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29th > October > 2012 Archive

NBN set to tap into Asian growth

White paper sees NBN as white knight for Asian stimulation

EC tells Euro rebels: Hike up your ebook tax to 15%, or else

Lower VAT in Luxembourg, France distorts competition, says Commission

Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid car review

A huge leap forward for the world's most popular hybrid

Operators turn UK bonking consortium into Google-killer

Project Oscar tries to make mobile advertising pay

Bond's Walther PPK goes digital: A civilized gun updated

Bond on Film'A ladies' gun ... and not for very nice ladies, at that'

Premature balloon burst thwarts US paper spaceplane attempt

Our Vulture 1 retains Guinness World Record

Philips eyes trendy homemakers for app-controlled e-lights

1970s mood lighting revived for internet era

Granny upstages Microsoft, storms stage at Surface launch

VidFondletop shindig chaos in Beijing

Petition for Alan Turing on £10 note breaks 20,000 signatures

Crypto-boffin fighting Branson and David Beckham

Alienware assimilates Dell FROM THE INSIDE!

Resistance is futile...

Microsoft aims to herd 70% of enterprise onto Windows 7 by mid-2013

Exclusive'Um, yeah, good luck with that' – partners

China tosses New York Times into shredder in family fortunes row

Great Firewall stoked ahead of power handover

Xbox SmartGlass hits Android ahead of schedule

MS expels exclusivity

Rockstar unloads Vice City for smartphones

Vercetti let loose on the mob

SpaceX Dragon podule back from ISS, successful Pacific splashdown

First contracted cargo task done, despite rocket hiccup

Hurricane Sandy blows away Google Nexus launch in New York

Chocolate Factory offers rolling crisis map instead

Jimmy Savile ringtones still selling like hot cakes on iTunes

How's about that then?

iPhone owners sue Apple for locking Jesus mobe to AT&T

Operator bypassed in new class action

Valve taps testers for Linux Steam

Boost for Ubuntu gaming

Hackers deface 'sinful' French Euromillions site

You have to be in it to pwn it

Stone shatters kid Rock: Gamers not as flush as they used to be

PC builder parent says users will still get support

Pre-ordered a Microsoft Surface? So SORRY it's late, have a voucher

Redmond positively désolé at your frustration

Oak Ridge lab: Behold, I Am TITAN, hear my 20 petaflop ROAR

One giant leap for a GPU, one small step for exascale

Google Nexus 4 flips finger at Sandy, appears on YouTube

Swedish operator's video spied

Hurricane Sandy starts to hit IT providers

First indications of trouble reach the Reg

Publishing giants borg into Random Penguin ... But can it see off Amazon?

Pearson snubs £1bn bid from Murdoch's HarperCollins

Hackers crack Texan bank, Experian credit records come flooding out

Names, numbers, finances, EVERYTHING... and they weren't even customers

Who were the SECRET 28 who ended all climate debate at the BBC?

'Campaigners, NGOs, communications types - and scientists'

Google goes ahead, unveils Nexus 4 and 10

Nexus 7 updated too

Huawei gets US gov nod to supply Clearwire network

Things not so rosy for Cisco in China though...

BridgeSTOR: They called us mad, but we've put deduped data on TAPE!

Tape SummitAre we crazy or what?!

Microsoft Surface popped open, poked, prodded

TeardownEasier to repair than Apple's fondleslabs – though not by much

Ballmer bets 'all in' on Phone 8 and Windows

Claims other smartphone UIs are old or stolen

Vodafone Oz slims down as customers flee

Meanwhile, NZ acquisition cleared by regulator

NSW drops NBN access bombshell

NBNCo told to climb a tree

IT price inquiry chair threatens to throw book at Aus vendors

‘Obstruction, avoidance and evasion’

Apple exec behind Maps and Siri to exit One Infinite Loop

Forstall and retail head Browett to depart, Jonny Ive becomes UI king

Steve Jobs' Apple-powered yacht makes belated first trip

T'was on the good ship Venus

Light ties itself in knots - spontaneously

Beautiful physics

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