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2nd > November > 2012 Archive

Apple updates iOS 6, Safari

Dreaming of a fix for the crap Maps app? Dream on

Singapore gov think tank plots SSD takedown

1TB hybrid uses less power than SSD, could work in Ultrabooks and tablets

Big Data lets CIOs go all CSI

Bagged evidence in data stores can catch an insight, if you prepare now

Google defamed Australian man with links to gangster

Search results connected everyday punter with nasty drug dealer

iPad Mini's quite a handful

First FondleAccelerometer could use some extra speed

Dolphin, Lion, Blue Magpie in Asian data centre battle

Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan vie for foreign bit barn business

Nationwide to perform IT equivalent of 'replacing jet engine mid-flight'

On my count: Pull it all off mainframes and onto SAP

It's official: No 10 mandates 'open systems' options for Sir Humphreys

Whoops, there goes my budget

Panasonic pulls Euro smartphone after just a year

Horse, barn door scenario as losses mount

Gov cockup on £1bn mega buying framework slams SMEs in wallet

ExclusiveGovernment non-Procurement non-Services

Tape is sexy again - so why can't Quantum stop drowning?

When the bathplug pops out you'd best get hold of the baby

Sony Xperia T Android smartphone review

Spy call – sounding out Bond's blower

Windows Server 2012: We defluff Microsoft's 'cloud' OS

Live ChatReg readers had their say in a lunchtime chat

Lab mice drown in their THOUSANDS as Hurricane Sandy fills NYU basement

Boffin: It's a tragedy - rodents are the culmination of years of work

A history of personal computing in 20 objects part 2

ArchaeologicThe 1980s to the Present

Big Data's big issue: Where are all the data scientists coming from?

AnalysisThis personnel gap isn't just a job-title change

Pristine WWII German Enigma machine could be yours

A lot cheaper than capturing a Nazi submarine, too

The iPhone 5 WILL do 4G magic on Three ... but not until next year

UpdatedWell worth waiting, I think we'd all agree

Bond fans: Test your 007 trivia, now!

QuizSubmit to The Reg's 50-question challenge

BOFH: Tenacious B and the Printer of Destiny

Episode 10It's not a f*&%ing driver problem, mmm'kay?

EMC exec - we will not sell clouds direct

Fat margins promised for loyal legworkers

Greek journo who published list of Swiss bank account holders cleared

Revealing IMF-supplied names didn't violate data privacy

Seagate eyes UltraViolet for cloud pie in the sky

Please, please buy our drives for your content servers, download archives

Red-soaked Systemax kills Euro jobs and US PC factory

Killing spree also slays CompUSA and Circuit City brands

TRULY sinister blond madman signed for Bond 24, whisper insiders

'Makes Javier Bardem look like Rolf Harris'

US gov advised to SUE GOOGLE by FTC over patent trade wars

No decision until after election, say sources

'This is Apple. It will take them 2 weeks to alter their website, will it?'

QuotWPlus: 'A hacker told me how Hitler ties his shoes'

Asus pledges Android 4.2 update for Google Nexus 7

Coming soon says slate's supplier

Captain Kirk does a Crapp on the iPhone: 'Shatoetry' for 'Shatisms'

'Shat that!' - he certainly has

UK iPad Mini FRENZY: Queues stretch SEVERAL FEET from till

Reader tells of minutes-long ordeal amid sparse mob

Debenhams cafes ban outré terms like 'espresso' and 'cappuccino'

Are you a bit out of touch? Come and shop here

Google scoffs down Chinese domain name takeaway

Registers 18 .中国 domains for the PRC

LinkedIn SHOCK: Social-for-Suits ISN'T a flash in the pan

Ads? They're OK, but there are other ways to make money

'I'd buy that for a dollar': Apple on Moto phone patents

Making Google an offer it can refuse. And will

Oracle's mighty Sparc plug fries Fujitsu, bigs up new processor

AnalysisEl Reg drills into database giant's decision to go it alone

We don’t talk any more... on the commute

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Do gadgets really make us antisocial?

Apple's iPad Mini released, analysts predict slow burner

10in refresh hits stores too

Microsoft building its own Phone hardware: Not 'If', but 'When'

AnalysisThe hard route to 3rd place for Redmond

Gamma ray telescope uses 'blazars' to map GLOWING COSMIC FOG

Boffins probe Light of the Dawn of Time Itself

Facebook trial: Tell everyone where you are, have a Wi-Fi peanut

You like selling yourself for peanuts, right ... bitch

What's new in Windows Server 2012

Where do we begin...

Even US generals have realised BlackBerries are uncool

Did they say why, Willard, why they want to terminate my command?

Elephant which speaks: Rare. One which speaks Korean: Even Rarer

Seen a house fly, a horse fly, never seen an elephant so fly

Virgin offers unlimited action on the cheap

Top-up temptation for data lovers?

Apple must apologise for its surly apology on its website on Saturday

But you can read the mandatory frontpage text here, now

Post-pub nosh deathmatch: Souse versus scrapple

El Reg mixes it up with the Pennsylvania Dutch

Gay porn burglar must pay $150k for each grumble flick

Golfing vids featuring short game action off the fairway

Mexican Zetas ENSLAVING engineers to run crimelords' radio net

Non-technicians simply shot as being useless

SCC bulging with cash, plans acquisition spree

Rigby clan wave bye to SDG arm, pocket £220m in cash

Youngster backed by Yoko Ono and Stephen Fry launches 'Summly'

Good lord, scraping news content - that's a new one!

Cash rains DOWN on the Cloud - Nasuni trousers $20m

Man, this tech is turning the world upside down

Mars rover Curiosity snaps explicit selfies from ALL ANGLES

This is me with red sand on my bottom LOL

Mexico to Apple: You WILL NOT use the name 'iPhone' here

We don' need no stinkin' badge lawsuits

Where are all the open-source mobile projects?

Open ... and ShutBeauty of Apple and Android not found on a server

MIT boffin's algorithm foresees Twitter's trendy future

Predicts with 95% accuracy when a small trend will burst big

One in seven North American home networks full of malware

Claims the continent's Phorm-a-like packet sniffer

IT does its part for Obama US jobs creation in October

More people found work than expected since August

Hactivist crew smacks down Spies are RICH enough

Pastebin dump revenge for 'wasting cash on espionage'

Windows Phone 8: Everything you need to know at a glance

CommentDoes it match up?

New iPad's innards: Good news for recent fondleslab buyers

Teardown'Meet the new iPad / Same as the old iPad' (almost)

Facebook joins Linaro Linux-on-ARM effort

More ARM chippies, plus Red Hat and Canonical

USS Enterprise sets out on its final mission

To boldly go ... to the scrapheap

Microsoft takes on GitHub with cloudy Team Foundation Service

Build 2012Not just for Windows developers, either

Brain boffins: 'Yes, math CAN make your head hurt – LITERALLY'

It's not math itself that causes pain – it's the anticipation

Asteroid belts could be key to finding intelligent life

Just enough bombardment does you good

EPA likes clouds – as long as they're Microsoft's

Redmond scores another government Office win, this one starting at $9.8m

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