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19th > October > 2012 Archive

Microsoft reports low Q1 earnings on sluggish PC sales

Everyone's waiting for Windows 8 – they hope

AMD to 'reset' goals: servers, embedded, ultra-low power

CEO Read promises 'clear and decisive action'

Google 'uniquely positioned' for move to mobile internet

Cites $8bn in mobile, content and apps revenues

Apple banishes Java from Mac browsers

Fanbois told to install Oracle's plugin


Red Back in terror march

Kiwi three strikes piracy case collapses

Accused had never seen, and had no idea how to use, file-sharing software

Move over Silicon Valley, the Chinese are coming

KPMG report says PRC will be innovation leader by 2016

New Oz road rules forbid touching mobes

Can we cash in on the hands free rules, Siri?

Majority of humans still don't have a mobile

Hello? HELLO?

Windows 8 'bad' analyst says Store is a weakness

On the upside the Windows Store has more apps than Firefox's new Marketplace

ICO: Education ministry BROKE the Data Protection Act

ExclusiveBut we have decided not to do anything about it

Chinese gaming giant NetEase opens pig farm

Diversification plan adds porkers to gamers

Resident Evil 6 game review

ReviewIt's bite night tonight in a horrorfest sporting an impressive engine

Look behind you, WD: Seagate's turned up, and it has 3 biz drives

Fashionably late to the 4TB party - who is that stranger?

Labour claims 'highest ranked UK politico in World of Warcraft' title

Camden councillor 'Plaguepit' expects Lib Dem challenge

Sacked British RIM staffers to get minimum legal payout

ExclusiveAs bosses scoff foie gras and chips

EU judge scolds Austria: Data sheriffs must be properly independent

You in the back, stop whispering with the chancellor ...

EMC in bizarre Juniper gobble attempt - Wall Street whispers

Tucci hoping to go down in history as 'Crazy Joe'?

Iffy image said to signify incoming 10in Google tablet

'Nexus 10' eyed in EXIF data

Craig, Connery or ... Dalton? Vote now for the ultimate James Bond

Poll007 vs 007 in pub-debate movie supremacy deathmatch

'PENDING LARRY QUOTE' - Google financials dunder blunder

QuotwPlus: 'Alas, John McClane isn't around to fix weak IT systems'

HSBC websites fell in DDoS attack last night, bank admits

UpdatedHacktivists blamed for online banking blackout

IBM Business Partner cloud guru slips off to set up own biz

Heeney to guide channel firms into the clouds

Distie consolidation: Someone everyone's gonna get hurt

No one stays a winner for long

Sony posts, pulls PlayStation Store update

Revamp's 'teething troubles' vex users

Nokia puts Symbian out to pasture ... why not release it into the wild?

Old girl needn't be finished yet

Why James Bond's Aston Martin Top Trumps the rest

Bond on FilmReg motor maniac Oates gets mechanical - Now pay attention, 007

Education Secretary Gove: Tim Berners-Lee 'created the INTERNET'

Signs up Facebook to teach our kids, links to prostitutes

Mac gamers a-gog as GOG goes Mac

Witcher 2 hits OS X

The hoarder's dilemma, or 'Why can't I throw anything away?'

Something for the Weekend, Sir?The dangers of hanging on to very old kit

IBM prepares to demo 125TB MONSTER tape

IP Expo: Tape SummitHuge LTO-6 hardness is shingled

Royal Society hosts edit-a-thon to get women onto Wikipedia

In the form of information, and as nerditors too

Young Frenchwoman desperate for fat pipe tumbles out of window

Needy numpty goes down in quest for hookup

Cisco: Listen up, partners – we need to close the skills gap

Partner Sales Academy hit US in July, tours Europe next year

French cops cuff man over €500K Android Trojan scam

Suspect had wanted to earn his crust as software dev


Steaming seas prevented recovery from mass extinction

Anonymous cell: Shove off, credit-hoggers, WE took down HSBC

UpdatedHacktivist splinter group claims responsibility for packet flood

Windows 8 wait prompts PC sales droop in EMEA

Lenovo only firm to boost channel sales-in during Q3

FalconStor honcho rejigs storage biz: OEMs - who needs them?

McNiel fights to embulgen balance sheet

Google adds 25 million grey building 'footprints' to Maps

Ideal for the rooftop chase Parkour enthusiast

Curiosity scoops up SHINY BITS from the RED SANDS of MARS!

Prowling nuclear robot sieves and sniffs the dirt

Penguin Computing muscles into the ARM server fray

Aiming Cortex-A9 clusters at Big Data

SanDisk jolted out of flatline after Q3 flash storage shock

Put the paddles away ... it's ALIVE

They've only gone and HACKED the WEATHER

Hackers punch into NOAA, in 'vengeance for Stuxnet'

Tape vendors thrust LTFS tool at punters: Go on, you know you want our tape

IP Expo: Tape SummitReclaiming the tape software interface

Apple breaks ground on massive Oregon data center

Facebook, Google, Amazon neighbor to use 100% renewable energy

FTC offers $50,000 bounty for robocall-killing tech

Add torture and we'll pay extra

State of Minnesota bans free online education

Coursera told to pay up or get out

Apache promotes OpenOffice to top-level project

Fiddling as LibreOffice speeds past

Salesforce CEO Benioff: Win 8 is 'the end of Windows'

Shocks world with cloudy future prediction

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