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14th > September > 2012 Archive

Final Office 2013 for ARM may not ship until January

Microsoft confirms some features removed

Australian retailers make just 3% of sales online

All Australian business now making 7.5% of coin on the Net, says new ABS data

'Over half' of Android devices have unpatched holes

Fix is up to your carrier, Google, mobo maker - just about everyone

Chinese man on trial for smuggling hi-tech military secrets

Prosecutors claim he was looking for a better job back home

Can Windows 8 developers be ‘the new rock stars’?

TechEd AustraliaThe variables go to eleven

Huawei, ZTE clash with US over national security

How big a risk can it be given US telco kit-makers do their manufacturing in China?

Apple time is now world time

Carrier call centres schtum until 12:01 AM Cupertino time

Queensland to appropriate household PV

Wants to force solar home-owners to buy from the grid

Peugeot 508 RXH estate car review

High-riding hybrid

Worker dumps council staff's private data in supermarket skip

Council failed to 'manage the outsourcing' properly

Fujitsu lands on Ministry of Fun's grey list for broadband bids

'High risk' suppliers earn extra probing, warns DCMS

Surrey council plans to SAVE money by switching to BT

PSN deal could save cough £5m plus

UK boffins get £3.8m pot to probe 'science of cyber-security'

GCHQ taps up universities, expects results

Post-pub nosh deathmatch prompts paprika potato pierogi

El Reg creates Hispano-Polish fusion cuisine

Microsofties to get Windows 8 Surface tabs

Touch your work PC, like it or not

Windows Phone 8 stands a chance as Apple, Android dither

AnalysisThe world has Xbox, PlayStation and Wii - it can handle 3 mobile OSes too

Resellers and cloud providers need to play dating game

IT channel turns its back on cloud, and cloud vendors don't understand the channel

HTML5 isn't Facebook's 'biggest mistake'

Open ... and ShutZuckerberg's excuse risks movement's set back

I spy: Drug drops and foxy couples

Something for the Weekend, Sir?The joys of snooping with digital binoculars

BT gets postcode knickers in twist, plants Shoreditch on Mount Everest

And the Silicon Roundabout is nowhere to be seen!

The perfect CRIME? New HTTPS web hijack attack explained

BEASTie boys reveal ingenious login cookie gobble

EU greases up orphan works copyright loophole for Big Culture

'Non-commercial' use permitted, unlike UK bureaucrats' landgrab

Reg hack uncovers perfect antidote to internet

A profound, earth-moving experience

Apple threatens to ruin peace worldwide with voice-controlled iMacs

Siri, delete my coworker's files, ha ha ha

Work for beer, Neil Gaiman's wife tells musicians

Kickstarter wealth doesn't trickle down

ISIS puts off US NFC pay-by-bonk bid

We said summer launch ... but never said which summer

AntiSec leaks 'Feds' credit cards' after Barrett Brown cuffed

Anonymous spokesman arrested live on the web

How to be a Puppet master: Make Amazon, VMware dance for you

Sysadmin blogDeployment tool jumps onto the cloud train

HP plots tablet comeback to penetrate biz world with slab

But UK channel in the dark

Capita ITS ditches UK job cuts, offshoring dream

Unite claims victory, suspends strike threat

iPhone 5: UK pay-monthly tariffs compared

Talk is anything but cheap

Control issues forced Foxconn daddy to shun Sharp deal

Hon Hai wanted 'management role' in exchange for its pile of cash

Smartmobe Wi-Fi blabs FAR TOO MUCH about us, warn experts

Londoners unknowingly tracked by phones' network chatter

Western Digital cuts revenue forecast, cites 'muted demand'

Follows Intel into fiscal hidey-hole

Oracle tunes up VirtualBox hypervisor for Windows 8

Punts new Enterprise Manager 12c control freak

Twitter bows to subpoena, releases Occupy protester's tweets

Under seal until 99 per center's appeal

Apple's first batch of iPhone 5 preorders sold out in an hour

Ship date pushed back to September 28

HP boss Whitman: 'We have to offer a smartphone'

But let's not be too hasty

Apple wins second round of Samsung patent slugfest

Will trade commission ban Korean kit from the US? Stay tuned ...

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