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5th > October > 2012 Archive

Mozilla floats fondleslab-ready Firefox for Win 8

Hopes to beat IE10 at its own game

Drinking too much coffee can MAKE YOU BLIND

Study not iron-clad, but ask yourself, 'Do you feel lucky?'

Microsoft plans midnight launch for Surface

Who does they think they are, JK Rowling?

New questions raised over Kim Dotcom snooping

Reports ‘ping’ Kiwi spy agency for spying on Dotcom's Modern Warfare sessions

Archaeologists resume Antikythera Mechanism hunt

Expedition returns to site where world’s oldest computing device found

Happy 20th Birthday, IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad

The laptop, yes - but NOT the brand

New telescope tipped to spot 700,000 galaxies

Australia’s Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder opens for business

Security mess sends Kiwi auction site titsup in two days

Holes allowed auction price resets, exposed passwords

Google Wallet: Rub our button, cough 15p for quick read

Tests the waters on pennies-for-content

Just how good is Nokia's PureView 41Mp camera tech?

Our pro photographer holidays in Stromboli to find out

GCHQ boss: Crypto-genius Turing brought tech to British spooks

Tributes paid to 'unique' code-breaking boffin

Inside the real-world Double-O section of Her Majesty's Secret Service

Bond on FilmCommander Bond's previous career as it would be today

Tablet security study finds BlackBerry still good for something

iPad,Galaxy Tab and PlayBook face off in BYOD probe

Sony suspends slate sales

Water-tight tablets open to the elements

Experts troll 'biggest security mag in the world' with DICKish submission

UpdatedResearchers SICK OF SPAM submit ridiculous piece to Hakin9

Harvester garners iFans with first UK Passbook e-voucher

Money off your meal, but only if you're an iOS 6 user

Perth porkfest crowned ULTIMATE BACON SARNIE

Jubilant Scottish cafe celebrates A90 Behemoth triumph

Frontrunners emerge in sprint for Cisco's CEO crown

John Chambers promotes two execs as he mulls retirement by 2016

Microsoft puts Patch Tuesday on a diet, fixes Office flaw

Just one critical vuln in light update

'X Factor for tech is going to be OUTTA THIS WORLD'

QuoTWPlus: 'While we're improving Maps, you can try our rivals'

Will you soon be fingering your seven-incher?

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Tablets set for shrinkage

Prehistoric-super-tooth dentists drill DIAMONDS into duck-billed 'saur riddle

Cretaceous era cow's survival secret revealed at last

4K vs OLED: and the winner is...

South Korea, Japan - fight, fight, fight

Microsoft beefs up cloud login security in PhoneFactor gobble

Is that a token in your pocket or are you pleased to see us?

Gartner has its head in the clouds - and its numbers are WRONG

Open ... and ShutLess is more

Motörheadphönes ears-in review

ReviewRock stars

Samsung expects whopping $7.3bn profit from mobes

The chips may be down, but Galaxy sales are up

Stone Computers sales catch cold as public sector keeps sneezing

Admin cost slash hanky wipes mucus off profit sleeve

Watch out, Martians! Curiosity to scoop its first soil sample

But first Mars rover will rinse, spit 'n' repeat

Social Bikes inks deal with AT&T to stalk pedal-pushers

VidNetworking the bike, not the rack

The tips stop here: Starbucks to take Square Wallet payments

Throws a creepy first-name greeting in too

'Never seen before' Fraunhofer wireless breakthrough... seen before

Many Hans make light work?

LOHAN plugs into some hot LiPo treatment

Vulture 2 rocket motor heater fired up and toasty

Steve Jobs is STILL DEAD

'I am Ahead of the Puck', insists deceased biz titan

Facebook IPOcalypse cases: One lawsuit to end them All

Plucky Zucky aims to dump them into NY legal Mount Doom

Democrat candidate attacked by GOP for being stabby assassin ORC

When Republicans play WoW they're all paladins

Google-Moto slips out of Microsoft's grapple in German court wrestle

Legal baby oil beats Redmond belly slam

US unemployment dips below 8 per cent, but IT sector takes a hit

Some risk of being forced to take a job as a teacher

Feds charge US firm with smuggling illegal military tech to Russia

'Traffic light' firm actually supplied KGB-successor with hi-tech gear, say officials

Pilfering sysadmin gets four years and $2.3m fine for kit theft

FBI nails Verizon engineer over Cisco scam

Oracle, Google limber up for round two in their Android Java bout

Put your dukes up, and let's do this all over again

Microsoft spruces up crap apps in early Win8 update

New versions to arrive before launch date

Google trains Army's information Top Guns in data skills

DeDupe, log off! You'll crash the system

Astroboffins to search for mega-massive alien power plants

Dyson Spheres – not just for Star Trek anymore

Not so fast, T-Mobile: Sprint may bid for MetroPCS

Consolidation ahead for US wireless market

ReDigi fights for right to sell used digital music

Record companies seek to kill the golden goose

LASER STRIKES against US planes on the rise

Zap attacks now at 'epidemic' levels

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