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24th > October > 2012 Archive

While sea ice grows, Antarctica sheds land ice

The airstrip is MELLLLTING!

Facebook beats analyst estimates, talks up mobile plans

Zuck: 'We'll make more on mobile than on the desktop'

Apple unsheathes MacBook 13-incher

Thinner, lighter, pricier, more pixelicous, less optically inclined

Speech systems lawsuit sours Apple's day

What does prior art mean, Siri?

Huawei says US stance is 'protectionism'

Australian Chair says security debate “distorted” by trade war

Lenovo snaps up ex-Moto staff in mobile push

Scores defect to Chinese PC giant

Oh dear: Apple kicks out South Korea boss

Dominique Oh gets the push as iPhone struggles

Dell flashes more hints about flashy servers

Virtual SANS also on the agenda

How to get your bust in good shape

FeatureGot a 3D printer – now what?

Gaping network port with easy-to-guess password? You ARE the 79%

Nearly all 2011 hack victims selected themselves

Big Data? There's an App Store for that

Open ... and ShutNo data scientist? No problem

Microsoft has no plans for a second Windows 7 Service Pack

ExclusiveYou don't like it? Hey - had you thought of Windows 8?

BYOD for our own staff? That would be 'embarrassing' – HP exec

ExclusiveCandid Cador may not be alone there

Ailing French memory maker Dane-Elec granted bankruptcy protection

We shall totally reorganise within two months - bosses

Amazon quietly un-wipes remotely wiped Kindle

But no apology or explanation for account suspension

Windows 8: Is Microsoft's new OS too odd to handle?

Not ready installing on drive C: abort, retry or fail?

Publicity Stunt of the Week: Ten bizarre phone insurance claims

How did it get there?!?

Hackers get 10 MONTHS to pwn victims with 0-days before world+dog finds out

Tell no one, compromise everyone

Speaking in Tech: What's it LIKE to be snarfed by Microsoft?

PodcastPlus: When lightning actually strikes, UPS is kind of bullshit

Noisy whales made FAR MORE oceanic racket than humans do

Early 19th-C Atlantic was a cetacean 'rock concert'

Can a 'one-trick' software firm survive in era of converged engorgement?

Staff-owned software SAN appliance firm DataCore on why it's the last man standing

Facebook donates cash seized from spammers to cyber CSI lab

Ill-gotten $250k for Koobface, GhostClick takedown team

Apple slips bomb into ITC filing: Samsung being PROBED by US gov

Korean firm under investigation over use of standards-essential patents

Panel production problems may stop iPad Minis getting into fans' mitts

Researcher warns of supply chain strains

How Bodyform's farting 'CEO' became a viral sensation

Man complaining over non-skydiving ladies was real

Raspberry Pi SoC drivers now fully open source

World first

Adobe plugs up buffer overflow holes in Shockwave update

Nobody using them yet - but they will be now

Cloudera's Project Impala rides herd with Hadoop elephant in real-time

Hadoop WorldLife's no longer a batch

EC: Microsoft didn't honour browser-choice commitment

Millions weren't offered chance to bin IE in Windows 7, says commission

Live Chat: Windows 8 and Surface unboxed at last!

Live ChatReaders speak their brains on remote desktop, Metro apps, boot times, durability and more

SAP happy enough, despite lack of massive lawsuit win this year

McDermott boasts of huge bulge into the cloud

Wonder why you live longer than a chimp? Thank your MOTHER IN LAW

And your mum, other grandmas. Grandads not mentioned

Equanet asks Propaganda firm to help it shed box-shifter tag

'We don't just sell tin you know'

Apple retail boss Browett bags $1.74m of shares

First wave of signing bonus - now another $59.2m to come

Unisys tastes red ink in mouth after pension chop-slap

Tough out there in Services Land

Judge GIVES APPLE THE FINGER in multitouch iDevice patent case

Or more accurately, lets Samsung give Cupertino two

Latest PS3 hack hits Sony with massive migraine

Master key leaked, pirates rejoice

EMC flat-lining as economy continues to circle drain

You may find your sales rep is more willing to deal ...

Surface tablets snapped up on pre-order, but no camping in the street

Brits loving it, Americans and Frenchies holding back

Super Micro bends metal for Super Hadooper data munchers

Server sales carry on, but face headwinds

Dell lends Apache ARM software efforts a hand

Forges 'Zinc' custom Calxeda ARM server

Microsoft mixes Hortonworks Hadoop with Windows and Azure

Hadoop WorldRedmond's Big Data play makes Yahoo money

Australian volcano starts to blow

Don't worry: only penguins are in danger as it's in the middle of nowhere

MYOB users didn't want no steenking cloud

Let them eat hybrids, says Australian accounting software vendor

US-CERT warns DKIM email open to spoofing

Mathematician accidentally spots flaw

Corruption claims put IT contracting under the spotlight

Boils lanced in NSW, Victoria

Imation cutting 20 per cent of workforce amid losses

'Exploring option for CE biz' says CEO Lucas

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