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17th > October > 2012 Archive

Microsoft slurps up StorSimple to boost cloud chops

Redmond gets further into cloud storage game

Microsoft adds iOS support to cloudy mobile services

Data and messaging options improved, as well

Steam spawns vulnerabilities, say researchers

Gamers can be fragged by 'undocumented features'

Pacemakers, defibrillators open to attack

Crims could send 830 volts straight to your heart

ZTE drops spy tech subsidiary

Still struggling with Iran links

Map law could see China confiscate mobes at Customs

If your maps app gives disputed islands the wrong name, prepare to surrender!

Facebook offers just a week of free Android AV

Adds free antivirus for mobes and more security partners to AV Marketplace

Fujitsu beams URLs to mobes through your TV

Smartphone users can capture coupons or URLs direct from TV

Valve's Half-Life

Antique Code ShowOur very own Tesla Girl recalls a year in physicist Gordon Freeman's company

Panasonic gets second chance with £4.7 BEEELION bailout

Banks rescue ANOTHER ailing Japanese electronics firm

'No cutting off people's internet based on secret evidence'

Consumer group calls for MPAA to publish its methods

Axe falls on Directgov as GOV.UK launches

A taxpayer service that saves taxpayer money... Hmm

Payment protection tops list of SMS spam scams

d lads frm Lagos lov txt 2

Billion people now own a smartphone

Twenty years of growth

Barrall's baby gets bundle of cash for scale-out filer tech

Gridstore scores $12.5m to embiggen sales

Snoopers Charter is for 'incompetent criminals, accidental anarchists'

Data chief says gov spynet would snare only dunderheads

Plucky orangutan rescued from encroaching biofuel plantations

Ook! The fearful cost of highly saturated vegetable fat

A lesser-known new feature in iOS 6: It's tracking you everywhere

iJust want to alert you to opportunities!

Slideshow: A History of the Smartphone in 20 Handsets

The devices that made a market

Free WiFi in London Tube stations extended until end of 2012

Great the way it cuts off when you go in the tunnel

ASA shakes finger sternly at naughty eBuyer over hard drive promo

Toothless watchdog gives web shop vicious gumming

Facebook finally has some non-sales employees in the UK

'Engineering centre' with 12 real techies opens in adland

Microsoft Surface priced up for Blighty

Compares well with rivals

Mission to Pluto faces DEEP SPACE DEBRIS PERIL

Profuse cloud of objects lurks around icy dwarf-world

Theresa May gets a smile out of Gary McKinnon at last

'British justice is all we ever wanted', says mum

Apple appeals Samsung patent getaway in Tokyo

Cupertino's Sam-a-rama ding-dong rages on

No Chinese rescue for bankrupt battery-making golden child A123

One-time techbiz darling shops self to Milwaukee instead

Pints all round as Register Special Projects hacks hack off feet

Poll ResultGoing the extra 1,609.34 metres for our readers

Oracle squashes 109 bugs in quarterly patch batch

Hot fresh Java will flush parasites from your system

Calxeda plots server dominance with ARM SoCs

Prepping a MEEELLION-NODE fleet services enema for data centers

O2 kicks out Ericsson server for breaking its network

No third strike for dodgy database

Violin Memory in SECRET $2bn FLOAT PLAN, whisper snitches

Hm, a technology float that isn't just a website?

Argos flyer confirms incoming 32GB Nexus 7

Yours for 200 quid

Pandora boss urges 85% pay cut for musicians

While steadily cashing himself out of the company ...

Astroboffins map GIANT MASS of dark matter

3D image shows ginormous filament of Big Bang batter

iPhone 5 is the 'most difficult, scratchy device Foxconn has ever made'

Arguments between workers and QA CAUSED THOSE RIOTS

Northgate IS issues suppliers with Ts&Cs change ultimatum

Public sector giant demanding supplier rebates based on turnover as it rationalises distie base

Cops cuff tabloid computer hacking suspect in Newcastle

Op Tuleta officers carve 17th notch on gunbutt

Enterprise servers go soft at Intel in Q3

Cloud builders humming along, four-socketeers slowing

Teradata forges upgraded Aster, data warehouse appliances

Smell the new Xeon E5 iron and unified data environment

Pirate Bay moves to the cloud to confound copyright cops

Police left with very little to seize

Facebook opens mobile apps advertising for all

Expect more news feed spam ads

APAC privacy group backs EU's Google stance

Googleplex lawyers on a four month deadline to comply

IE10 coming to Windows 7 sometime, maybe

Yet another preview promised soonish

Roxon asking right questions at wrong time

COMMENTSurely breach disclosure laws should come before data retention laws

Big deals push Mellanox sales and profits in Q3

Ready to cooperate or compete with Chipzilla

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