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26th > November > 2012 Archive

Kim Dotcom claims entrapment by US authorities

Megaupload accused of holding files said to be held for another piracy case

Acid oceans DISSOLVING sea life

British Antarctic Survey says CO2 the villain behind bad news for tiny snails

HP denies Syria, Iran spy tech claims

"Our hands are clean, but our distros' may not be"

Driverless trucks roam Australian mines

210 tonne monsters haul 300 tonnes of dirt with GPS guidance

Google, Apple, and Microsoft downed in Pakistan

Hackers leave cryptic messages, offer no clear motive for attacks

Heroic Register reader battles EXPLODING COMPUTER

Saves son AND son's homework from firebomb power supply

Datawind insists $42 tab isn't Chinese

Components of subsidised slabs come from China, but assembly done in India

Brocade drill-down: Replacement for Klayko in the wings

Successfully milking its mature provider

ICO: Anonymised data doesn't HAVE to guarantee your privacy

German watchdog: Sure, but let's be careful, ja?

Seagate private equity whispers begin... AGAIN

Hello Steve, it's 2010 calling...

Microsoft applies for patent for 'Google Goggles'-type AR specs

Redmond follows in Oompa Loompa footsteps

Flash is dead ... but where are the tiers?

StoragebodStorage tiering needs to be separate from arrays

Intel edu-tablet sales forecast slashed - supply chain whispers

Another vicious punch to Chipzilla's mobile snoot

Galapagos tortoise 'Lonesome George' might NOT be last of his kind

'Sailor's snack' had some cousins nearby

Drop Box and Dropbox, begs new sync 'n' share start-up

Another cloud file player muscles into increasingly crowded field

P-P-P-Pick up our PENGUIN-POWERED Pi PIPER of Python

How-toDownload El Reg's Raspberry Pi jukebox

New table-munching worm ravages Iranian biz databases

Iranian CERT: It's really no biggie

Hefty beauty GAGA gets voluptuous new undercarriage

Check out these wheels, boys

Where were the bullet holes on OS/2's corpse? Its head ... or foot?

Part twoEx-IBM insider Dom Connor reveals what went wrong

Jock and Awe: Scottish schools' sixty-mil 'slab splurge

Fondlekit to spread across prisons, third sector etc

Pong creator turns nose up at Nintendo Wii U

Atari founder Bushnell 'baffled' by console

Cambridge boffins fear 'Pandora's Unboxing' and RISE of the MACHINES

'You're more likely to die from robots than cancer'

Samsung SSD 840 series storage review

MLC for business and TLC for pleasure

10,000 cities, 1 salesman, 6 nodes: It's LittleFe cluster CRUNCH TIME

SC12Slippery Rock races against clock on final day of mini-cluster match

Applied Micro shows off X-Gene ARM server prototypes

Systems pr0n 101 to build excitement

Gangnam Style beats Bieber Baby, becomes biggest timewaste EVER

6,000 person-years humanity will never get back

'007' job ad for an assassin appears on official website

Prank posting offered free Walther PPK

Nexus 4 actually has 4G: But only in Canada, and potentially ILLEGAL

Maple syrup-suppers dig up hidden functionality

Facebook tries to stop its staff using iPhones in 'dogfood' push

Need to appeal to the non-beret-wearing user

Girlfriend 'tried to MURDER ME with her AMPLE BREASTS'

Battle of the Bulges: Germans in boudoir boob blitzkrieg

SQL database start-up flings out code peanuts to tempt biz

Sniffing around for somewhere to stash your Big Data?

Phone with Facebook hardware button lobbed out by Nokia

Press this for instant adverts and jabber

Phoenix IT Group signs £40m desktop support win

Wins outsourcing contract from outsourcer

At last: The brain-controlled helicopter

Sadly not in form of propellor hat with really strong chinstrap

Venus EXPOSED in predawn threesome with Saturn and Mercury

Jupiter will be up all night in planetary conjunction

SPEARS fired up for explosive climax

Ballocket mission control board electrifies LOHAN

Fanboi droves use iPads to buy more iPads on Black Friday

Grey Thursday may have meant red ink for festive figures

Mall lurk man: Apple smashes Microsoft in Black Friday fondle wars

Mini Apple list from Minneapolis may scale up

Their One Year Mission: To boldly find the effects of null G on humans

Pair of 'nauts chosen for lengthy stay on space base

Claimed $400m Google buyout is fake, ICOA boss warns

SEC called after hoax press release sends shares spiking

Defence Signals Directorate offers BYOD advice

Motherhood statements for public consumption, detail behind regwall

How IT will evolve to photonics

Professor Rod Tucker charts a course to the all-optical, low-energy future

Microsoft supporting Surface with Windows RT until 2017

Trying to make Apple and Android look bad

China to strut eight-core Godson-3B MIPS chip in early 2013

Server chip makers take Moore's Law breather – at their peril

GE study pimps ‘industrial Internet’

How’s that SCADA security going, gentlemen?

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