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24th > September > 2012 Archive

NZ spooks acted unlawfully in Megaupload wiretap

Court informed of wrongdoing as PM orders inquiry

IBM to debut Power7+ servers on October 3

Staggered rollout, maybe running top to bottom this time

Apple demands $707m more from Samsung

Court filing wants extra damages for patent breaches

40 Foxconn staff hospitalised after CAMPUS RIOT

2,000 staff fight after rumours claim security guard roughed up employee

Adelaide hospital rolls out RFID tagging

Wireless everywhere to track kit, people, in AUD$71M project

Now Apple cuts back on Samsung displays

Cupertino sticks it to patent rival

Dell's blade data-centre-in-a-box 'much better than HP's'

More bladey than Miyamoto Musashi's umbrella stand

Google Go language gets used: For file-scrambling trojan, though

No-one sure why 'mobe rooter' VXers like obscure lingo

Scottish islanders' wave power hopes sunk by 'massive costs'

£107m bill in 2020 to hook into national grid

Big in Brazil: Sage gobbles accountancy software firm

We want to be part of an economy that's growing

Orée outs wood-carved keyboard

Tree feat

Unconsenting Facebookers exposed by Beacon denied payouts

Lawyers get rich, plaintiffs get 'not a nickel'

Samsung ready to drop faster SSDs

Sata blatter

A10 seduces app load balancing biz spurned by Cisco

Will networking giant bite back with an acquisition?

Rambus' patent evidence-shredding slices into Hynix DRAM payout

Judge reckons royalty rate too generous

Seagate: Our tech will be better than WD's helium-filled hardness

Spinning disks and squabbling sisters

Events in stratosphere can affect Earth's entire climate

Powerful knock-on oceanic effects from upper atmos events

Peeved bumpkins demand legally binding broadband promise from

DCMS claims to be on track with meeting 2015 target

Fears for small biz as 'draconian Cisco chokes cash flow'

New partner programme pays out less upfront

Toshiba AT300 10in Android tablet review

Hello Tosh, got a new Tegra?

'Your app will work on Windows 8 - but please rewrite it anyway'

Microsoft bigwig adds: 'We’re not afraid to make hard calls'

Toyota kills city 'e-car for everyone'

Only a limited launch for eQ

CSC axes doctor support software in the UK

580 GP practices will lose their iSoft products

Christian footie match ends in almighty brawl

Other cheeks unturned in unholy rumpus

EC happy for Avnet to gobble down Magirus

Competition authorities not concerned about resulting mega Euro distie

Apple begs ex-Google bods to fix crap maps app

Hope they don't use iOS 6 to find One Infinite Loop

Iran's top brass deny nuking US bank websites

'We are not the scriptkiddies you are looking for'

Apple weekend iPhone 5 sales miss forecasts

Ten million to ship? Half that, more like

Microsoft Research man: It all starts with touch

Windows 8 just the beginning of 'natural' sensory input trend

Crooks can milk '$100k a day' from 1-million-zombie ZeroAccess army

Botnet herders upgrade malware, still making bank – Sophos

Motorola, Samsung smash Apple's touchscreen patent claim

Android mobe makers FINALLY catch a break in court win

Sky gripe grounded Freeview EPG facelift

Prøn peddler upset too

Fans revolt over Amazon 'adware' in Ubuntu desktop search results

Shuttleworth: Don't be mad, you trust us with root anyway

Tacky mobile ad networks could kill publishing, survey shows

Audience are leaving, but their dollars don't follow

Micro Anvika goes titsup after Olympics fails to save its shops

Calls in the receivers, keeps biz open in bid to sell it as going concern

Polish Samsung Galaxy S IIIs first to scoff Jelly Bean update

More Euro countries and a Galaxy of mobes to follow

Stratus runs Marathon after high-availability server rival gobble

Beats the competition to the finishing line

Facebook shares drop 10%, trip NASDAQ 'circuit breaker'

Channels Leonard Cohen's 'Dress Rehearsal Rag'

Hitachi claims glass data storage will last millions of years

Until you break it, that is

Red Hat uncloaks RHEL 5.9 beta

Heading for the paddock on the way to the pasture

Adobe goes gaga for web standards with Edge tool push

Who needs Flash, anyway?

NSW gives Technologies curriculum a 'D'

Board of Studies says current draft is not a basis for a quality curriculum

Smartphones may soon listen in on you while they sleep

Advantage: hands-free convenience. Disadvantage: g'bye, privacy

Savvy ex-Soviets out-hack East Asian arrivistes

Custom cracks versus strength of numbers

Researchers reveal NFC subway bonk-nonpayment scheme

Using Android phones to dodge fares

Broadband too costly in developing countries, says ITU

National network policy now all the rage

Red Hat pinched by muscular greenbacks in Q2

Selling now, investing for then, sitting on a pile of cash

Berkeley Lab proposes 4D clock

‘Space-time crystal’ would outlast the universe

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