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14th > November > 2012 Archive

Sex offenders need internet access, judge rules

Banning online access 'unreasonable'

Cisco cuts costs, boosts profits faster than sales

Servers, NDS buy fills in switch and router gaps

VCE zaps vBlocks with shrink ray

Stack-in-a-box vendor wants wants to bundle ISVs into appliances

Microsoft offers Internet Explorer 10 preview for Windows 7

'Try Windows 8's browser, we think you'll like it'

Google stats show government net spying on the rise

Requests for user data, content blocking both up

Big Data CIOs: don't look for aliens that aren't there

RoI planning is key ... but not too much of it

Job ad seeks devs to work two hour days in Australia

Small waking time overlap enough for Perth company hit by tight jobs market

Toyota motors ahead with radar crash avoidance tech

Pre-collision system ready to roll out as test site begins operations

Brits admit to using mobile phones during sex - and not in a good way

Hang on, I'm just in the middle of someone

McAfee ‘not a suspect’: CNN report

Belize police still keen to talk to him

Internet Explorer becomes Korean election issue

Presidential candidate promises to kill crypto standard locking nation into IE

Petabyte provider makes a run at Amazon's fattest customers

Wafer thin mint, sir? Oh go on

4GEE data marketing campaign accidentally gets Irishmen salivating

Jaysus that's a startlin' reasonable price, so it is

Cawing retail vultures circle dying Comet, might rip some chunks off

Aaark! Aaark! say Maplins, Dixons, webshops

Kobo Mini 5in compact e-reader review

Pocket-friendly alternative to the mass-market paperback

EU standardises hamtagonistic powerline network tech

Bearded brotherhood pledges eternal vigilance

Flash outfit: You bring the cloud, we'll bring the puffening

Mmm, delicious flaky multi-app puffs

Apple stops Caring in Italy, probably all Europe soon

Questionably supportable support questioned by EU

Nintendo Wii U set to out-sell predecessor at launch

But it will never be as popular long term

Dell to sell Brit firm's 'fastest in the world' HPC arrays

Deal inked, Xyratex gets chance to ride the elephant

Black Ops 2 blunder has Mass Effect on buyers

Disc burning botch distresses PC gamers

What happened to comics for kids? Hell, what happened to COMICS?

It's time to go back to basics

Skyfall makers 3D printed Bond's DB5

Exploding cars a la model

Windows 8 Euro PC sales SHOCKER: Results actually not bad

'Real opportunity for MS here' says gobsmacked analyst

Sony wants cash to get out of tellies, into mobile, CMOS and games

Hands out magic beans that grow into share-stalks in 2017

El Reg mulls commentard icon portfolio shake-up

ROFLcopter? You gazing at crumbs in navel? Let us know...

Wozniak to star in crazed iOS action game, rescuing missus 'J-Woz'

Attempt to get intellectuals to watch action movies?

Ballmer comes not to praise Sinofsky but to bury him

Perhaps he was Caesar, not Caligula?

Subjects bestow Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 on Queen

Serfs' stories saved on a ten-inch teblet for the pelace

BT buys Tikit, figures to flog tech to law firms

Well, who's got all the money, after all?

Warner recalls Xbox Lego Lord of the Rings 'demo' discs

Label piercing

Liberator: the untold story of the first British laptop part 2

ArchaeologicOut to launch

RIM adds VoIP digivoice calls to BBM youngster-messaging ware

Skype, Facetime ... the writing's on the wall

Northamber: UK economy stuck in 'U-bend', Olympics hasn't flushed it

Get out the plunger! Sales and profits clogged

Skype IDs hijackable by ANY FOOL who knows your email address

Doesn't need access to it, just to know it. Sheesh!

Thousands of Australians and satellite view spectacular total eclipse

VidsDark Dawn Down Under wows crowds and boffins

Apple 'less innovative' at laptops than Lenovo

But beats the pants off rivals when it comes to selling them

MS plugs 'highly exploitable' IE 9 hole in November Patch Tuesday

Plus 3 jabs for Win 8 baby ... can they ward off VUPEN?

ROGUE PLANET WITHOUT A SUN spotted in interstellar space

Blue world all alone just 100 lightyears away

Mobile phone sales slump bites Nokia

Finnish firm ahead of Apple but trailing Samsung

Twitter simps fall for 'Obama punched a guy' vid promise scam

Brits, Swedes keenest to see Prez swing a fist

New flexible lens works like the one in your eye - and could replace it

Smaller and simpler focusing and zooming in future cams

Two scam apps stink up iTunes store, pulled thanks to Reg reader

Eye of the Vulture backs up porous Cupertino iron curtain

Dell greases Euro storage partners' palms with $10m

Let's lubricate some sales >wink< know what I'm saying?

Watchdog halts Toyota Grand Theft Auto-esque advert

CGI GT86 promo prompts reckless driving fears

Zynga CFO cuts out the middleman and moves to Facebook

Show me the money, says latest departing exec

Microsoft flings free Xboxes to long-term Live lovers

Ten-year loyalty reward

Curious robot rover Curiosity chews a second mouthful of Mars dirt

Truly, these Earthling probe droids behave curiously

Finally - a solution to let people make money online WITHOUT ads?

Possible belated outbreak of common sense about to happen

Android and Apple OS shares show mountain MS must climb

Windows Phone outshipped even by Bada in Q3

Paying for Windows Server 2012: Worse than using it?

Live ChatReaders chat about licensing complexity and dealing with Redmond

Rockstar ramps it up with Grand Theft Auto V reveal

Three's a crowd

China strikes blow for property rights, British move to collectivism

CommentLet a hundred flowers bloom, and give them away

Meet the all-girl HPC cluster boffins of 'Team Venus' - on Video

SC12Plus Boston twins from Team Chowdah

Snow and ice fail to freeze battlin' Big Iron bots in their tracks

SC12Four more student cluster teams face the El Reg cameras

DataDirect plunks $100m on storage array disguised as a super

File servers running app code? So mad it might just work

Skype fixes flaw that let anyone with your email address hijack you

Could have been nasty - and was, for some people

Texans forget deep fryer, add GPUs to lasso data-crunching crown

SC12Why marine bilge pumps are VITAL cluster computing tools

Tianhe-1A schoolkids bring their best game, GPUs to cluster punchup

SC12Chinese teams quietly confident

Boiler Makers swing hammer at SC12, Team Taiwan tries for a three-peat

SC12More contenders in battle for cluster domination

Federal advisors urge Congress to look into China's cyber attacks

Chinese are 'spies', 'pirates' and 'thieves'

New York Times uses palpably fake pic to illustrate Syrian warfare

Strong smell of First Person Shooter

Apple to settle with Samsung? Korean honcho: 'Fuggedaboutit'

Despite HTC's settlement, Samsung won't negotiate 'at all'

Israel declares war on Hamas via Twitter

VideoMuslim Brotherhood may unfriend on Facebook

Alan Sugar's YouView loses brand judgment in court

You're FIRED, lawyers; another bad day for the BBC

AWS flicks switch for S3-to-Glacier migration

Ice your data

Facebook gets into jobs market with recruitment board

Social Jobs Partnership bears fruit – finally

Humans becoming steadily STUPIDER, says brainiac boffin

Genetic decline means Athenians of 1000 BC smarter than us

Zeebox lands down under

Social media and Aussie TV set to converge in one app

Cray notches up two Urika graph analysis appliance sales

Will invest $15m in YarcData 'threadmonsters' in 2013

America to send space radar to Australia

Eye on space junk, Chinese launches

Microsoft aims Windows Embedded 8 at $1.4 trillion market

Six flavors to arrive in early 2013

Red Hat to mash up KVM hypervisor and Gluster file system

Shadowman, Chipzilla kick in dough to 10gen for MongoDB stake

Race for new top level domains now officially a lottery

Applicants for .adult and .sexy will meet in airport hotel

Texas Instruments sheds 1,700 staff in smartphone retreat

Internet of things needs less manpower

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