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12th > September > 2012 Archive

Microsoft throws open Windows Store to all developers

Let a thousand not-Metro apps bloom

iPhone 5 to boost US GDP says JP Morgan

.33% bounce predicted from 8 million Q4 sales

Intel to etch 22nm Xeons and Atoms in 2013

IDF 2012A Sandy Bridge-EX too far, Poulson Itanium looming

HTML5 still floundering in 'chicken and egg' era, says Intel

IDF 2012If it's not a PC or a smartphone, it's the Wild West

Intel debuts 'Haswell' chippery: from tablets to servers

IDF 2012One core to rule them all

Labour groups booted out of China's tech boom town

Workers' woe as Shenzhen NGOs trashed

Fujitsu boffins to help build uni exam-beating bot

Japanese high school students rejoice!

Information is the UI in Windows 8, says design guru

TechEd AustraliaHow to make sense of the desktop formerly-known-as-Metro

Anonymous doxes Cambodia after Pirate Bay arrest

Secrets from Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine released to show Cambodia what's what

Microsoft preparing for diskless Windows 8 PCs

But Windows RT can't be installed wirelessly

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Antique Code ShowCucco Gank

Online dole queue tech 'not grounded in reality', say councils best revise 'agile' universal credit system

NICTA micro-kernel trailblazers slurped by US defense giant

General Dynamics buys OK Labs for "provably secure" kernel

Ultimate bacon sarnie scrap starts to sizzle

Controversy guaranteed in pinnacle of pork perfection challenge

ICO sets cookie-law flouters deadline - to open an HTML editor

'C'mon guys, make some sort of effort... please?'

Windows 8: Life in a post .NET world – speak your brains TODAY

Live ChatLive chat at 2pm BST today

Dutch unleash intelligent robot bins: No ID, no rubbish

Saving money, carbon... the world

Swedish cops contain fermented herring menace

'Gas leak' nothing more than a storm in a surströmming

Dreaded redback spider's NEMESIS: Forgotten Captain Cook wasps

Aussie lad rediscovers hard-as-nails killer insect

Google sneaks in back door, slips YouTube onto iPhone 5

All iOS devices are invited to the ball

LOHAN straps on satellite comms capability

Iridium two-way chat for spaceplane mission

Google whips away card, leaves just clouds in your Wallet

No more pre-paid credit as Mountain View exits the banking business

Apple's iCloud goes titsup, email evaporates for unlucky 1%

Shifting behind the curtains at Cupertino pre-iPhone 5

Everything Everywhere's 4G: Why I'm sitting this one out

CommentCan't get 3G working, can't lug a briefcase of batteries with me

Haynes Build Your Own Computer book review

Manual upgrade

Facebook wunderkind admits share price Zuck-up on stage

I like being underestimated ... bitch

Analysts: Shamoon oil biz malware flingers were 'amateurs'

Programming errors ahoy....

Spidercloud spins biz-wide webs for Mindspeed mini-masts

Smart arachnids weave small cells into private networks

Microsoft leads from behind on Windows 8

TechEd AustraliaSlow burn on The Road Ahead

Sony focuses on full-frame snappers with tasty tech

Flagship Alpha gets SLT treatment

The iPHONE 5 UNDERMINES western DEMOCRACY: 5 reasons why

CommentOwning one will be the badge of an utter fool

BT wins £33m Surrey council superfast broadband deal

Fujitsu declares 'status unchanged' on bids for BDUK cash despite ban

New guide: Bake your own Raspberry Pi Lego-crust cluster

Pics'And here's one we made earlier!'

XMA taps up industry veteran to run City office

Former BT Engage IT exec Chris Leigh lands at reseller

Nimble Storage bags ex-NetApp man for Asian push

Confirms appointment of Peter O'Connor

Boffin named Jubb to fire whopping hybrid thruster

A potent mix of Bloodhound, handlebar 'tache and polybutadiene

'£100m For Sale' sign plonked outside Northgate MS - sources

Integrator enlists Jefferies to find a buyer

Australian tabloid decides to fight trolls ... with trolls

A tale of twisted trollumnists

Amazon creates exchange for reserved cloud capacity

Gentlemen, start your speculation engines

iPhone 5: skinny li'l fella with better display, camera, software

No surprises – and no NFC – but a thoroughgoing upgrade

Intel shows off Seacliff Trail SDN-enabled switch

IDF 2012Hardware, software, your brand not included

New iPod nano and touch: Lightning strikes again

Video returns to the nano, the A5 chip comes to the touch

Intel's Windows 8 tablet Atom chip yields up its secrets

IDF 2012Inside Clover Trail

All AU mobile carriers to offer iPhone 5

No prices yet as Apple enforces boilerplate statements

Intel: optical Thunderbolt to strike in Q4

IDF 2012Cheaper cables too

Apple Lightning adaptors reveal limitations

Missing the bus?

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 launch spreads desktop app love

Free tools for C++, C#, VB devs now available

AMD aims at big data crunchers with SeaMicro SM15000

'Petabytes are everywhere'

ESA preps space junk radar

Contracts signed for test platforms

Reg hack runs Windows 8 on 82-inch touchscreen

TechEd AustraliaSize matters

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