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26th > September > 2012 Archive

FTC settles spying charges on rent-to-own computers

Software recorded 'intimate activities at home'

NYPD: iPhone thefts rising ten times rate of other crimes

'Operation ID' helps take a bite out of smartphone crime

Oracle offers tiny tools for pint-sized Java devices

'Java can fit in THAT?'

Philippines pinches nose, averts eyes, bans cybersex

And 12 years in the slammer for ‘comment trolls’

High-energy physics opens up

SCOAP3 trumpets win with journals

New critical Java flaw claimed

Gowdiak strikes again with tale of sandbox bypass

Sharp to slice 11,000 job in bid to slash losses

Pay cuts for those who stay, plus trimmed bonuses

Google swims with the fishes

Maps now offer FishView, intentionally

Barnes & Noble Nook HD and HD+ hands-on review

ReviewGorgeous screens and low prices take on Amazon, Apple

UN agency didn't break North Korea tech embargo

One server, storage array and router deemed not to arm axis of evil

Kiwi cops forgot Kim Dotcom's visa

Court documents reveal cockup, not conspiracy, led to unlawful arrest

If you see 'URGENT tax rebate download' in an inbox, kill it with fire

Top spear-phishing email phrases revealed

Toshiba leaps aboard flash-platter combo bandwagon with a wild cry

I didn't get a hybrid drive outta that guy!

Guardian's Robin Hood plan: Steal from everyone to give to us

CommentEnter our 'Save the Grauniad' competition!

They said it wasn't right for biz - but Samsung unveils TLC SSD

Can first 3-level cell flash handle big loads?

Info-flinging service Nokia Life gets webby, gains a plus

Mobile data spreads across developing world

UK air traffic controller lands 6,000-seater VDI on flashy Violin arrays

Chucks XP out the Windows, makes way for Citrix Xen

Larry couldn't, but we can: Upstart Waratek touts cloudy Java love

You only think you hate Java - here, smell this

NZ bloke gets eel stuck up jacksie

'This has to be a first', admits hospital insider

Yahoo! boss! boots! out! CFO! and! Google! kisses! up! for! future! search! deal!

Schmidt urges Mayer to bin Bing

HDS's young HUS array gets BIG new brother

HUS VM - not actually a VM. Ha!

Brit turns Comp Sci coursework into $100k glad-rags search biz

VidSoft wares software = cold hard cash

Ex-HP boss Mark Hurd's $53m gold parachute approved by judge

Worth every penny just in entertainment value

Azzurri sales talks with Alternative Networks 'are over' - insiders

Channel connectivity giants couldn't agree on price


Antique Code ShowConquest mode

TalkTalk somehow retains most-complained-about-ISP title AGAIN

Stiff competition for masochists-favourite title

Windows Store size doubles: Now 0.3% the size of Apple's

Developers! Developers! Developers! Not stoppin'

GiffGaff: We've got no iPhones, but here's how to cut down your SIM

And hey, we'll give you a new one if you cock it up!

NetApp insists it won't drop StorageGRID

If you have any internal objects, fling them now

SourceForge mirror cracked: Served admin tool with gaping backdoor

Evil Korean load befouls 400 hapless punters

Freetard-idol rock star Trent Reznor gives up, signs to major label

Hey, man, The Man has his good points

Samsung slaps swift patch over phone-wiping Galaxy S III vuln

Smartmobe owners can bonk without fear again

Google in new Maps patent row - but not with Apple

Skyhook: Hey, Wi-Fi data slurping was OUR idea!

Cisco CEO wouldn't bet the farm on HP turnaround

'Mathematically, odds are low,' says Chambers

Tesla drops veil on top secret solar Superchargers

But only Model S motors can slurp free, super-speed sun juice

Google exec faces arrest after vid tears strip off Brazilian

Judge wants YouTube mayoral brickbat removed - or else

Windows 8 and you – So, what's next?

Live ChatReg readers chew the fat on Win 8 and Windows RT

Vandals break into congressman's office, install Linux on PCs

Grimm: 'Very ignorant' attack

Tech budgets in schools heading north again

Our children will have tabs, desktops and digital content

RIM shares bounce on BlackBerry 10 optimism

But Flows and Peeks won't sell devices

Connected TVs snatch online video viewing crown from PCs

Big screen viewing preferred

Symantec source code leak becomes torrent

'In the name of god! You are killing our CPUs'

Skydiver sets date for 'supersonic' edge-of-space PLUNGE

Vid'Like a parachuting Austrian tiger in a cage'

Speaking in Tech: Watching Downton Abbey on your Kindle Fire?

PodcastNo, um, neither are we... Plus: all the latest in enterprise tech

Acronis sucks up another Red Hatter

We'll do anything to get out of the backup ghetto

Google celebrates as Android hits 25 billion downloads

Getting within spitting distance of Apple

Researcher offers quick fix for Samsung remote wipe vuln

App blocks malicious URIs on affected phones

Carbon fiber MacBooks to appear soon?

Long-running rumor gets biennial booster shot

HP pitches four-socketeer Xeon E5 borg boxes

Consolidation is not futile

Hobbyist star-gazer cops amazing eyeful of Jupiter's space ball

Anyone can do it with the right kit, enthuses amateur astronomer

Intel denies that its CEO thinks Windows 8 isn't ready

'Unsubstantiated news reports'

Google charms Greenpeace with wind powered data center deal

Oklahoma: Where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain

Blazing new comet may OUTSHINE THE MOON in 2013

Kohoutek's 1973 bust or Halley's 1066 superstar? Find out next November

Russia blocks Monsanto corn in GM study fallout

Rat tumour fears spark sale ban

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