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31st > October > 2012 Archive

Microsoft opens Windows Phone 8 dev kit to world+dog

Build 2012Claims it did everything right this time

Underdone iTunes put back in oven for another month

'Taking longer than expected' to avoid crap Maps app flap recap

Disney buys Lucasfilm, new Star Wars trilogy planned

Jar-Jar: 'Meesa gonna meeta da beeg mousie, okeeday?'

If you measure IT with PCs, you're doing it wrong

Canalys APACIt's time for the channel to buy drinks for vendors

China fingered as counterfeit parts flood tech supply chain

IHS warns all tiers to tighten supplier scrutiny

Hurricane Sandy stops Apple stock deflating

Canalys APACAs channel guru blows hot and cold over Apple store woes

Baidu income soars but mobile success will take years

Analysts point to lack of coherent mobile strategy

Plextor M5 Pro 256GB SSD review

Modern Marvell

'IE hit squad' helps ease browser babel on office PCs

Used to be all (Microsoft green) fields round here

PC builder Lenovo to pump iron, invade hefty biz systems sector

Sure it's the post-PC era - just not the way you think

ARMed warfare on the server: Intel versus AMD plus world?

Live ChatChipzilla RUMBLE: Reg readers have their say

Telefonica fails in bid to claw back 'flip-flop' 2010 termination charges

Only clean player got taken to the cleaners - that's OK

Dry martini, shaken not stirred: Cracking the physics of Bond's martini

Bond on FilmEsters, Vespers and giving a damn!

Universal Credit dole 'liable to be paralysed by IT cockups' track record on monster ICT is rather poor

One million Facebook users' names and email addresses: $5

An effective way to fight social network fraud: Priceless

Virgin Media spanked for 'we've already cabled up your house' mailshot

Turned out they simply hadn't

NAND ho! New Intel and Samsung SSDs heave over the horizon

Writing's more important than reading, seemingly

Kickstarter kindly allows Brits to channel 95% of their money through it

Mass begging portal keeps the other 5

Acer is the latest maker to delay plans for a Windows RT fondletop

'Market needs to develop' - and Surface didn't help

Asus: we ship a million Google's Nexus 7s monthly

Manufacturer highlights popularity of 7in slab

French gov 'plans to hand Google €1bn tax bill' - report

Getting sick of Dutch sandwiches and Irish doubles

Vodafone NZ finishes chewing, finally swallows TelstraClear

A snap at NZ$840m

What economic crisis? Big Data powers cash cascade at CommVault

Backup bucks up: bucking the trend

Slideshow: A History of Horror in 20 Scary Games

The chills, they're multiplaying

Fans' loyalty questioned as iPhone popularity plummets

Quarter of customers consider jumping ship

FBI cuffs 14 over $1m 'Gone in 60 Seconds' casino scam

Feds alerted after well-timed heist on cash-advance machines

Apple brand channels hefty profits to iThing maker Foxconn

Wow, that dog has a big tail

Monty Python legend Eric Idle and rockstar boffin Cox write a song

Meaning of Life 'Galaxy' number gets numbers checked

Quarter of Eastern cell towers BLOWN down BY SANDY - FCC

'Save bandwidth, text with a friend', pleads federal boss

Privacy group damns Ubuntu's Amazon search marriage

Unhelpful when you're searching your pr0n library


Fears they may be kept as pets, farmed for DRUGS

Avere to tart up FXT with cloud storage gateway, mutterings foretell

'Talk to the clouds, man, they'll answer you'

To Russia with Love? Georgia snaps 'cyber-spy' with his own cam

Govt puts pics on internet - not much else they can do

'We invented Windows 8 Tiles in the 1990s', says firm suing Microsoft

We couldn't get anyone to like them either

Curiosity probe tastes Mars soil: Dude, this reminds me of Hawaii

Aloha, potential microbial life-forms

Guess who's still doing OK in PCs? Fujitsu, though it has troubles too

Truly, your actual computer is the Ubiquitous Solution

Hurricane Sandy: Where are all the cynical online scams?

CommentUpdate: Ah, there you are!

Mega Euro storage show: Players talk tech on objects, tape and flash

SNW EuropeTape vendors seem perky... maybe TOO perky

California begins crackdown on mobile app developers

Protect user privacy or face the courts

New York tech firms form 'bucket brigade' to fuel flagging servers

Shifting fuel 17 floors up by hand

Nobody knows what to call Microsoft's ex-Metro UI

Build 2012Not even Microsoft, it seems

Pollster says ID fraud less costly than we thought

Most attacks relatively trivial

Dark matter pioneer scoops Oz science prize

Work on underweight galaxies recognised

FaceTime now on patent troll list

Apple just one of many targets

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