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28th > November > 2012 Archive

EnterpriseDB cranks up Postgres database scalability

Ditch Ellison for the elephant

Your brain, the Internet and the Universe

Could there be a ‘universal law’ for network growth?

85% of Windows 8 users wield the desktop on day one

40 million W8 licences sold, apps downloaded 1m times, Surface Pro due in Jan

Boffin claims Bigfoot DNA reveals BESTIAL BONKING

Did primate-human mating beget Sasquatch?

Google mingles Drive and Gmail for 10GB attachments

Your move, Hotmail and Yahoo!

Microsoft 'fesses up to Windows Phone 8 reboot bug

Patch coming in December

Fujitsu's canine cloud keeps pets petite

Canine health management the latest money-spinner from Japan

Take the heat from data centres’ PUE pitch

It’s hard to match new data centres' efficiency, but you can improve your own

Samsung printers have secret admin account

Patch primed to prevent printer p0wnage

IBM outsources UK desktop support operation lock+stock to Phoenix

Exclusive180 engineers get new business cards for Xmas

Upstart plans to reanimate cold dead corpse of holographic storage

Live, my beauty, LIVE! They said I was mad. Me! Maaad!

VPN ban makes for nervy times behind Great Firewall

'Internet Monitoring Team' threatens disconnection for accessing 'prohibited sites'

Companies House website security 'a bit of a mess'

Nerve centre of British business open to scams

Skills shortage may crimp Asia's IT rise

CIOs keen on expats, but won't let influx inflate wages

SUSE joins Canonical and Red Hat in using Ceph to puff OpenStack cloud

Gets out Crowbar to pop it in

ViewSonic Pro 9000 laser hybrid LED projector review

Can a brand new light engine tech make projectors cool again?

Microsoft Office 2013 heads for the cloud but fails to soar

ReviewDeep inside Redmond's cash cow: many improvements ... but ... yawn...

Kcom puts Fujitsu's Long in the MD hot seat

New MD has work cut out as firm reports dip in half-year numbers

Google goes for Amazon: Slash-fest on cloud storage prices

Builds EU data centres, drops IaaS costs - there will be blood

Barnes & Noble go up against Amazon in Blighty with Nook apps

May turn out to be more of a Niche offering really

LOHAN cooks up tempting Raspberry Pi spiced with Iridium

Geekgasmic electronic fusion cuisine, side dish of Python

Troubled OCZ brings forth consumer SSDs with Vector

Barefoot and pregnant with possibility?

Android users: More of them than fanbois, but they don't use the web

Open ... and ShutSlabber dabbler laggards mean trouble for Google

Peter Moore: IT consultant, Iraq hostage - Part Two

Xboxes, the Simpsons, freedom, and dealing with HR

Belgian finds missus was born a MAN after 19 YEARS of marriage

Bloke left crying, gamed

Japan firm offers mums-to-be 3D printed unborn infants

The fruit of your loins, in plastic

Speaking in Tech: WTF is Software Defined Networking, anyway?

PodcastWell, it's not Oracle's Xsigo

Latest scam spam ploy: Bogus pay-by-phone London parking receipts

Mundane cloak hides malware dagger

Scoop! The inside story of the news website that saved the BBC

Special reportHow BBC News Online was created from scratch

Android seven-inchers swipe rug from under Apple

iPad share slumps

Nokia RIM shot: Seeks royalties after winning wireless patent spat

Struggle for Apple-Samsung leftover scraps turns nasty

NUDT on HPC battle: Total cluster supremacy - Who needs it?

SC12LINPACK win's more than enough for Chinese comp sci boffins

How to launch people into space...

It's Not Rocket Science...if you want them to survive the journey

Annual reviews: It's high time we rid the world of this insanity

There is no way a human could have invented such a devilish system

Real sci-fi space ships coming at last? NASA tests nuclear engine

Not so much, we're sorry to report

Take-Two praises release breaks for Grand Theft Auto's healthy figure

More series copies shifted than Tetris?

MIDI: 30 years old... almost

Auntie causes premature eulogisation?

Comet crashes to Earth: 125 stores wiped out

Thousands of chain's staff at risk

'Microsoft to make its own Surface phones' - mutterings

Source of rumours predicted 5 of the last 2 surprises

Google 'wants to dodge consent decree' in any FTC antitrust deal

Choc Factory reportedly trying for a wink and a handshake on antitrust probe

'Brit Bill Gates' defends his honour in open letter to HP board

'See you in court' HP tells Lynch

Sinking Xbox 360 sales still stymies Nintendo numbers

Console conflict for Crimbo

A tweet too far: UK contempt law reform push begins

I hold the interwebs in utter contempt, dear boy!

Team Boilermaker: We hammer the code... not the booze

SC12Student cluster compo kids signal possible move to hybrid HPC

Windows 8 launch outdoes Windows 7's, says Microsoft bigwig

Schtum on Surface, no breakdown on boxes vs upgrades

Ten weird Chinese mobile phones

Product Round-upStar-shaped, quad-SIM and sports car phones

Iran's Photoshop FAIL: 'New drone' actually Japanese university bird

Another comical claim from knockabout ayatollahs

Think Xmas bashes in your biz are scary? Try partying with the Channel

Not met your targets? Hand over your clothes

'Boson' Higgs: Yes, CERN has seen the coming of the God particle

Mighty proton-punisher has indeed unlocked the cosmos

Logicalis UK boss Tom Kelly to stand down in New Year

Succession planing in full swing

Amazon makes BEELLIONS from British customers, pays pennies in tax

Please don't publish these numbers, it begs

DNS servers filled with wrong Kool-Aid, big names waylaid in Romania

Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google, PayPal all graffiti'd

Team Utah grabs Mini Iron crown at little cluster compo

SC12'Didya Hear the One About the Traveling Salesman?'

MONSTER QUASAR BLAST blows stunned astro boffins' WIGS OFF

Jumbo black hole thumper silences gossiping theorists

TVShack O’Dwyer strikes deal to avoid US extradition

Will instead politely fly over and pay a fine

Apple sticks finger in dyke, cuts off Dutch flood of Galaxy S, SII, Ace

What was it like before the patent wars, mummy?

Amazon fluffs up cloudy data warehousing service with Redshift

re:InventBezos kicks Teradata, IBM, Oracle, and Greenplum in the ad hocs

GreenBytes founder steps aside for new blood

Stephen O'Donnell to run VDI accelerating appliance show

Astronomers find biggest black hole, 17 BILLION times the size of Sun

Black hole theory goatse'd by new discovery

BitYota uncloaks, fires off SaaS torpedoes at data warehouse stalwarts

Re:InventBlasted from behind by AWS Redshift superdreadnaught

Cutbacks hit CSIRO wireless unit

Union fears science will suffer

WCIT leak: CHAOS will REIGN if telco talks fail

Dubai discussion of International Telecoms Regulations could also mean nothing

Anti-Israel hackers leak nuclear watchdog email addresses

Demand investigation of Israeli nuke site, or else

Microsoft's promises slow upgrade for loyal Phone 7 customers

Getting Phone 8 in form, but not in function

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