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11th > October > 2012 Archive

HP says Gartner's wrong, IDC's right, on PC sales data

Workstation sales matter, says HP, as Gartner awards Lenovo PC sales crown

Ubuntu goes fishing for donations with new download page

'Spare us a quarter for an ISO, sir?'

Parliamentary report details German police snoop-spend

Skype, mail, chat all on the intercept list

It’s official: Google shrinks the world!

To the size of a London bus, roughly

Microsoft really is watching us from above

The 260-megapixel cameras behind Bing Maps can be yours

China wants more hi-tech importers

Beijing's deep pockets to the rescue again

Jaws restored Blu-ray disc set review

The great white is back in Blu

Reds in the Routers is routine, not rare

Communists operate freely in US outfits' China operations, not just at Huawei

ICO tries to justify hefty NHS data breach fines

Money 'effectively' comes straight from patient care pot

Russian Christians boosted by Pussy Riot law spank 'sinful' Apple logo

Nuts replace fruit with crosses

Skype worm chats up victims - then holds PCs to ransom

U mad lol?!

Stick punters' mugs on e-banking pages, that'll end fraud - Schneier

RSA EuropeCrypto guru urges creative thinking from security pros

November election sends chill down Valley shareholders' necks

Open... and ShutObama victory + end of Facebook lock in = share flood

Teachers get earful of racy XXX chat in Capita IT cock-up

'Hello, helpdesk? I need to put my joystick WHERE?'

New broom at OCZ: But can Schmitt sweep up this dirtpile?

'Talking less and hitting harder', says CEO in a talk

World+Dog hails 50th birthday of the LED

But this now commonplace technology is much, much older

Serenading mice can sing along if you hum a few bars

Disney didn't lie after all

Schmidt: Google deathmatch with Apple is 'defining' for the tech biz

Advertiser vs mega-brand ... that's depressing

Tintri's VDI flash disk mix: The kit that booted 1,000 virtual desktops

VMWorld BarcelonaLegion of clones spawned in just 9 seconds each

Facebook says it's LOSING money in the UK ... pays hardly any tax

90 costly employees put ads firm in the red

Six months under water and iPhone 4 STILL WORKS

Immersion, lake and palm 'er

HP's PC boss caught napping by Lenovo raid

Channel ForumPrinter accessories don't keep Cador awake

Siemens expected to announce job cuts, closures

Six hundred suits summoned by chief to hear the news

Government Digital Service to live in 'multi-tenanted' cloud from SCC

Martha Lane Fox's baby to deliver digital drizzle

Sites can slurp browser history right out of Firefox 16

Plug promised today for leaky hole

Big Blue: Future of our sales - and the channel - lies in ... MSPs

Channels Forum'Erm , what exactly do you mean by "MSP"?'

O2 overlord looking to push payments-via-mobile-bill model

Hard to flog a horse if you've skinned it alive

Avnet 'evaluating resource commitments' as times stay tough

'Resource commitments' means your job

Steelie Neelie: Settle your Do-No-Track squabbles or else

I will call in the politicians

Sony pops pastries as PS3 sales pass 5m

A bun dance?

Ballmer's lightened pay packet is the least of his problems

Open ... and ShutWhat's that smell around Windows 8?

Wanted! 4m-plus PC purchases to halt industry decline

Stop taking the tablets, punters told

How Nokia managed to drive its in-house Linux train off the rails

Special ReportWhen Meego lost its mojo

NetApp and Cisco waggle shrunken ExpressPod at Hitachi and friends

VMworldGet a load of our converged convergement

Woz labels Apple 'arrogant' over iPhone size inadequacy

Thumbs down from co-founder

Foxconn: Worker who lost half his brain in accident must leave hospital

'Commies made us do it', insists fondleslabricator

Archos Android update said to brick G9 slates

Ice Cream creates freeze

TLC NAND could penetrate biz with flash-to-flash backup

VMworld BarcelonaWho'll lead the dash to flashedy-flash?

Compuware puffs up Outage Analyzer to fight performance anxiety

Ad serving and web analytics services have high failure rate... who knew?

Experts split over regulation for bounty-hunting bug sniffers

RSA EuropeExploit vuln marketplace grows rapidly

Sprint confirms buyout offer from Japan's Softbank

Rumored $12.8bn deal would give controlling stake

Apple files disappearing-feature iPhone patent

The ultimate in 'aesthetic appeal' – a featureless slab

Google updates Street View with 250,000 miles of footage

Rubbing salt in Apple's wounds

Facebook, Twitter, ordered not to spoil murder trial

Social networks challenged by Oz Magistrate, but show little sign of compliance

Reg hack spares blushes at Infrastructure NSW, Cisco

Wrong document on website means we may have dropped a sysadmin in it

AMD lowers revenue expectations in run up to Q3 report

It's that darn 'challenging macroeconomic environment' again

Yale finds second diamond planet

An astronomer’s best friend

Galaxy Nexus cleared for sale by US court

Lawyers’ roadshow grinds on and on and on and on

Apple bags chippery guru from rival Samsung

Move unlikely to deepen Korean love for Cupertino

Curiosity finds . . . wait for it . . . a ROCK on MARS!

Tales of an Earth-like igneous rock named Jake

Cisco lobbied telco customers to steer clear of Huawei

Marketing campaign painted Chinese firm as a threat

Cloud company foraged for hard drives to stay afloat

Backblaze employees banned by COSTCO after PLUNDERING stores

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