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12th > November > 2012 Archive

Google hit with $AUD200k defamation damages

Ad giant's own witness confessed removing dodgy search results is easy

Intel plans Core i7 bare bones mini-PCs

'Guts of an ultrabook' inside 'Next Unit of Computing' machines

Tech support blog removes Toshiba manuals after legal letter

Laptop-maker says service manuals contain proprietary info

India gets $25 Android tablet

British Aakash 2 will reach millions of students, thanks to subsidies

China's IP boss says West distorts piracy problem

"We're really trying, and you're not helping"

TXT war hits India in time for Diwali holiday

Airtel bans rivals' messages from its network after Spam attacks

Quarter of Brits don't believe that cell towers improve phone reception

Potty idea. My radio doesn't need towers everywhere

Judge: Your boss has no right to your emails held by a third party

Unless you've signed something. And they can find it

iPhones now 'safe' for Restricted info, but not Secret

iOS 6 hasn't yet done the job on RIM

Mini retail empire Micro Anvika implodes, one shop to be shopped

Administrator sets about demolition of London landmark

Hong Kong web host jailed for DDoS stunt

Attempt to market anti-DDoS kit with DDoS attack on Stock Exchange backfires

Slideshow: A History of Intel x86 in 20 CPUs

From 1971 to 2012, the chips that built the PC revolution

EU proposed emergency alert system won't work on iPhone

Zombie attack? Don't worry, you'll be notified. Silently

Comet administrator Deloitte triggers ejector seats under 330 staff

Hello, you're through to customer suppooooooooaaaa

One in four don't clean their stinky old browsers - especially Firefoxers

Mens sana in browsere sano, says Kaspersky

When GiffGaff falls over, is it even news any more?

PollOr should we only report when it works for a bit

How to spot a terrible tech boss within SECONDS

Part 2El Reg job expert Dom Connor returns with more top interview advice

Man, 19, cuffed after burning Remembrance poppy pic is Facebooked

Mass roundup of 4chan users next? #poppycock

Ofcom sets auction timetable: UK's 4G monopoly will end in June

New kit going up now: Hope it works on the right freqs

Vendors must break code of silence on software's biggest FAILS

Open ... and ShutSick of marketing? Let the devs speak

Surface sales 'modest' so far, Ballmer modestly admits

UpdatedBut that's not the story. Let's talk Intel fondletops!

BBC places news chief and her deputy beyond use in Savile row

Latest DG leaps overboard from rudderless behemoth

European HP workers take IT giant to court over 'high handed' job cuts

Staff reps aim to force bosses back to the table

Liberator: the untold story of the first British laptop part 1

ArchaeologicTaking over the typing pool

Unexpected curiosity cripples Molyneux app

Curiosity's server gives out

Star Wars VII: The Disney Movie signs Toy Story III script genius

Did we really write that? Must be true then

English Defence League website 'defaced, pwned' by hacktivists

'Lists of supporters and donors to be public soon'

Elemental origins glimpsed in 12 beellion year old supernova

Astronomers zero in on primal matter factories opens up again - as an email provider

SFWWant absolutely NO ONE to read your mail?

Take action on climate change or the panda gets it

Cuddly bamboo-scoffing bears under threat

'Perfect' INVISIBLE SHED stuns boffinry world

Not a cloak. Not strictly invisible either, at that

Samsung turns screws on Apple, hikes A6 processor price 20%

Advantage of being a company that actually makes stuff

Nvidia launches not one but two Kepler2 GPU coprocessors

SC12Uncloaks Tesla K20, K20X extreme oomphers for servers, workstations

RIM sets date for BlackBerry 10 reveal

New models on show too

Coders grill Herb Sutter on future of C++ at Microsoft

Sorry about the .NET thing, chaps

Google to refund some pre-price drop Nexus 7 buyers

Two-week window opened

Accelerators tag team in Top500 supercomputer CPU smackdown

SC12Titan cuts down Sequoia with Tesla K20X GPUs

UK's planned copyright landgrab will spark US litigation 'firestorm'

ExclusiveSneak peep inside photographers' letter to Minister

Microsoft rolls out always-on Skype for Windows Phone 8

Yet another way to let people contact you ALL THE TIME

What a clockup! Apple's Swiss clock knock-off clocks up $21m fine

Swiss railways laughing all the way to the Swiss bank

Blizzard blasts 'frivolous' security lawsuit

Account Authenticator charge unfair, claims gamer

Did hackers uncover Petraeus' saucy affair webmails before FBI?

Biographer previously exposed in Stratfor caper

Mellanox stretches InfiniBand across campuses, metro areas

SC12Adds baby FDR switch, grafts Layer 3 onto Ethernet switches

Hey, start-ups: Why do you only cater to storage SIZE QUEENS?

StorageBod BlogWe shouldn't assume that object-stores should be large

AWS lands in Sydney, at a price

Local support office coming in 2013, perhaps to explain 'cloud tax'

Kim Dotcom's Mega pops up AGAIN, now in New Zealand

Kiwi-hosted site to be 'powered by legality'

Report: McAfee founder wanted for murder in Belize

Police seek eccentric millionaire after Luger head-shot

Intel uncloaks 'highest performance' desktop processor

UpdatedOverclockable on new 'Stormville' motherboard – if you dare

CSIRO scales 50 Mbps wireless broadband to 16 nodes

Top wireless boffin too diplomatic to recommend for NBN

Acer lowballs on price with Celeron-powered C7 Chromebook

Google finally breaks sub-$200 price point

Intel Xeon Phi battles GPUs, defends x86 in supercomputers

SC12A hoard of wimpy Pentium cores do the math for brawny Xeons

Ninefold fires back at AWS with US launch

Minnow versus whale

New report warns of SCADA CYBERGEDDON*

*In the worst case.

Want to improve your software testing? Automate the tools, love-up the developers

Test early, test often

Oracle: Get your Red Hat Linux patches from us, it's easier

New service lets public browse kernel fixes

'iPhone 5S' said to begin trial production next month

Not a tasty enough rumor? Well, how about an Apple 'iTV' before mid-year?

Supersymmetry takes an arrow to the knee

Hiding places get narrower

AMD fires off crazy-fast FirePro double-whammy GPU card

SC12Aimed at servers and heavy-duty workstations

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