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Vodafone Oz taken to court by dealer

UpdateLiquidator says Voda's billing systems drop out

NASA's long shot shows Titan glows in the dark

Cassini probe captures natural neon sign

Appro adds water-cooling to Xtreme supercomputers

An HPC-driven hot tub for every university and city

HP to partners: sew your way to vertical Win 8 success

Canalys APACFirst in, best dressed

World's tallest tower in massive broadcast FAIL

Tokyo tower is 634 metres high and still can't send a signal

Cupertino man jailed for exporting tech to China

No, he's not from Apple...

Snooper's-charter plans are just misunderstood, sniffles tearful May

Reborn plan to tap entire UK internet catches cold

Seagate: Oh no, is my enterprise disk sales slip showing?

Hard disks, hard times, hard numbers

Big cell towers now outnumbered by briefcase-sized jobs

Complain loudly enough, you might get a free one at home

Halo 4 game review

The Master Chief is back but the combat has not evolved

El Reg acquires wildly dangerous laser cannon (with lightsabre option)

Soon to be mounted on head of a shark. Or maybe donkey

Meet the photographer who brings Google Street View INDOORS

InterviewSnapper describes out-of-the-blue recruiting call

Big Data to battle fraud, cyber crime: EMC guard dog gets a Silver Tail

If you can't sniff with the big dogs, get off the porch

Lindsay Lohan storm over Hitler, Hurricane tweets: 'It was hackers'

Curiously dull hack ... maybe they were a bit tired

Speaking in Tech: The ARMs race, Commander Data and Larry’s evil empire

PodcastAnd... Chromebook: An outstanding laptop for mum

EE 4G LTE review

Very high speeds - if you can pick up a signal

Ailing Comet at last prayers: Cawing of accountants and VCs fills air

Suppliers wouldn't fill warehouse for Xmas on tick

Samsung states sales date for Galaxy S III Mini

Sims free

Dell Latitude 6430u set to be first Ultrabook with gigabit wireless

60GHz 7Gb/s HDMI, USB cable replacement tech, anyone?

Samsung reveals Galaxy Premier smartphone

S III's closest sibling?

Huawei reaches out to critical German hacker over router flaws

'Sometimes one needs a quick slap in the chops'

WiMAX Forum runs up white flag, concedes 4G battle to LTE

'What, were those guys still around?' asks world

Somebody give BT a brolly: National telco blames RAIN for its pain

Adds regulation, recession moans to drizzle grizzle


Pocket-stroker mobes and rumpy pumpy linked yet again

Android games console jumps to Jelly Bean for penultimate test phase

Development pace steps up as Ouya games box nears releases

Mozilla: Windows 7 browser bungle cost us nine MILLION downloads

And look who's more and more popular - IE!

A history of personal computing in 20 objects part 1

ArchaeologicFrom the 17th Century to the 1970s

Cisco stretches UCS uber-control-freak across larger clouds

How's 10,000 nodes grab ya?

Arrow Electric CEO: Sales dip, profits fall but it's no 'overall disaster'

Keeps the champers in the fridge, for now

Uh-oh! Kim Dotcom is back with a brand new Megaupload site

'Ha ha, kiss my shiny encryption keys, Agent Smith'

BlackBerry 10: Dozens of networks probe the final RIM shot

Phone maker VERY EXCITED about mega mobe probe

Hardware hacker proves Apple Fusion Drive works on older Macs

New role for OS X 10.7 Lion's CoreStorage logical volume manager

Sky squeezes even more money from customers, gets fewer new ones

£550 pa? Who said satellite dishes were for poor people

AMD, Samsung must be ARMed to the teeth to oust Intel servers

AnalysisThe attack always comes from below - and at the edges

O2 touts OTT tariffs for Nexus 4 exclusive

Offers strong incentive to buy an unlocked handset

Apple axed Brit retail boss for doing his job well - TOO well, perhaps

CommentBrowett was used to selling value-for-money products

MPs slam Europe's plan for rejig of data protection law

Such rigidity will never be acceptable to us

5 Tokyo devs cuffed over 'The Movie' Android app scam

Record records reaper slurped 90,000 mobes

JDA Software finds a RedPrairie home companion

$1.9bn merger agreed

Google stiffs Samsung on price, now wireless charging too

Boy, these Android guys are mean

Microsoft reveals Windows Phone 8 support for Mac

Connector overhaul

Sony admits PSPs will not fly off shelves, says phones and PS3s will

Single-purpose devices down all round for troubled giant

Flash slash at OCZ: New CEO cuts nearly 200 jobs, 150 products

Bonfire of flash vanities

Free Android apps often secretly make calls, use the camera

Free: it isn't, in mobile and in lunches

Orange data network recovers after Monday morning titsuppening

Your call is important to us. But not your emails

Qualcomm chip puts 60GHz wireless gigabit into Dell Ultrabook

WiGig delivered through Wi-Fi kit

iPhone 5 imperilled by Sharp's 'huge' problems with tellies

Japanese elecronics woes - at last, a reason to care

Felix Baumgartner sadly turns out to be blinkered FOOL

CommentThat's it. Nobody drink Red Bull any more

ISS 'nauts pop out to fix a radiator... in SPACE

Six hours to fix coolant leak in solar array

British judge: Say you're sorry Apple... this time like you MEAN it

Smackdown for surly 8-yr-old style Samsung copy statement

Sony turned off by CEA's 'Ultra HD' TV label

Respectfully, honoured American trade body, we prefer '4K'

Windows Server 2012: Microsoft's other Big Push

Liam Proven walks us through the technical launch

Analyst slams Apple innovation FAIL

Why can't you put touchscreens on iMacs and MacBooks, eh? EH?

Windows 8 'penetrated' says firm which sells to world's spy agencies

Various spooks now have secret keys to Redmond's kingdom

Sony promotes Vita with QUAD-JUBBED WOMAN

Over-endowed French femme proves quite an Eiffel

Microsoft price hikes start to bite down on EMEA partners

'Reasonable show from all vendors - except the biggest'

Teradata customers plead: 'Stop, we can't buy any more stuff!'

Oh go on, it's only wafer thin

Daily Telegraph punishes expats with paywall

Take that, traitors!

Comet confesses: The receivers are among us even now

Dixons shareholders skip and clap their hands for joy

Tokyo court says Micron can wed Elpida, birth world No.2 chipmaker

Mem warrior wants into bed of penniless DRAMurai princess

Oldest town of the Old World found in Bulgaria

Cut their dead up and buried them with pots - as you do

Russia launches internet blacklist to protect the kiddies

And you thought SOPA was bad

Big Switch Networks stuffs $25m more down its trousers

Like VMware's Nicira SDN biz, but still for sale

Inside the iPad mini: Pray you never have to open one

TeardownStereo speakers, not mono as Amazon claims

Apple puts less of its takings into R&D, hires more sales cultists

Knows its own business model best

Apple enables 'Superstorm Sandy' donations in iTunes Store

No, Cupertino won't take its 30% cut – it all goes to the Red Cross

FTC shuts down five US robocall operations

'This is Rachel from cardhol ... bzzzz'

US court dumps on “browserwrap” T&Cs

Zappos’ customer contract tossed

Facebook’s “anti-bullying pledge” lands in Oz

Urgers users to unbridge their trolls

Hobbits enlisted to make punters look at the air-safety vid

Fasten your sseat belt, preciouss

African kids learn to read, hack Android on OLPC fondleslab

Why your next sysadmin could be Ethiopian

Businessweek: 'It's Global Warming, Stupid'

Sandy's climate change supersizing is controversial 'only among the stupid'

Amazon fattens up EC2 compute cloud, chops prices

Embiggened CPU and memory, but EBS storage only

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