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7th > November > 2012 Archive

SGI losses widen, but revenue bumps up

Still disposing of 'LMDs of profit destruction'

RISC OS comes to Raspberry Pi

Who remembers their BBC BASIC syntax?

Kim Dotcom's new Mega site barred by Gabon

Government wants no truck with 'unscrupulous people'

Who needs flying cars when we can robotically sort Skittles?

VideoAnd who said that American innovation was on the wane?

Pandora sues publishers over online music royalties

Says ASCAP is being unreasonable on rates

Bangor University touts 20 Gbps access tech

Backbone vendors throw hats in the air

Rackspace sales and profits pop in Q3

'We are the birth mother of OpenStack'

Boffins foul VM sandboxes with CPU-sniffing hack

Elaborate attack watches CPU activity on co-located VM, retrieves crypto key

HIV vaccine safe for Phase II human trials

Canadian university claim no adverse effects from first tests

Optus to shutter Unwired

Herding Migrating customers to 3G or 4G on Feb 28, 2013 after WiMax wipeout

Kyocera boffins make on-screen buttons feel real

Piezoelectric magic offers hope to fat-fingered typers

Google Search and Maps take a pounding in China

Govt restrictions and local rivals undermine Android advantage

Torvalds: I want to be nice, and curse less, but it's just not in me

'People do think I'm grumpy ... CHRIST this is ugly code'

Smartphones eclipse laptops as top WiFi hogs

Phondleslabs now using cellular merely to fill in gaps

I, for one, would like to welcome our Android overlord

Open ... and ShutDomination now and FOREVER

Google's UK grip slips a bit, brutal dominance basically unshaken

Lowest share in 5 years - still almost 90 per cent

NetApp offers middleweight refreshments

Will you paddle happily in your Flash Pool?

WTF is... RF-MEMS?

FeatureApparently, a way to make smartphones much, much better phones

Phone lacking NFC pay-by-bonk tech? It can go on a SIM

Sorry iPhone fanbois, no bonking for you though

Prudential cops £50k ICO slap for giving customer's life savings away

Company repeatedly mixed up pair with same name, DOB

Intel in Flash flush, offers 'smoother' fresh jobbie to data centre bods

Read the 'rithmetic on righted 'riting from Chipzilla

Telefonica stirs up clouds, offers steaming mug of Instant Servers

99.996 per cent uptime. Not 99.995, not 99.997: 99.996

Snake-fondling blonde nude punts Polish coffins

NSFWCatholic church condemns candid casket calendar

Fujitsu hugs SAP, says it's all about solutions now

Welcomes users after saying goodbye to boss

Xbox SmartGlass comes to iOS

Microsoft caters for Apple community

BBC argues it is not bound by FOIA in bid to keep Climate 28 secret

AnalysisWe're private sector! Auntie's shock claim

GCHQ lines up BAE and pals for 'Cyber Incident Response'

When only a huge, bloated military contractor can help

Theresa May DDoS case: Man cuffed by eCops

Home Office topple coppers take trip to Stoke

Bird of Prey: 1980s IT on on the small screen

MonitorHow an overweight computer expert took on a Europe-wide conspiracy and won

Microsoft and Skype to axe world's most popular IM client early 2013

If it works, don't fix it. Kill it and go P2P

Comet staff should be for life, not just for Christmas

Dixons to recruit 2,000 for festive peak season

Microsoft mulls 'Xbox Surface' slate for games

Logical seven-inch extension of SmartGlass?

The genetic button that could turn a WOMAN into a CHIMPANZEE

Or a man, of course. Just doing our bit for equality

Fujitsu guru: Win 8 will triumph. And we'll have brain plugs in 2027

Quite literally inside the mind of the CTO

Apple engineers 'pay no attention to anyone's patents', court told

Cupertino ordered to pay $368m as FaceTime infringes VPN tech

Virgin launches TV Anywhere streaming

Playing catch up

UK prosecutors, cops ponder new probe into NASA hacker McKinnon

Lawyers, plods to meet following 'preliminary enquiries'

2.5 million trades a DAY: How ISE admins became Puppet masters

Sysadmin blogPenguins and Windows kids pull strings

Juniper in shock dump of biggest supplier

Plexus finds Facebook status suddenly 'single'

Fallen flash star STEC sputters: We're cutting our OEM losses

Plays the joker in the PCIe card game

Adobe spurts spackle* into Flash's gaping holes

Google strikes again leaving Player moist and lumpy

Apple tries to add Galaxy Note, Jelly Bean to patent slapfest

Slab market is OURS, says so right in the Bible

President Obama declares VICTORY over JUSTIN BIEBER

I think we all know who the real enemy is

Bald? Looking old before your time? Don't panic, but you might DIE

It's not the years, it's the mileage, say docs

Big Data and analytics: Reg survey crunches the numbers

Dazzling new solutions or irritating new hype?

Flooded inboxes derail New Jersey vote-by-email scheme

Official directs voters to PERSONAL HOTMAIL

Pixar names HQ after Steve Jobs

Apple founder's name goes up above the front door

AT&T spaffs another $14bn on 4G cellular and fibre

Aims to get in below the ground floor

Office for Android, Apple iOS: 'REALLY REAL this time' - report

O please please let us fondle our spreadsheets

Apple screen maker preps 'retina' iPad Mini panel, pants reporter

Or maybe, just maybe a 5.2in iPhone 6

CSC pops its cork after slashing costs faster than expected

Turns a profit, worries about the US and Europe

Lenovo ships first US-designed server

Still built in China, though

Widow lost savings in Facebook stock, sues all concerned for $1.9m

It says 'bumwad from Bank of Toyland' right on it

'iPhone 5 is so easily scratched we just can't get them out the door'

Fiendish mobe impossible to make in any numbers

Boffins splash fluids on special soggy biscuits in anti-flood demo

China's 'Silicon Valley' builds bricks that let water IN

Sprint snags spectrum, and customers, from US Cellular

$800 a customer, and we'll throw in spectrum too

Hitachi offers to cram 300TB of hardness into your array tray

Fast flash memory lovin' for your virty storage boxes

Microsoft boasts of Big Data chops for in-memory SQL

Data warehousing gets handier with Hadoop

AMD shutters German Linux lab, gives devs the axe

UpdatedKernel contributors sent packing

Microsoft patents spy-TV to check you've paid for content

Buying content by the friend

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