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18th > October > 2012 Archive

Australia ponders patent refresh to restrain trolls

Simple 'innovation patents' likely to get tougher regs to stop holders blocking rivals

Huawei, ZTE probe showed no evidence of spying

All they did was sell lousy equipment

Caltech shrinks optical accelerometers

A light alternative to tracking mobes

Man files FCC complaint over AT&T FaceTime blocking

Fist shaken vigorously

Boffins explain research with interpretive dance

Dance your Ph.D. winner scores with 'The romantic revolution of Lightness & Strength'

Barley’s giant genome sequenced and open-sourced

Boffins build better booze bible

ZTE execs halve pay until profits return

Top brass sacrifice as middle management fail to volunteer for own cuts

Kiwi spook stood down after Dotcom SNAFU

Dotcom talks up Megabox, Google, as only surviving movie studios

Air China passenger arrested for in-flight phone abuse

Five days in Beijing slammer for unlucky punter

IBM claims first with Hadoop data security suite

Big Data tools bonanza from Big Blue

Chinese 'Thunder God' plant could crush cancer

Traditional medicine zapped pancreatic cancer in mice

Apple iPod Nano 7G review

The quest for the correct compact form-factor continues...

Users grumble after Adobe cancels Acrobat X Suite

'Detailed analysis of product offerings' leads to more expensive software

BOFH: Uninterruptible patsy supply

Episode 9'We are having a special this week on proton charging and storage of the beast'

Canonical flings out Ubuntu 12.10 – now with OPTIONAL Bezos suck

Web-desktop love is our future

O2 to save the British High Street ... with money-off vouchers

Freebies for free, if you're a SME

On-demand streamed music services compared

FeatureHow Xbox Music stacks up against the competition

Tintri, it's the marmite of Virtual Desktops

You gentlemen will relish my sauce, promises rival

Virgin Media's blighted SuperHub NOW comes with extra squeal (oink)

ExclusiveNetgear kit has even started to whine!

Hold my feet to the fire using open gov data, pleads minister

Smell of burning socks to waft along Whitehall?

One year on, SSL servers STILL cower before the BEAST

70% of sites still vulnerable to cookie monster

Morse! Shoved! Out of! Yahoo! Beneath! Giant! Golden! Parachute!

'Termination without cause'

Whose cloud is the open-sourciest... Who cares?

Open ... and ShutMoney talks, a Twitter meme walks

Ofcom probe into telcos jacking-up charges halfway through contracts

You only thought you had a good deal

'Four horsemen' posse: This here security town needs a new sheriff

Body which issues CISSP tin stars set for shakeup?

McKinnon case is NOT a precedent – says his own lawyer

Cold comfort for O'Dwyer, Cleary et al

Google hails hacks to WinPho 8 spoiler event

3G Nexus 7 unwrapping?

Outfit which will save your Freeview TV from 4G interference stands up

Hurray, 4G signal! Boo, the telly doesn't work! Call DMSL

Sanitary towel firm's 'CEO' sets traumatised man straight

'Bought her five boxes, she still hasn't been skydiving'

Microsoft plans big licencing price hikes, shifting to per-Device model

Merry Christmas you turkeys

Nokia earnings pain masks intact war chest, brewing counterattack

And don't forget the dumbphone sector either

UltraViolet universal movie format still a no-show

But the online film locker has 5m members

Insider 'fesses up: Amazon's Glacier cloud is made of ... TAPE

IP ExpoEl Reg storage man Chris Mellor gets the scoop at IP Expo

Canonical to Windows XP cliff-clingers: Ubuntu safety net's ready... now jump

Windows 8 concentrates the mind

Google data center spies on ITSELF: 'Like a boring version of Doom'

Reveals Stormtroopers, propellerheads, ravenous blondes

Slideshow: A History of James Bond in 20 Games

Licensed to play

BBC Watchdog crew sink teeth into dodgy PC repair shops

You don't need to know anything about IT to get this job...

Moon was formed when PLANET SMASHED INTO EARTH

'Theia' absorbed into core, lies beneath our feet today

Ay caramba, Ubuntu 12.10: Get it right on Amazon!

ReviewNSFW, laughable results - what were they thinking?

Citrix lowers sword, will take more time on 'Project Avalon' virty PC broker

Scaling to 1 million desktops... not so easy

Apple loses UK 'Samsung copied us' appeal: Must publicly GROVEL

In font no smaller than 14-point Arial, judge insists

Twitter censors bow to police, suppress Nazi tweets

First they came for the national socialists ...

Ancient 16m-yr-old beastie caught riding on much bigger flying mount

Astounding images of tiny aerial equestrian

Cray bags InfiniBand, Lustre smarties from SystemFabricWorks

SFW to focus on system integration

Google shares dive as profits reported down 20%

Trading suspended until market calms down

Good news for Relational DBAs

CommentLooks like there will still be demand for your services

Newsweek succumbs to ad slippage, will kill print pub

Bets its future on fondleslab subscribers

Apple ordered to open its books on iPhone, iPad profits

'Show us the money' says Judge Koh

Google rolls out new, cheaper Chromebooks 'for everyone'

Atom chips swapped out for ARM

Outback Communities Authority plans NBN extension

Plans to scope privately-funded satellite alternative for 8% of Australia

AMD posts $157m loss, will lay off 15% of workers this quarter

They said it was going to be bad, and they were right

Alt root user suing ICANN over dot-Web

ION has wanted the gTLD since 2000

Dell dream team fantasizes about flashy and easy infrastructure

Wakes up with Active System 'enterprise solution' in hand

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