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20th > November > 2012 Archive

Oprah Winfrey tweets her love of Surface – from her iPad

Microsoft's fondleslab not her most favorite

Platform clouds generating more noise than cash

All the action is in SaaS and IaaS – and advertising

Restaurateur jailed for customer sex profile revenge plan

How not to react to a bad online review

EINSTEIN'S BRAIN had unusual lobes and cortex

Newly-uncovered photos also reveal 'large knob' in frontal lobe

NASA suggests robotic return to the Moon

Astronauts could control rover from Lagrange 2 point

Patent trolling to go under anti-trust spotlight

Report says hearings set for December, with Nokia and Cisco to appear

Aussie webmail pioneer gets funding boost

Staying local but launching global

Sarcastic tweeter jailed for mocking Communist Party

Petition launched to fight terror charge against still-missing Zhai Xiaobing

British Ruby conference cancelled after diversity row

It started with a tweet about white males in tech

NSW Information Commissioner sends email to wrong list

Do as I say, not do as I do

Chinese cloud firm offers 'love bonus' to amorous staff

Chengdu-based start-up in pay-to-pair-up scheme

London gets huge Defecator Enthroned statue for World Toilet Week

Your face can be on it, if you GiveAShit. Excrement!

Dell storage still staggering a year after EMC break-up

Biz failing to gobble own-brand dogfood

Ten Linux apps you must install

Product Round-upHere is the GNUs

Cloudy admin? Here's how to ward off Call of Duty-playing teens

Cheeky little rascals

No hiding now, fandroids: Smartmobe chip STALKS YOU INDOORS

VidCisco, Qualcomm team up to create tracking chip tech

All-flash-array flogger WhipTail in mad dash to fortify EMEA base

Quick, before Violin and the others get here

'The People's' cell operator to offer expensive data - but it's for cheridee

Can't be bothered having a phone and making donations?

Malware made which can share a smartcard over the internet

'Use a bank or ID card as though you had it with you'

Apple's profits fetish could spell its DOOM

Open ... and ShutMobile world will soon be like PCs

Hackers break into FreeBSD with stolen SSH key

Not many servers dead

Certain people rejoice! AC/DC finally available on iTunes

Primal thumpings now on your fondleslab

Glorious silicon globes could hold key to elusive PERFECT kilogram

FeatureEl Reg drills into why we need an ultra-accurate mass

Oprah Winfrey too late to save Microsoft's Windows 8

Signs are that Redmond has produced a turkey this Xmas

Shrewd El Reg plotter shows storage bods in revealing numbers

The great, the good, the bad and the ugly

How Intel's faith in x86 cost it the mobile market

And why Paul Otellini's successor needs to embrace corporate heresy

Sony coaxes indie Vita, Android developers with $99 SDK

Beta goodbye; Vita good buy?

Wii U disassembly reveals unusual innards

Facilitates do-it-yourself fixing

Yahoo! shares! at! 18! month! high!

Investors feel slightly better with an ex-Googler at the helm

Kobo Glo illuminated e-reader review

Read between the covers - and under them

Do you know a chimp who's feeling doleful? Mid-life crisis, probably

Darwin quote on baboons and metaphysics borne out

Murdoch Storm: Brooks, Coulson to be CHARGED over BUNGS

UK media methods scandal means big names in court

EE touts 4G Sim-only tariffs

How do its one-year contracts compare with rival offerings?

Thank BRIT eggheads for new iMac's sexy seamless knife-edge

Welding knowhow keeps Apple beyond bleeding

Speaker Bercow's loquacious wife finally silenced - On Twitter

Legal issues. Hacked. DELETED - not before time, perhaps

Swollen SUPER-GIGANTO PLANET sighted in Andromeda

Vasty orb big as 13 Jupiters snapped 170 lightyears off

HTC: $8 per phone for Apple patents? We're not CRAZY!

Still won't give Samsung the juice on what it's forking out though

HP: AUTONOMY 'misrepresented' its value by $5 BILLION, calls in SEC

UK fraud squad too. Total writedown $8.8 BEEELLION!!

Nintendo downplays Wii U 'hidden control panel' hack fears

Miiverse admin board just-a mock-a-up, says Mario

Swedish woman cuffed for sex with skeleton SHOCKER

Insert your 'boner' JOKE here

Tech Data's Q3 profits dive by more than a fifth

Currency headwind and price war bitchslap distie giant

Microsoft's OWN tests on Kin 'social phone' foretold its doom

'Kin hell, is it 'cos I didn't touch it enough? - tester

Greenhouse gases break record again, says top UN weather man

US down, but pesky poor folk emitting like crazy

Google hires top US traffic fed for driverless cars project

'Hm, no spaces. Car, drive around 'til I finish drinking'

Nokia HERE today with decent mapping on Apple devices

Also towing Amazon app store onto Droids

Register boffinry confab: Mass debate on the Perfect Kilogram

Live ChatReaders have their say (but don't weigh in)

Brussels blesses British BDUK broadband boost blurt

£530m cash prizes cleared for largely one-horse races

PCs punch HP in the gut, servers knee it in the jewels

Oh, if only we'd used Autonomy software on its own books

Facebook starts going encrypted by default in North America

Only WE are allowed to spy on you ... bitch

Wang's 'surging growth' to help tablets overcome notebooks in 2013

Analyst projects Android ascension, Apple slippage

Apple, Spotify, Amazon: All your Cloud are belong to us, says firm

Lawyers don ten-gallon hats, jingling spurs

Quantum crypto - with nothing more than STANDARD broadband fibre

Theoretical un-crackability cracked

Microsoft building poo-powered carbon-neutral data center

Sewage plant systems profitably full of crap

4chan founder Moot threatens site for using his handle

Claims 'moot' is 'a famous trademark'

World's oldest digital computer successfully reboots

TNMOC's boffins help bring back WITCH

Autonomy to HP: bollocks

‘We have been ambushed’

Quickflix top brass exec exits

Sudden moves ahead of funding news

Kiwi Googleplex comes clean on unauthorised data

Waves certificate proving it has really, truly, wiped Wi-Fi trove

Minister intervenes in Oz spectrum auction

‘Red undies day’ arrives

Application transformation: Ready Steady Go!

Measure twice, cut once

German city dumping OpenOffice for Microsoft

Freiburg city council called 'clueless'

SGI UV 2000 supers are Intel and Nvidia inside

Cheap flops flip bits in shared memory super and rackers

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