom from pr0n … except in Russia

Sony and Tosh gobble chips to kick start recovery

Japanese giants set for massive outlay

Moon riven by colossal cracks

GRAIL mission's twin spacecraft reveal thin crust, no cheese


Shocking 'effects of computer use on the human body'

John McAfee blogs from Guatemalan jail, says coffee excellent

Report says fugitive arrested for illegal entry, deportation imminent

Qualcomm aims its latest chips squarely at China

Enter the low cost, high volume Snapdragon...

Reform candidate gets CISSP tin star sheriff's job

Listen up, e-pilgrim

Oracle bod: Tape not just for Xmas, it's for Hollywood and unis too

InterviewNot only for mainframes, ask the BBC and Sony

Sage unimpressed by French performance

Profit 'solid' after UK, Germany rescue European sales

ScaleIO uncloaks, offers glimpses of mighty SANitisation plans

Virtual storage will be a pocket miracle - if it works

Windows Phone 8 must be Microsoft's priority one, two AND three

AnalysisWoe betide Nokia if Redmond can't keep its smartphone promises

'HP has just days to cough what it knew about Autonomy'

Former SEC aide urges watchdog to 'hold HP's feet to fire'

Latest Call of Duty sequel shoots past Avatar sales benchmark

Black Ops beat blue cats

Will Westerners soon be getting their IT direct from Asian players?

Analysis'We already see the Indians all over the world'

Apple-HTC patent deal doesn't include designs, 'cloned' iDevices

Alright you can make phones. But not with round corners

Amazon unzips its digital-only Brazilian, waves Kindles at Canada

Build warehouses in South America? We'll pass

The best e-readers for Christmas

FeatureNexus 7, iPad Mini, Kindle Paperwhite - the top book-reading tech of 2012

Musk's SpaceX gets foot in door of US secret 'black' space program

NASA? That's peanuts, let's go for the real money

Frenchmen's sperm plunges by a third in quality and quantity since '89

Une sabotage méchant droite dans les sphères de mariage

Apple shares take biggest one-day hammering in 4 years

Foxconn rebrander not worth $0.7 TREELLION, turns out

Dutch army digs in on spare spectrum rest of Europe could use

Needs bands no one else uses to talk to itself

Looking closely at HP's object storage: Questions Answered

Q+AObject of desire, or just access method?

E-reader demand slumps, slapped down by slates

E-ink kit falling out of consumers' favour

Google defames Reg columnist Verity Stob

Auto-trawled headshot too AWFUL to contemplate

Amazon belches fragrant clouds of AWS Node.js for JavaScripters

Come scrawl your scripts across the digital skies

Single? Thrill-seeking? Love selling? I've got a top job just for YOU

CommentCome on in, the Channel's lovely

Zynga throws chips down on US gambling gambit

Taps up Nevada for online poker licence

US Army demos first robot Black Hawk helicopter

Video'We told you so!' scream paranoid Californians

T-Mobile USA inks deal with Apple, will offer iPhone in 2013

Last holdout among the Big Four US carriers

Tim Cook: Apple to manufacture Macs in US in 2013

Also, why iOS headman got the ax, whether iOS and OS X will merge, and more

The big bully theory investigated at CSIRO

Premium science org rife with bullying

Apple security team adds British white hat hacking talent

From Redmond to Cupertino for Kristin Paget

John McAfee rushed to hospital over heart attack fears

UpdatedAsylum requests denied by Guatemala, US

Australian Prime Minister: Mayan calendar 'true'

Gangnam style, not Y2K, to end world, PM says

Intel prepping Atom bombs to drop on ARM microservers

Roadmap is top secret, dual-core 'Centerton' Atom looms

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