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16th > November > 2012 Archive

Anonymous attacks Israeli websites over Gaza bombings

Releases kit to keep Palestinians online

Jobs biopic to focus on first Mac, NeXT, iPod

Aaron Sorkin says plot will show Saint Steve backstage before three big launches

Ubuntu gaining ground in website deployments

More popular on servers now than Red Hat, Suse

Sun’s lost cousin may be to blame for wonky ecliptic

Tipped over the solar system when planets yet unborn

Wordpress to accept Bitcoin without confirmations

Blog platform says there's low risk in unapproved transactions

Maybe Mars had 'warm' water after all

UK boffins point to meteorite evidence

Google India slapped with £8.7 MILLION tax penalty

Search giant accused of misleading tax office

Ancient vulnerability sparks world-wide hypegasm

Radio signal jamming + hint of terror threat = lots of column inches

Vietnamese Google-killer searches like it's 1996

Local search contender borrows ideas from Yahoo! circa 1996

SmartTrans pushes into China with former Aus ambassador

Appoints our man in China as chairman

GoDaddy puts gratuitous sexy pics on IT content

Not clever

China's cut-price drones attract Asian and African buyers

Zhuhai airshow the stage for military muscle-flexing

Liberals propose law to regulate social media

Abbott's plan calls for networks to have staff thinking about the children

How can UK TV product placement do better, asks report

X Factor judges could have mugs marked 'Your ad here'?

Dell starts up 'Top Gun' for channel hotshots, leather jackets and all

Plus plane full of rubber dogshit for grey marketeers?

Cisco offers pint-size cell relief, lets mobile data spurt freely

You can pop me on the table, against a wall ...

Should Microsoft merge Office into Windows - or snap it off?

Open ... and ShutApple might keep the .docter away one day

Liberator: the untold story of the first British laptop part 3

ArchaeologicInto the maelstrom

Adobe Connect breach pops lid off 'Letmein' logins of gov, army types

Plus: Did someone forget the salt?

Dell and pals mash parts together, squeeze out first 16Gb FC stack

Speedy shifter offers cheesy-pea mix of everyone's bits

Credit insurance: The hidden data-driven force which killed Comet

Money in other people's wallets can be a big asset

Long-suffering Virgin Media victims see no end to vid PURGATORY

YouTube vids show how bad it is. Unless you're with VM

BOFH: Hasta la Vista... luser

Episode 12Installing Vista SP2 is like dousing a burning turd

Never mind fat-bellied tech titans, give enterprise upstarts a chance

Sysadmin blogWhy IT shoppers miss real bargains

Insight exec: Order-delaying ERP 'teething problems' now fixed

UK software upgrade left us sitting on a pile of returns - customers

Apple and Samsung add iPhone 5, Note, S3 to brewing law-storm

Judge slaps fruity move to wrap jellybean in blanket

Easy to use, virus free, secure: Aaah, how I miss my MAINFRAME

Back when installing drivers was someone else's problem

LOHAN to join mile-high club with BRITNEY or NAOMI?

PollVote now to name our spaceplane control board

WiGig crew to cut DisplayPort cables

60GHz high-speed wireless tech to support screens

Avira antivirus patched but still not fully Windows 8 ready

'Completely new architecture' causing BSOD struggles

Google seen sniffing over a Dish of mobile spectrum

Could we be looking at Oompa Loompas up cell towers?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 game review

Playing with fire

Brits kept waiting as iPad Mini LTE arrives Stateside

Local fondleslab fans face fortnight of envy

Boffins: Proto-humans had stone spears HALF a MILLION YEARS BC

Dead springbok riddled with flinty projectiles in tests

HP big cheese: Is the cloud even proper IT? Whoops, I said it

AnalysisFires shot across 'romantic' Big Blue's bows

Facebook offers $10 to each of its Sponsored Stories victims

So sorry we sold you as product. Have a peanut ... bitch

Power to the people - if you can find a spare socket

Something for the weekend, Sir?Where would you like me to insert this?

'You can say I'm paranoid about it, but they will kill me'

QuotwPlus: 'You've come with nothing!'

Greenpeace, unions attack 'secret UN plans to seize the INTERNETS'

Oh those crazy hippies

BBC iPlayer downloads BORKED by Adobe Air update

'Proper fix' could be AGES away, grumbles Auntie

Dead Steve Jobs was dead wrong on Flash, bellows ColdFusion man

Zuckerberg may be alive but he too is wrong on HTML5

Curiosity latest: MARTIAN DUST DEVILS assail prowling robot rover

Secrets of the Gale Crater probed

Bong Broadcasting Corporation. Let ME replace Entwistle

¡Bong!Strictly Come Dogging means I should be Digital General

Sony confesses: we can't beat iPhone... yet

Promises New Year revolutions

Musk to blast right of way through California with railgun Concorde

Hyperloop plans might be easier in Martian retirement

Sony surges past 70 million PlayStation 3 sales

Catches up with Microsoft's Xbox 360

Another Microsoft Trojan? Sinofsky might just want a RIM job


Boss wrong to demote man over anti-gay-marriage Facebook post

Nobody forced workmates to read it, says judge

Amazon cloud inspectors approve SAP's biz apps

Tech giants see cloudy sky, forecast rain of doubloons

Galapagos islands bombed with 22 tonnes of Blue Death Cornflakes

Tortoise-scoffing rats face waves of poison gunships

Thought you'd escaped Twitter? Think again as Twits get email button

Tweemail spamalanche set to beam up into Luddite inboxes

Facebook: Give us your credit card and pals' addresses as GIFTS

And WE will slightly facilitate your cupcake purchase!

Scammers use fake profiles to target Instagram users

Sepia loveliness riddled with scams like other portals

OMG! Aaaah! Apple TV! Yes! No ... Probably! Sometime!

Like a stuck calendar, this will be right eventually

'Long Time Ago' and 'Far, Far Away' records broken by new GALAXY

I remember when it was all Big Bang round here

LIVE NOW: Speak Your Brains on Windows chief's defenestration SHOCKER

Live ChatJoin the chatstorm ... right NOW

Plenty more fish (and other eukaryotes) in the sea, say boffins

Expert on enormous bottom cucumbers lays it out

Black Ops 2 takes HALF A BEELLION DOLLARS in just ONE DAY

Call of Duty whups Harry Potter and Star Wars

US team poised for second pop at PARIS spaceplane record

Indiana uni boffins challenge Vulture 1 once more

Dell inhales Gale Technologies to blow away cloud rivals

Sets up Enterprise Solutions group, taps networker to run it

Woz: Microsoft's innovation lead 'worries me greatly'

Apple slipping since Steve Jobs' exit – though he was a 'real rugged bastard'

Microsoft offers 60-day free trial of Office 2013

TechNet download now available to world+dog

Reefer madness blasts pot machine maker's stock sky high

Management: 'Whoa, dude, chill out'

October global temps above average for 332nd straight month

Not in the UK, where it's cool as the proverbial cucumber

Survey: Win8 only HALF as popular as Win7 among IT bosses

Redmond needs BYODers to clamor for its fondleslabs

Taliban official's email blunder leaks 400+ contacts

Cc list puts journalists, activists at risk

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