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23rd > October > 2012 Archive

Telerik uncloaks Icenium cloudy mobile app dev suite

Build iOS apps with no SDKs and no Mac

Mayer wants Yahoo! to be the world's mobile portal of habit

Company still unfocused with user data

Hong Kong's lucky mobile number hawkers revealed

Superstitious Chinese snap up auspicious digits

AMD uncloaks 4GHz-and-up FX Series 'enthusiast' chippery

All unlocked for your overclocking pleasure

Oldest unreadable alphabet yields to 'tablet' computer

Translation breakthrough close, thanks to camera-in-LED-dome boffinry

Man rummaging for lost laptop in skip gets tipped into garbage truck

Escapes DEATH BY TRASH COMPACTOR after screams heard

LG Vu 5in Android phone-tablet review

Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 meets its Tegra 3-powered match

A hundred Brit IT bods' jobs under threat at Direct Line

ExclusiveOutsourcing on the agenda, says Reg source

Brazilians strip Google News bare: News barons decide to pull out

Google News 'presence' in Brazil is 'small'

'Looming menace' of evil browser extensions to be demo'd this week

The way you'll get pwned next

Microsoft: Welcome back to PCs, ARM. Sorry about the 1990s

AnalysisCome in from the cold, we've got Windows RT tabs to flog

BBC pulls plug Ceefax ahead of analogue TV's end tonight

Teletext service's final page number dialled

WD blames hard drive woes on dominant mobile gear, feeble PCs

Platter patter foretells a bleak midwinter

Arduino barebones board upgraded with 32-bit ARM

Eying the Pi in the sky?

Five go wild with the Administration Tools Pack

StobNobody owns the Linuxes, Julian

Natwest biz banking service goes titsup overnight

'Upgrade' biffs customers out of accounts

Everything Everywhere prices up UK 4G

Big-ticket speeding

Music streaming service Rara slips off cloak, jumps into ring with Spotify

Subscription music services for squares

Windows 8: An awful lot of change for a single release

Windows 1.0, Windows 95, Windows NT - the road to Windows 8

Hero police robot back on duty after 'unstable man' blasts it with shotgun

Tin cop 'did its job', laughs off leaden hail from 12-bore

Big labels try for ISP blocking on 3 more 'pirate' sites

BPI wants Fenopy, Kickass and H33T on blocked pirate list

Nokia flings low-end Lumia at developing world

WinPho 7.5 for all

MapR simplifies and extends HBase for Hadoop

Hadoop WorldAnd clones Google's Dremel to drill into big data

Mighty Acer still weaving after 2011's knockdown punch

Bells still ringing for PC titan

WHITE WHALE spent 4 years trying to tell us something, then stopped

Startled diver 'given orders in English,' say boffins

Ubisoft forgets to ship activation codes for music game

Cock-up stops rock-up

Riverbed Cascade appliances peek into VDI, SDN, CIFS

No more finger pointing between server and net admins

'Deceptive' web tracker settles with FTC over personal data slurp

Compete had been charged with sneakily grabbing names, credit card numbers

Black hole spews out 2-million-light-year-long stream of WTF

Boffins spot X-ray blasting, star-stopping cosmic jet

iPad Mini: Why is Apple SO SCARED of the Kindle?

AnalysisPocket stroker device may be cursed by Jobs' ghost

BBC's Incurious George vows to 'calibrate systems' after Savile affair

Strangely uninquisitive 'for a journalist'

'Petrified' insurers slam wallets shut as more resellers go titsup

Channel insolvencies edge up in Q3

Save hefty Dr Who and Bond girl 'Flossie', pleads vintage computer man

5-ton ICT1301 boasts 1 MHz clock speed, 2kB RAM

FISH IN SPAAACE: New 'nauts and piscine pals head for Xmas on ISS

Baikonur blastoff boosts Soyuz to station

US patent office prepares to kill off Apple's bounce-back patent

'Tentatively' declared invalid

Apple to live-stream Tuesday's 'a little more' event

One catch: avalable only on Macs, iOS devices, and Apple TV

Greenplum opens up Big Data control freak: Chorus for all of us

Hadoop WorldTies up with Kaggle to head hunt algorithm geeks

Cisco: Data centers are getting their cloudy acts together

Mobile networks – not so much

Apple adds Fusion Drive IO to iMac

Cupertino gets behind hybrid drives

Apple unveils iPad mini, upgrades its big brother

No, it's not cheap – it's from Cupertino, remember?

Rackspace to ride Hortonworks elephant into the clouds

Hadoop WorldYahoo! should! buy! back! Hadoop! spinout!

Apple's iPad Mini mishap: scratching out the retina screen

Analysis1024 x 768 may be handy for developers, but it's no good for readers

Windows RT OEMs unveil pricing for Surface wannabes

AnalysisDon't expect to save much money

Apple's skinny new iMac line: Farewell, optical drives

Adds 'Ivy Bridge' processors; removes built-in CD, DVD spinners

New Mac mini: Business in the front, party at the back

Still cute, and with upgraded insides and extra ports

Judge says PSN hack can't spark class action

They never promised you a rose garden

FTC issues guidelines on facial recognition technology

Watching them, watching you

VMware profits pinched in Q3, but not as pinchy as expected

New CEO Gelsinger gets a new CFO to match

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