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16th > October > 2012 Archive

NASA's Cassini spacecraft turns 15 while spying on Saturn

Awaiting springtime on the ringed planet

Study finds file sharers buy more music

American Assembly research also finds copies of friends' tunes rivals piracy

Chinese e-tailer to build 1,000 empty stores

Walmart-owned Yihaodian will fill them with QR codes

HP prosecuted by Australian consumer regulator

Tough warranty conditions alleged to mislead and deceive punters

Apple supplier AU Optronics suffers IP theft blow

Former execs accused of selling Amoled secrets to China

Gartner spells out magic behind quadrants

Blogger smackdown leads to reveal of research methods

Dishonored game review

ReviewSteampunk rocks in this tour de force of adventure gaming

Chinese arrest 9,000 cyber-crims

Halts online PR racket flooding net with negative reviews

Final decision by Home Sec on McKinnon extradition due today

May be, May be not


Sharks? Lasers? Pshaw. Let's get realistic

When cookie spewers single you out, it IS personal, barks watchdog

Identifiers should be classed as 'personal data' – EU body spunks £500k to create jobs in startup marketing businesses

'Sustainable growth' from 'brand engagement'

Now pay attention, 007: James Bond's Q re-booted

Bond on FilmWhat makes an HM Secret Service tech guy?

Quite contrary Somerville: Behind the Ada Lovelace legend

Lovelace DayBehind every famous woman there stands ... another woman

Carphone Warehouse lauds Nexus 7 while eagerly eying iPad Mini

And Google updates seven-incher's Android

Mini-Me, stop humping the laser: Littler Flame cyber-spy tool found

UpdatedTiny agent nips through backdoor, nicks your files

Windows 8 and the ‘Dad test’ stunts

CommentLet's get real

CAPTCHA-busting service relies on CAPTCHA to block bots

Can you use to it to spam itself?

Amazon seeks 50,000 temporary elves to wrap up America's Xmas

Just 76 boxing days left before Boxing Day

OCZ's SEC filing fail gives stockholders the fear

Even we don't understand our customer incentive scheme

EU data bosses order Google to sort out privacy

Gmail, YouTube, Google+, search - they all know you

Asus doubles up phone-slate combo's specs with Padfone 2

It's a phone! No, it's a tablet! No, it's a phone!

Why Google and Amazon could end up cooking their own chips

Open ... and ShutGood lord, 'tech' firms doing technology!

McKinnon will not be extradited to the US, says Home Secretary

Whole US extradition system may be 'streamlined'

Microsoft Surface ad targets preppy, Glee-watching youngsters

Kids just wanna get in touch with each other

Manchester plods cop £120k fine for USB-stick-inna-wallet data gaffe

Serious Serious Crime crime 'sends shivers down spine'

Power and cooling: The Oak Ridge way

Video25 Megawatts, 6.6 tons of cooling, more on the way

'Hypersensitive' Wi-Fi hater loses case against fiendish DEVICES

Damn you and your evidence-based science

Apple hires top Amazon search exec to take over Siri

Stasior to take another function behind the garden wall?

Game over for legendary 1980s games designer Mike Singleton

ObituaryLords of Midnight coder pops clogs

WD escapes $630m hit over Seagate 'trade secrets' ... for now anyway

Lot more secrets in a hard drive than you thought

Santander downplays risk of 'personal data-stuffed' cookies

'If compromised', cookies would not allow access to online services 'on their own'

China to get 20,000 4G base stations ... just for starters

China Mobile trusts ZTE, even if the Americans don't

It's official: Apple will reveal 'a little more' on October 23

iPad mini? 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display? Even a little more?

Got loads of old databases clogging up your company's storage?

Let us hoover up that old Oracle info, pleads CEO

SGI munches MarkLogic database, hatches Dataraptor appliance

Having big data for lunch

Foxconn: THESE child workers were NOT making Apple products

What do they teach them in schools nowadays?

Microsoft Surface: Designed to win, priced to fail

AnalysisRival fondleslabs have little to worry about

Kaspersky Lab to create new OS 'to save the world'

Aims to shield industry, infrastructure from malware

US weather boffins fire up 'Yellowstone' 1.5 petaflopper

Don't expect the short-term forecast to improve

Intel inches above Wall Street's earnings expectations

Stock drops anyway

Microsoft gouges Australia lightly on Surface

Windows 8 tablet prices AUD$25-$41 higher than in USA

Google's 'JavaScript killer' marks first birthday with update

New Dart SDK brings speed boost, language revamp

Australia mulls data breach notification laws

Law enforcement agencies may be exempt

Google releases 'Disavow links' tool to fix SEO spam

Use with care Google warns

EFF warns of ACTA redux

Canada, EU clone criminal provisions into new treaty

Big Blue down on all fronts in its third quarter

Retail system divestiture can't save profits

Intel CEO: PC market slogging along at half speed

Windows 8 the savior? Wait 90 days. What will it run on? Wait a year

Earth-sized planet found at Alpha Centauri B

‘Scorched rock’ is just 4.37 light years away

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