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New Jersey allows email voting

Suffrage-as-a-service for voters displaced by Sandy

AWS storage gateway adds local volumes, tiering

Cloud titan kindly offers to reduce burden on in-house arrays

Yahoo! To! Sell! Home! Gene! Test! Kit! In! Japan!

And you thought Google knew everything about you …

KDE 'annoys the hell of' Linus Torvalds

'Boring' Linux deity revisits UI, finds it 'too cartoony'

EU and China in yet another tech trade spat

Polysilicon complaints heighten trade tensions

Stratus load balances virty machines across Avance clusters

Primary machine tired of doing all the work

AMD revs Opterons up to 6300 for fat x86 servers

Drop-in-socket performance jump, perhaps a Q4 revenue jump as well

China fingered for Coca Cola hack - report

Several big name multinationals kept quiet about breaches

Asset raider busts in, demands seat at Quantum table

Cash in/cash out types clearly don't know the tape vendor

Australia opens inquiry into smartphone apps

Concerns about quality and in-app purchases to be tested

El Reg seeks hoardiest reader for crap-stashtic honour

CompetitionBuried under useless junk? Send us proof, if you can find your camera...

Cambridge boffins bag big-time backers for White Space standard

Everyone's going Weightless

LucasArts' Dark Forces

Antique Code ShowStar Wars meets Doom in this classic first-person shooter from 1995

HP hopes to give itself a shot in the arm with its LeftHand

'66 per cent less time' watching backup bar move across

Mmm, what's that smell: Coffee or sweat? How to avoid a crap IT job

Part 1El Reg job expert Dom Connor reveals key clues to look out for in interviews

Consumer VPN service could be popular as regional paywalls go up

'Everyone except Hulu, the BBC and the Telegraph loves us'

Finally, a use for Microsoft Azure: Storing Seagate biz backups

Aah, the cloud. Perfect for precious EVault data, right?

Acer Iconia A110 8GB Android tablet review

Tegra 3-based Asus Nexus 7 worrier?

Deloitte in the saddle at Comet, seeking stability - and a buyer

Santa's empty sack could be omen for 6,000+ employees

So you want an office of Apple Macs - here's a survival guide

Trevor Pott digs out the tools to keep fanboi workers happy

Welsh council's unused mountain of 2,400 laptops

A year later, 'discussions' are 'near conclusion'

Fondle fever: Growing tablet market no longer just an iPad market

Apples are not the only fruit

Texas woman sues cops over burst Bulgarian airbag

Rough handling ruptured implant, lawsuit claims

Naughty-step Apple buries court-ordered apology with JavaScript

LOOK AT THIS iPAD PIC We are sorry about the Samsung case

O2 roaming rates to rise by up to 140%

Travellers check...

Virgin close to releasing long-delayed TiVo app

18 months after first sighting, it's here... almost

Facebook Phone rumours are back: And probably true this time

You'd like a Zuck cash register in your pocket ... bitch

Slideshow: A History of First-person Shooters in 20 Games

Clicky-clicky, bang-bang

Olympics is over, prepare for a COMPUTER SPORTS SMACKDOWN

SC12If ye would have peace, prepare for cluster WAR

Young HPC warriors grab Big Irons, whack away at Cold War plutonium waste

SC12Massively parallel 3-D reservoir sims just 1 of the apps in student cluster compo

Euro jobs cut threat hit us like a train, say Systemax workers

The reward for good work: not more work, this time

Apple iPad Mini 8in tablet review

The tablet even Apple haters won't be able to leave alone

Facebook COO Sandberg sells MEELLLIONS OF DOLLARS of stock

Bumwad from bank of Toyland offloaded, more to come

Martian atmosphere pristine, totally free of fart gas, reports Curiosity

Red world very different from billion-bottomed Earth

Beep! NASA here, a 400 tonne spacecraft is about to buzz your house

Quite high up, fortunately

Mobile operators have another go at killing IM and Skype

You're not just a name, you're a NUMBER too

Facebook login-via-email-link option BLURTED user secrets

NEWS FLASH: Unencrypted email is not secure

My name is Trevor, and I'm ... an IT consultant

FeatureHow I stopped being a user and started being product

Android: Google's baby ate 75% of smartphones in just 4 years

Walking corpse BlackBerry still doing OK on inertia

Guy Fawkes Night hack of Lady Gaga, NBC points to Anonymous

We hack what we can, not what we should

Bonfire Night sets internet AFLAME: Anons claim PayPal, Symantec

Bigger fireworks as hacktivists raise their sights

Skype floods UK stores with top-up cards

Call credit for cash

Virgin liberates landlines with converged call service

Wi-Fi revitalises endangered home phone

Ballmer: Windows Phone 8 'WILL ramp quickly', god dammit

Man says thing it was most unlikely he would not say

Twitter in BRUTAL crackdown on copyright looters. Sort of

#Yoink #Naughty-naughty #Ineffectual

Windows Phone 8: Exceptional tools, but where are the devs?

AnalysisMicrosoft's vast scary world of versions and APIs

WAR HERO PIGEON carrying SECRET WWII CODE found in chimney

Fanciers clamour for brave dead bird to get top gong

Sony's iOS Reader app hits iTunes - TWO YEARS LATE

ePub viewer finally tweaked to meet Apple's Ts&Cs

Mozilla gets away with $1.5m tax bill in Googlebucks settlement

Taxmen let browser bods off easy: They had $15m ready

The Cloud made of Penguins: Open source goes 'industrial scale'

It takes a village to raise a data child

Windows Phone 8 will be 'less than explosive' - HP bigwig

We're not getting back into phondleslabs any time soon

More VMware secret source splattered across internet

Rudely exposed 'visor kernel dates from 2004

Apple shifts 3 million iPads in 3 days: But how many were Minis?

Cook keeps schtum on crucial mini-fondleslab penetration

Microsoft's 32GB Surface RT has 16GB of free storage

The rest? Tools, apps, OS, and the definition of "gigabyte"

Brocade barges into virtual networking with Vyatta buy

Virtual switch and OpenFlow controller needed

Solar eclipse due November 14th

Australia gets the best action until Lunar Eclipse hits USA Nov 30th

EMC offers a somewhat more Hurricane Sandy proof array

Data can be in two places at the same time

Google expects Apple to block its not crap iOS maps app

'We don't want no steenking competition'

HP upgrades Linux Foundation membership to Platinum

Now chips in more than Red Hat, Suse, Ubuntu . . . or Google

Scientist plans to catch Bigfoot with remote-control blimp

Could be a shaggy Sasquatch story

Apple's anti-Googorola patent lawsuit tossed by US court

Big setback for Cupertino's scorched-earth patent offensive

Scientists ‘untangle’ quantum communications

Faster without entanglement

BIONIC MAN makes it to top of Chicago skyscraper

Mind-controlled limb carries him 1,350 feet up

Accidental discounts land Apple in NZ's Disputes Tribunal

El Reg has seen the screen shots and the story stacks up ... mostly

Sysadmins: Basically a happy lot, but frustrated and underpaid

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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