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29th > November > 2012 Archive

AWS cloud growing three times as fast as dot-comming Amazon

Re:InventS3 storage service gets a huge price chop

Apple manufacturers: ARRGH, pesky iThings are impossible to make

YOU try it, Mr I-just-draw-pretty-pictures Cupertino guy

Inquiry ordered after phone exchange blaze

Fire at Telstra's Warnambool exchange disrupted telecoms, earns government ire

Google GRINCHES have change of heart, bring back Christmas

Android fix restores month of December

Server revenues decline in the third quarter

EMEA taking it especially hard, says Gartner

Australian cops bust Romanian credit card thieves

Wrestler questioned after RDP SNAFU and two vulns lead to 500k card heist

European Space Agency clears SABRE orbital engines

Skylon space plane gets its power plant

Microsoft claims Windows Phone sales up 300%

App store bursting at the seams, too – or is it?

AWS, NetApp, make close 'n' cloudy connection

Re:InventDirect Connect lets arrays and EC2 enjoy rapid hook-ups

US software firm hacked for years after suing China

Solid Oak nearly went under after three years of persistent attack

Microsoft tightens the scroos in search battle

Attack site accuses Google of prioritising paid search results

America planned to NUKE THE MOON

Carl Sagan worked on plan to demonstrate military might, says CNN report

Half of us have old phones STUFFED in our drawers

Other half are presumably just glad to see you

Cisco takes aim at fakers with anti-piracy tool

Report suggests new system will help govt spot counterfeit kit

EMC flash man: PCM will save us from the Incredible Shrinking NAND

Someone must've ironed out Phase Change Memory's kinks

Raspberry Pi daddy: Stroke your hardware at night, land a job easy

You want a career in computers? Start using computers

Former HP direct sales bloke Logan jumps ship to Misco

Felt so empty inside, unable to add value

Chinese state media accuses Cisco and other US giants of spying

Huawei oh Huawei would they say such things?

ZTE make benefit glorious world's tiniest 4G dongle

Available in Kazakhstan now. Is very nice!

Far Cry 3 game review

Jungle warfare

Beware the malware-tipped SPEAR TRAP in your inbox

That person who knows all about you? Not your friend

RETURN of the PLAYMONAUT: El Reg's space hero suits up again

Our intrepid ace test pilot hears siren call of LOHAN

Antivirus biz's founder unmasked as noted Chinese hacker

Blackhat once attacked US Department of Defense

HP boffin: Honey! I shrank the PC. To nanometre size, dammit

Right, who here has a really fine set of tweezers

What killed Motorola? Not Google! It was Moto's dire software

FeatureEx-Moto director Rockman tiptoes through the code graveyard

Black Eyed Peas star pitches pricey iPhone cam add-on thinks he's worth it

Data cop slap for Brit text pests

IMPORTANT: You may be entitled to pay us £440k

Dixons returns to profit in UK, rubs hands as Comet circles drain

Losses overall down to crazy Pixmania, penniless 'peans

New Tosh drive can wipe out 4TB 'near instantaneously'

Plods on the stairs and fire escape? Press this and smile

Spaniards Joyn together to hunt and kill the Skype monster

Grab Android pitchforks and flaming torches, compadres

Assange needs to get some sunlight and fresh air, say Ecuadoreans

Well yes, obviously. Possibly nothing new in that, though

Sony to do what Apple can't: Remove its batteries - sources

Bankers keen to chop off energy arm and sell it

Bungie talks up 'genre-defining' Destiny shooter

As 'deep' as Star Wars, apparently

Ten badass brainy computers from science fiction

Great movie motherboards

Troll sues Apple for daring to plug headphones into iPhone

Spare us some change, guv'nor, just $3m will do?

Broadband minister admits rural rollout by 2015 is 'challenging target'

Could £530m BDUK project hit the skids?

Boffins BREAK BREAD's genetic code: Miracle of the loaves

Climate change? Population growth? Maybe science can help

iPod daddy: Ousted iOS chief Scott Forstall 'got what he deserved'

'People were cheering in Cupertino'

Microsoft STALKS YOU even more than supermarkets do, says dev

Hey, get your tracker kit out of my trouser browser

Monty on broken MySQL promises: Oracle's going to fork it up

Exclusive2014 will be the year of reckoning...

YouView: 'Public service catch-up telly should belong to us alone'

ExclusiveHang on, we've already paid for that

Hurricane Sandy blows US pirate-pestering plan into 2013

Dear Cutlass Bob, please stop stealing all our stuff

Cloud storage giant Amazon cuts S3 prices, waits for rivals to die

It's a numbers game

Dell launches Sputnik Linux Ultrabook

Beefy open-source machines on the way

Google tools gaffe let ZOMBIE web admins feast on websites

Dead accounts resurrected to cause merry hell

Leveson tells media to set up independent regulator or bow to Ofcom

Blames internet revenue disaster for gutter tactics

Phoenix IT Group tumbles off a cliff: £63m in losses

Onlookers predict Humpty Dumpty landing ahead

Dawn of the X-Men? MUTANTS swarm AMONG US, say geneticists

Particularly among weirdo Europeans

Japanese firm offers 4-tonne GIANT MECHs for just $1.3m

Flying car? Robot butler? Pah, I stomp on them

Sony tempts 4K Ultra HD TV buyers with free films

Bundled on a gratis video server, natch

What can save the Xmas PC market? Not Windows 8, say analysts

People wanted Win7, but there's no Vista effect now

PM demands media clean-up, not keen on doing much himself

Leveson report: Cameron unlikely to back legislation

RIM bribes coders: Make BlackBerry 10 apps, GET A FREE SHINY

All that nice software you've got? Hand it over

Moody's slashes HP's credit rating

Predicts slide in sales next year

'Abnormal' thruster halts South Korean space rocket launch

Third attempt to put first rocket in orbit cancelled

The Lord of the Rings saga lies hidden deep in your Mac

Fun with FreeBSD, the Terminal, and OS X

Syria cuts off internet and mobile communications

What dark deeds does the blackout hide?

Twitter forced to cough raw feed after PeopleBrowsr wins temporary order

A little bird has ejected us from its 'warm spot', say data crunchers

Prisoner found with phone + charger in anal cavity

Luckily he's not an iPad owner

Apple ships 'completely redesigned' iTunes 11

UpdatedAs Mom admonished, 'better late than never – but better never late'

AWS fattens EC2 cloud for big data, in-memory munching

re:InventData Pipeline service links data sources, automates chewing and spitting

Voda fails again: network melts in Melbourne heatwave

‘Try turning it off and turning it back on again’

The Terminator, coming to a reality near you

UK boffins demo cell-to-electronics interface

Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro gets laptop-level price

Up to twice that of ARM-based Windows RT version

NASA: 'Those life-on-Mars rumors? Chill, dudes and dudettes'

Monday's big news less Earth Mars-shaking than world had hoped

IDC: A year of server revenue declines

Well, unless you are Dell, Cisco, Inspur, or Lenovo

Microsoft halves Surface RT production orders - report

Ballmer was right after all, might only 'sell a few million'

NASA confirms ice at poles of Mercury

Astrobiologists probe tiniest planet in 'soggy' solar system

Big Bang bashing boffins ‘Big Bounce’ back to BIRTH OF TIME

The universe before inflation took hold

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