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13th > November > 2012 Archive

Sinclair BASIC comes to Raspberry Pi

Or Linux, Windows and Pandora

Fans splurge $220m on Halo 4 in first 24 hours

Master Chief and his Halo franchise have captured $3.38bn total

Apple retail stores most productive in US – by far

Double the revenue per square foot than second-place Tiffany & Co.

Windows boss Steve Sinofsky exits Microsoft

Dual execs named to lead Redmond's OS, hardware efforts

Steelie Neelie admits laptop hack during IGF

EU officials' MacBooks hacked in Azerbaijani hotel

China's robot population to lead world by 2014

Worker's paradise to become nirvana for automata

VMware wants to play 'Server Tetris' in your data centre

Line up the workloads just right and the costs disappear

Your job's going to Asia, in a good way

Gartner says Asian growth means local firms will need to hire Westerners soon

Plastic screen outfit teams with Epson to offer screen on your plastic

Will a credit card that shows your balance be popular?

EU approves push to get the unknown security in ARM chips into use

Chipmaker must promise to let others join the TEE party

Devs cook up 'leakproof' all-Tor untrackable platform

Whonix? You'll never find out, The Man

Apple MacBook Pro 13in Retina display review

Exorbitant eye candy, anyone?

Even a CHILD can make a Trojan to pillage Windows Phone 8

Whippersnapper will reveal all in the Malcon tent

Memo to Groupon: Best cheapo deals have a premium tag

Open ... and ShutThe end of coupon bazaar's deal-fetishing gravy train

Peak Apple: Forstall was 'closest thing to Jobs they had left'

Sweary, 'asshole' - to return from wilderness with beard?

Fujitsu: We could run Office on any device if Microsoft lets us

ExclusiveiOS Office is more about licencing than tech

iFixit CEO launches open Toshiba service guide scheme

If you use lawyers to hide your manuals, we'll write our own

Sky rudely barges TalkTalk off the top-three UK ISP podium

Bosses talk the talk, but customers walk the walk

Finns look to bring Phorm style stalker ads to UK radio streaming

Hey, your mobile kit is probably tracking you already

LOHAN to slip in sexy little black number

Two is one, one is none for rocketgasm success

Google, Amazon, Starbucks are 'immoral' and 'ridiculous' over UK tax

'We don't make any money here' insists milkbar bigwig

Brits swallow Google Nexus 4 supply 'in 30 minutes'

World+Dog eats smarties for breakfast

SUN to GO OUT COMPLETELY: Here's how to watch online

VidstreamsJoin the Dark Dawn Down Under party

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review

Light reading

Virgin Media vid misery blamed on unnamed peering network

'It was not me, it was the one armed man', pleads VM

Mobo monster Vodafone takes £6bn kick down south

Spaniards, Italians just not as talkative these days

Even £9.8m on consultants can't get network push underway

Brussels beurocrats block BT BDUK broadband boost

Industry in 'denial' as demand for pricey PCs plunges

Today's low-cost computers are yesterday's high-enders, so why pay more?

SECRET 28 'scientific experts' who Greened the BBC - Revealed!

Beeb spent a mint to suppress list on Wayback Machine (includes Greenpeacers)

BOSS Bang boffins: DARK ENERGY spreading across the Universe

Mystery stuff is now 73 per cent of EVERYTHING

Apple forced to cut dealers in to get iPad Mini shifting, says analyst

Peak Apple: An unwelcome first for tightfisted Cupertino

Top prosecutor warns troll-hunting cops not to choke courts

If you cuff every tw*t we'll be snowed under

Sinofsky OFFSKI: Is Windows 9 now codenamed 'Defenestrate'?

'Inconceivable' - May not mean what you think it means

HTC share zoom prior to Apple peace pact under investigation

You guys better have a crystal ball on you

Omnishambles beats off mummy-porn, becomes English word of 2012

Thick Of It whips Fifty Shades of Grey

Petraeus sex'n'menaces webmail trail leads to NATO A'stan general

Spook, soldier, G-man embroiled with adulterous duo

Metro's mother to replace defenestrated Windows boss Sinofsky

CommentLarson-Green also invented Office Ribbon. Just sayin'

Microsoft v Google judge could shape the world in new patent punchup

Redmond: Damn Oompa Loompas are eating all the chocolate

Big Switch uncloaks, fires virty network wares at VMware/Nicira

'Our OpenFlow is more open than your OpenFlow'

German dealer Bechtle planning Euro blitz

'We're taking market share' says CEO with slippery bottom

ID providers signed for Blighty's One Dole To Rule Them All plan

Money for all! Starting with contractors, 'course

Trend Micro squishes 'stuck in a loop' SafeSync bug

Safesunk more like, grumbles user

Apple granted patent for ebook page-turning

Intellectual property protection run amuck?

McAfee founder claims police framing him for murder

Security boss boxes clever escape

Post-defenestration Microsoft: It's the APIs, stupid. And Metro

AnalysisSinofsky, Microsoft's Caligula

Lockheed to cyber-armour its supply chain against 'the Adversary'

Death-tech goliath faces tougher enemies than most

Compute-storage mashup: Great for Big Data, but what of my mobile?

Blocks and FilesLatency HELL as 'tops and 'slabs probe cloud

Windows 8 security is like a swiss cheese flak jacket - sez AV firm

Even so, mouldy old malware apparently worked in tests

35 US states petition for secession – on White House website

'We the People' becomes one government service the right approves of

IRS may be able to count beans, but it can't count its own PCs

Treasury crawls up taxmen's ass with microscope

Australia and NZ fall behind in cloud race

Call for more international capacity chimes

Nokia woos disgruntled iOS users with rebranded maps service

Mappy times are HERE to stay

Oz lays plans to cover possible US met sat gap

Alert but not alarmed

AMD said to hire JPMorgan Chase to explore its options

UpdatedTP Morgan will chase them for free

Google starts rolling out Android 4.2 to select devices

But if it's not a Nexus, you're out of luck

IBM plunks Power7+ processors into Flex System servers

Adds integrated Storwize storage, upgrades Flex control freak

Next big thing for hard drives: self-assembling polymers

Busting out of the density crunch

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