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Oracle stumps for community support for Java strategy

JavaOne 2012'It's not just up to us'

Facebook digs in over Jill Meagher page

Australian Police worry comments could spoil murder trial

Apple slapped with patent lawsuit over iOS 6 Passbook app

Poker-playing, restaurant-managing software dev seeks treble damages

Pirate Bay site sinks, Swedish police raid its ISP

Oddly, the two events aren't related

Simon Cowell plans X Factor for Tech

The hunt for the Susan Boyle of code is on

Boffins suggest orbital dust-up to combat climate change

Let's park an asteroid beyond the moon

Microsoft releases JavaScript alternative

TypeScript embraces and extends JavaScript, but is open source

Conroy wants telcos to wear undies on heads

And make them red, says Conroy as he brags of “unfettered power”

Guild Wars 2 game review

ReviewA real Blizzard stomper?

Whiptail lifts flash-array skirt: We're ready for bigness

But EMC's about to kick the door in. You ready for that?

UK brings in small-claims court for intellectual property

Can't afford a lawyer? Accept this much smaller payout

Sanbolic pulls out FLASH liquid, scrubs vigorously round data bowl

Mmm! Fit to shove your head into

EU, US edge closer to mega-transatlantic patent system

Turns out Apple holds a patent on the idea

Varonis pushes out cloudy file transaction-tracking snitch

Oi, who's uploading all the source code?

Ubuntu 12.10: More to Um Bongo Linux than Amazon ads

ReviewBut as of Beta 2, y'all better get used to web apps

Ofcom tries to chop months off EE's 4G exclusive

Spectrum jiggery pokery behind closed doors

Adele's Skyfall poised to fall from sky

Latest Bond theme unleashed this Friday

WSJ bigs up Nimble and Coraid, massages their VC backers

Storage start-ups bag spots on top 50 investor-backed firms list

Ex-HP printer veep's job deal inked, jets off to outsourcer

Industry vet Vyomesh Joshi lands board seat at Wipro

Pastafarians: Get your noodly appendages off that Facebook suspect

Pasta-based worshippers protest arrest of man for 'blasphemy'

WTF is... VoLTE

FeatureWhy voice calls on 4G may be pants (at first)

Op Tuleta officers cuff 2 more computer hacking suspects

Scotland Yard sweeps homes of suspects

Amazon UK: We're hiring 3,000 Xmas temps? Make that 10,000

Army of Bezos' little helpers is looking swell

From Russia with gov: PM Medvedev glad-hands Zuckerberg

Now build us a Facebook lab... bitch

Oregon farmer devoured by own hogs

DA describes demise as 'doggone weird'

Amway daddy to flog wireless charging pioneer

eCoupled thrown onto the auction block

BYOD trend could kill off role of CIO – SCC

Disruption predicted for channel too as PC buying cycles 'fast evaporating'

New study: 'Fraud behind two-thirds of pulled medical papers'

Surge in retracted findings linked to funding cuts

HTC outs Jelly Bean running One X revamp

Faster CPU, bigger battery life, more storage

US court lifts ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Sammy gets (a small) one in Apple's eye

Adobe bets on cloud collaboration for Acrobat XI

Predicts the death of paper contracts

Is Oracle squeezing the MySQL lemon too hard?

Open ... and ShutIf it hoards functionality, it could lose the community

OK - who just bought a biz PC? Oh wait, none of you did

Economy not at fault - the world's gone mobile

RIP Psion PLC: You're with Motorola now

Assimilation of UK pocket PC hero is complete

Hackers leak 120,000 student records in raid on world's top unis

We don't need no education - except in web programming

Juniper chops workforce by 5.3 per cent

Dumps WAN optimization, endorses Riverbed wares

Samsung adds iPhone 5 to patent battle v Apple

No, not that battle, this battle

Oracle Linux honcho 'personally hurt' by Red Hat clone claims

OpenWorld 2012'We're not the same, we're better'

Oracle claims complete cloud suite

OpenWorld 2012Takes an axe to Salesforce with CRM and social apps

Paul Allen: Windows 8 'promising' yet 'puzzling'

Microsoft cofounder's verdict: 'Does certainly require adjustment'

Rapper rips up Microsoft's Atlanta store during performance

UpdatedMachine Gun Kelly rap gets out of hand

Level 3 named as possible Nextgen buyer

Fibre network sale excites speculation

Intel spreads $40 million investment love to 10 companies

From Silicon Valley to Bollywood

ACT Pirate Party outlines Lego manifesto

Transparent parliament, plod on the pavement, hugging and sharing everywhere

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