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9th > November > 2012 Archive

Is Telstra setting its sights on Metronode?

Interested in Leighton assets: reports

Conroy says filter demise a win for community consultation

EFA pleased by decision, Australian Christian Lobby wants wider blocks

HP revs up Integrity, Superdomes for Itanium 9500s

Several new leases on life, with an option to buy

Oracle snaps up Instantis to beef up Fusion and Primavera

Project management system for cloud and in-house code

Google launches third-world mobile web land grab

Aims to corner 'next billion users' with Free Zone

Apple seeks cooling fan patent for iPhone, iPad

Don't laugh, it's not as wacky as it sounds. Oh, never mind: laugh

Facebook warehousing 180 PETABYTES of data a year

The Social Network open-sources ‘Corona’ tool used to manage the deluge

Ericsson claims TD-LTE record with 223 Mbps squirt

At least until world+dog catches up

Malaysia protests rare earth processing plant

Australian miner gets thumbs up from judge, loses court of public opinion

Sony hack boss Schaaff quits

New CEO Kazuo Hirai makes his mark

Red peril paranoia hits Twitter

Allegations fly of state-sponsored hack to silence dissent during Party Congress

Bargain! Desperate Comet SLASHES price of £4,400 iPod Nano

PicNo wonder they had cash flow problems

HP: Look to the East, admins! Lo, it is Project Dawn

Sneak Reg preview of cheapo 3PAR storage stocking fillers

Japanese car nuts build racecars powered by shouting 'Brrrm! Brrrrrm!'

VidNext: Planes which fly on 'Eeeeaaauuuooow'

Amazon Web Services will make it into G-Cloud 3.0, says

Weird: Won't be OK'd for use pan-gov until 9 months later

Volkswagen Beetle car review

Retro done right

Will Santa be working overtime to shift Win 8 kit? No. Yes! Maybe

'You! yes, you! STOP putting cash in Apple's pocket'

Judge drops TV ad-block block: So how will anyone pay for TV now?

AnalysisThe future could be a lot grimmer than ad breaks

At last, a bionic arm that passes the Beer, Egg and Looks Cool tests

VidBlender mishap man's excellent Blighty-made robo limb

iPhone senses you typing on table, bit of wood etc, turns vibes to text

bUt wH3rE \Re TH3 f7x<iNG kEYs @?

LOHAN slips BRA over BOOBIES in ballocket backronym buffoonery

Alternative sensible(ish) suggestions invited for control board moniker

Windows 8, Surface slabs ALREADY need critical security patch

Mega vulns affect ALL Windows kit from XP onward

The Z-Factor: Meet the Simon Cowell of Linux

Open ... and ShutZemlin, ecosystems and pushing Penguins

BOFH: Can't you just ... NO, I JUST CAN'T

Episode 11Taking exception to exceptional exceptions

The GPL self-destruct mechanism that is killing Linux

AnalysisFestering hacks, endlessly copied and pasted - thanks Eric!

High school kids wrestle uni students in mini-cluster match

SC12LittleFe foes prepare for battle at SC12

Assassin's Creed 3 game review

Scales and tales

Navy SEALs from Bin Laden kill unit spanked for video game work

Alright men. Who HASN'T got a media deal of some kind?

Apple's 'inaccurate statements and FALSE INNUENDO'

QuotW'Our attention was drawn to an online mag called The Register'

UK chancellor dishes extra £60m to European Space Agency

Hopes to boost mythical British 'space sector'

Tomb-raid boffins find golden hoard of the warrior Thracians

Spartan-arse-kickers who produced Spartacus

US condom rules 'will cause nasty RED RINGS on porn stars' todgers'

'Typical' smut stud too well equipped to wear FDA rubbers

HORNY ALIEN vegetarian monsters once ROAMED CANADA

Spikey featured dinosaurs weighed two tons

A bitter spill to swallow, or 'how to smeg up your keyboard'

Something for the Weekend, Sir?And passwords? Arse-words more like...

Computer sports betting pool: WIN PILES OF virtual CASH!

SC12Time to pick your cluster compo favourites

Apple-v-Samsung $1bn iPhone fine: 'Jury foreman was biased'

The employer of the spouse of my enemy's lawyer

Microsoft to biz: Just so you get off XP, we don't mind if you go Win 7

But Windows 8 is Business Class all the way

Groupon redundancy special offer tips, shares plunge

Hordes of employees storm the exits

20 years of GSM digital mobile phones

How far the cellphone has come since the Nokia 1011

Microsoft's touching Xmas gift for Brits: MORE licensing price hikes

Updated versions means updated prices

FalconStor brings in bankers after ELEVEN crummy quarters

Liable to be broken up for parts

Top IT bods bail out of new Universal Credit online dole system

'As you would expect, with 6 months until go', says gov

Bloke flogged $1.2m of pirated Microsoft gear on eBay, say Feds

People scrambled for illicit MS Office 2003 and XP Pro

Analyst: There are LOADS of iPhone 5s, Apple is keeping them back

Treat the fanbois mean, keep 'em keen

FOlA judges: Secret 28 who made the BBC Green will not be named

Lay beaks have interesting histories on FOI, 'deniers'

Cray ends battle with Appro by ingesting it alive

If you can't beat 'em, eat 'em

'Bundle' signals from SPACE seize control of small car in Germany

ISS 'naut takes the wheel of Lego motor in bundlenet test

Walmart workers filmed playing iPad frisbee

Apple-lobbing contest

This is Frankfurt calling: Scattered outbreaks of hot crunchiness

SNW EuropeA mixed grill storage smorgasbord newsfeast

SEC staffers slammed for serious security snafus

Took unsecured laptops to Black Hat hacker's soirée

US whacks sanctions on Iranians for web, TV censorship

Comms minister better cancel that trip to Florida

Worried dad invents pepper-spray iPhone case

Christmas shopping for your precious snowflake? $40 and it's yours

NetApp feeds HPC monster: How much cache? That would be telling

E-Series arrays get major update

Bitcoin Friday sale event kicks off with deep discounts

Buy a car with Bitcoins, save $5,000

Cisco sets ex-CIA spook to hunt down leaking staffer

UpdatedYou can run, but you can't hide

Astroboffins spot smiley face on Mercury

Taking a break from science, NASA's hard-working orbiter finds a friend

China blocks all Google services as new leader anointed

Great Firewall locks down Middle Kingdom

DDN pulls muzzle off hybrid Big Data gobbler

Eats seven times as much as rivals, says proud owner

Fedora 'Spherical Cow' delayed by bugs, Secure Boot

Release pushed back until 2013

Microsoft Surface Touch keyboards self-destruct – and more

Who'll be the first to cry 'Keyboardgate!' Oh ...

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