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13th > September > 2012 Archive

Congress report warns: drones will track faces from the sky

I am the eye in the sky, looking at you

Intel backs 'overhyped' HTML5 for cross-platform app dev

IDF 2012Resistance is futile

One more try: Metro apps are now 'Windows Store' apps

Microsoft really means it this time

Foxconn to investigate iPhone 5 factory woes

Undercover hack claims filthy conditions, bullying

NHS eye hospital embiggens in-house open source system

What's that? An e-patient record system that works?

Osborne hands £80m tax break to punters drilling in 'old' oil, gas fields

Brown Field Allowance will 'repair damage' from 2011 rise – energy law expert

Prof casts doubt on Stuxnet's accidental 'great escape' theory

AnalysisHow DID the super-weapon flee Iran's nuke plant?

Hate the Windows 8 touch UI? Try Kinect-like finger shaking instead

Game console tech to stop punters fondling the screen

Apple: Thanks for the iPhone 5s, China, now get to the BACK of the queue

Hong Kong braces for Chinese fanboi invasion

Stone Group CEO Bird flies the coop in dispute

Disagreement over selling the biz led to chief's exit

Yahoo! to! guzzle! £4.7bn! in! Alibaba! stake! sale! 'next! week!'

Troubled web biz needs cash for spending spree

EE screams UK iPhone 4G exclusive, rest of pack sobs quietly

O2, Vodafone unable to join Apple's party

Apple iPhone 5 hands-on review

First lookThe Lightning seeds

Journo bung probe cops cuff armed-forces bloke and wife

Suspects quizzed by police after 6am swoop

Cambridge boffins: Chip and PIN cards CAN be cloned – here's how

Chip and skim

Ten iPhone 5 challengers

Product Round-upSmart alternatives on price and performance

RIP Howard Strowman: The stock doctor

ObituaryIndustry, friends and family mourn IT channel hero


Stuff climate change, this is serious

EMC slashes channel training fees to woo resellers

Vows to stop using sessions as a profit centre

Ding dong, the Ping is dead! Apple brings in Facebook for iTunes

Whether you Like it or not... bitch

Nikon launches D600 lightweight full-frame DSLR

Not so heavy on the wallet either

New monkey species with massive blue arse found in Africa

Possibly record-breaking buttocks stun boffinry world

UK govt to KILL OFF Directgov within weeks

Replacement GOV.UK nearly ready for showtime

VCs snaffle £200m of UK taxpayer gold ... to bet on high-risk biz

All systems are BONG!

Who's afraid of Windows 8? Trio leads Microsoft migration pack

Internet Explorer a hurdle for most, says consultant

Microsoft seizes Chinese dot-org to kill Nitol bot army

Takedown after infected new computers sold to victims

IT chiefs' purses drained, security budget still safe - report

CIO study finds spending maintained or rising, despite recession

Smartphone sales to new users 'have peaked'

It's an upgrade business from here on

Channel newbie SSS swallows e-Warehouse

Bags customer list, some staff and SaaS tool

iPhone 5 adaptors goldrush begins

Conversion kit manufacturing mother lode

'Google strangled Acer phone using Alibaba Android rival at birth'

Cancelled launch event leaves journos milling

Blackhole 2: Crimeware kit gets stealthier, Windows 8 support

Malware-flinging tool to target mobiles too

Intel builds 'can't be built' working digital RF transceiver chip

IDF 2012Analog out as radios enter SOCs

Nintendo Wii U launch and pricing disclosed

Two models inbound

Microsoft keeps Win Phone 8 under hype-boosting wraps

'Not all features have been announced'

Intel to take felon-foiling tech to phones, slates

IDF 2012Lock up your datas

HGST floats helium for low power, MASSIVE capacity HDDs

Up to seven platters in one drive

4K LCD TV output to outstrip OLED production

Smart picture tech too late to market?

Intel's chief chipman: '22nm better than expected, 14nm on track'

IDF 2012'After 14nm? My lips are sealed'

Australian gamers can get high and naked

New R18+ classification allows nudity, drug use, but no sex or dealing

German court turkey-slaps Motorola in patent case

Recall ordered, subject to Apple posting bonds

Codethink jumps into the ARM server fray with Baserock Slab

A Marvell-ous cluster in a box

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