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4th > October > 2012 Archive

HP's Whitman: 'I will turn this company around – by 2016'

Fewer PCs and printers, more high-priced contracts

Red Hat launches community contest to rename JBoss

Sounds too much like it's a Java thing

Assange movie portrays leaker as teen rebel

ReviewTelemovie says hacker martyr's infant escape from cult sparked activism

Big Data skills gap needs filling says tech industry

Oracle OpenWorldWant a job for life? Get good at data science

Boffins get black hole double-vision

Messier 22 springs astro-physics surprise

ScanJet sings number one hit

Disks are cymbals, oscilliscope bass, in song that humans used to know

Global action takes down tech support scam

Canadian, Australian and US authorities claim victory over crims

Boffins prescribe SNAKE VENOM as future pain killer

Take two Black Mamba bites, see your doctor if pain persists

Griffin StompBox iOS pedalboard review

Playing footsie

'It is absolute b*ll*cks that contractors aren't committed'

Oz survey finds HR managers should love freelancers

Privacy guardian wants one EU rulebook on ID databases

'Keeping citizens' privates protected must be in law'

Romans, Han Dynasty, kick-started climate change

What have the Romans ever done for us? to spunk £2m a year policing global cyber-security

BCCNew centre to advise countries on beefing up defences

Boffins: Our memory film is like your girlfriend - transparent and cheap

But also very ... bendy

Scottish brainiacs erect wee super-antenna

Putting intelligence into the aerial

Chief leaves Brit IT giant Phoenix after just 15 months

'Unrelated to ongoing accounting investigation'

Experts mull 'kill switch' for stock-wrecking techno-blunders

Markets need a cure for Facebook IPOcalypses

Apple: Blue-shirts can fix iOS Maps in their spare time

Cunning new plan

Whopping supersonic-car rocket rattles idyllic Cornwall

Boffin Jubb fires up Bloodhound's hybrid thruster

From Dr No to Skyfall: The Reg's one month of Bond

Bond on Film007-size science, technology and myths in depth

Nokia pumps up Lumia browsing with Xpress

It's paradigm-busting, really it is

STILL TRUE: Facebook and co to handle taxpayers' ID

CommentAnd the entire system will STILL NEED primary legislation, too

HP snorage must wake up before biz bosses kick it out of bed

Blocks and FilesStorage line-up needs more than 3PAR and StoreOnce arrays

Microsoft installs new Win8 evangelism boss – weeks before launch

Devs to be wooed by OEM exec

Google handset arm grabs facial recog tech firm

Chocolate Factory wants to know who you're looking at

Iran linked to al-Qaeda's web jihadi crew by old-school phone line

UpdatedX.25 records reveal possible base for terror cheerleaders

Forget Apple's AirPlay - it's Windows 8 you want, says speaker maker

First Windows 8 Play To streaming speaker ships

Bone-bothering boffins pull TINY fanged dinosaur from drawers

Had been sitting in a pile of fossils for 50 years

HP UK veep Murphy volunteers to jump ship amid staff cuts

One of 166 HPers heading for the door

$3500 will get 13.3in Mac tablet in your mitts

No aversion to conversion?

Chinese Nitol botnet host back up after Microsoft settles lawsuit

Owner agrees to chuck nasties down the sinkhole

Major Freeview EPG revamp to go ahead after appeals rejected

Fresh retune booked for 17 October

IBM unchains new storage monsters to spook upstart hybrids

What you need to know from Big Blue's latest info dump

Facebook's CHAIR sat on by 1 billion people ... bitch

Ad campaign launched to fluff up Zuck's brand

Mobe app makers doubt Windows 8 will be worth the hassle - poll

Fears over Microsoft's promise of run-anywhere code

Europe UNDER ATTACK in simulated cyber security test

This is a drill. No networks will be harmed in this exercise

Google settles epic US book-scanning battle with 5 publishers

Digitised deal agreed with big name book-pushers

BYOD cheers up staff, boosts productivity - and IT bosses hate it

Hidden costs, security too much of a headache - for now

IBM rolls up SAP HANA appliance on SUSE Linux, x iron

Wiener schnitzel not included

Microsoft sets date for Windows Phone 8 unveiling

San Francisco showcase on October 29

Samsung claims Apple jury foreman LIED to get REVENGE

Wants a whole new trial

Tizard super goes live in South Oz

State gets boost in computing power

Apple files 'Shake to Print' iOS patent application

What's more intuitive than shaking your iPad to print, eh?

Intel pushes Atom-fueled storage for homes, SMB

Hot-swappable RAID for home, sweet home

Google rewrites dot-doc death note

All formats can be uploaded to Google Docs

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