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4th > December > 2012 Archive

Halfbrick takes gaming to another level

Switches on multi-language analytics

MySQL gains new batch of vulns

Overruns, privileges, DoS and more

Facebook invites users to vote away voting rights, some privacy

Deadline of December 10 for ballots

Autonomy founder attacks HP fraud charges with new website

Claims to represent former management team

Internet shut-down easier, in more countries, than you think

A look at Renesys’ ‘could it happen to you?’ analysis

Assange: Google, Facebook run 'side projects' for US spooks

Labels Facebook 'undreamt of even by the worst'

China Mobile squares up to Siri with voice portal

How do you rate your chances in China now, Siri?

Voyager 1 arrives on ‘magnetic highway for charged particles’

Next exit: interstellar space

Chinese student fails job interview because of iPhone

Fruity phone seen as symbol of pampered and decadent youth 'Foreign cyber reconnaissance' underway in UK

Eyes on tentacles peer from network pipes around YOU

LG ramps up fabless chip plans - report

CES debut predicted for smart TV with tweaked ARM designs

Littlest pirate’s Winnie-the-Pooh laptop on the way home

10-year-old Finnish girl’s Dad settles with Big Content

Xboxes stay on sale but may cost Microsoft money in Google case

We have a patent governing those pants you're wearing

Adobe demands 7,000 years a day from humankind

FeatureIt's all in the EULA fine print

AMD finishes its 'Piledriver' Opteron server chip rollout

Looking ahead to 'Steamroller' and 'Excavator', presumably

Hero Playmonaut lost at sea as SPEARS ditches in Channel

MYSTERY of balloon's unpredictable strato-lunge

Nutanix server-storage half-bloods armed with Xeon E5s

Adds KVM alongside ESXi for virty server slicing

Lovefilm does a Wii after rival gets loaded on new Nintendo

Wii U version coming to compete with Netflix 'soon'

Is it all over for's G-Cloud 3.0? A footnote in history awaits

At least you tried

Rumble in the Tumblr: Troll-worm infected thousands of blogs

Infamous crew unleashed JavaScript nasty on trendy journals

WD to crash down five terabyte desktop job, mutterings suggest

Table-shattering monster sighted in Russia

Oracle suffers premature remuneration: Spaffs $900m on shareholders

Year's worth of dividends dished out early to avoid tax hike

Irish data-cops 'fooled' by Facebook, claims Austrian privacy group

Needs 'astronomical' funds for planned court campaign

Motörheadphönes Overkill earphones review

Only way to feel the noise is when it's good'n'loud

Quantum axes one in ten workers, insists it was not investor's idea

Backup biz tries to pull out of tape nosedive

Qualcomm throws Sharp a $120m bone for IGZO display tech

Old school tech firms still have a trick or two left

Operation Hunt the Hunter: Anonymous targets 'revenge porn' man

The unidentifiable in pursuit of the unpalatable

The Times offers subsidised Nexus 7s to get subscribers

Or Google offers subsidised Times to sell 'slabs

Yahoo! comes! out! guns! blazing! to! end! $2.7bn! Mexican! standoff!

Don't panic! Don't panic!

Windows 8 fails to revive world CPU biz

Forecasts scaled back as analysts, trade see continued decline

Wi-Fi routers able to manage bandwidth by app are offered

Keep the IT shack CoD fast by choking that vid conference

Brr, feeling cold? Galaxy is home to plenty of WARMER Earth twins

More Sun-like systems could be teeming with life than previously thought

Revealed: The gift that keeps on giving to Oracle ... is dying

Open ... and ShutHow the deep well of enterprise licence cash will dry up

EMC mashes up big data, clouds, coders into SECRET crack team

Keeps schtum on mystery Pivotal Initiative

HP salivates over the future brontobyte digital universe

Discover 2012Peddling Vertica and Autonomy wares in the yottabyte era

US and UK spooks alerted over massive Swiss data leak

Rogue IT admin plundered state secrets

Half of all app store revenue goes to just 25 developers

Top app earners carve up $60m pie

Pioneering spidernaut snuffs it after short Smithsonian stay

Orbital arachnid made giant leap for spiderkind

Whitman: HP '100 per cent committed' to Autonomy

Discover 2012Big, innovative, and profitable – excepting those massive writeoffs

Removing the irrational from application rationalisation

When porting to the cloud, only take those applications that make sense

Court slaps down Verizon, upholds FCC data roaming rule

Carriers can like it or lump it

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