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10th > September > 2012 Archive

Spammers, phishers escape proper punishment

Little guidance for judges on how to set cyber-crims straight

Office 365 turns Lotus eater

Microsoft licenses migration tool

Oz cinema chain to stream new releases

If you can't beat them, stream them

Taobao shoots pirates on Hollywood's orders

China's eBay signs deal to hunt down dodgy content

Curiosity clears things up

Removes dust cover to produce sharpest images to date

Fanboi beats 'e-trespassing' rap after using GPS to find stolen iPad

'Find my fondleslab' to track thief is legal, court rules

China pushes green PCs to punters

Meanwhile APEC agrees green tech import cut

Apple chatting up labels for Fanboi Radio: Pandora, boxed?

Hmm, there's a thing, let's own it ALL

Germany leads global enterprise social push

It's all in the process, Mein Herr

Pasty munchers scoff at £300m council deal with comms kingpins

BT and CSC in bid to reduce Cornish costs by £5m a year

Was Russia Today hacked - or did it just forget to renew

State-owned web pravda bunked off for days

EMC's big kahuna Tucci threatens to cling on until 2015

Who will prise the CEO from his desk?

US job market sneezing, blowing nose: Will we catch cold too?

Consultancy up, manufacturing down. Talk, don't do

HP tempts EVA customers with low-end 3PAR array honeypot

EVA replacement gives them a 50% boost

Oracle hits reboot on Itanium software development

Back to HP-UX business

Google Aurora hackers AT LARGE, launch 0-day bazookas

Security snoopers back? They never left

Quanta leaps out in front with Centerton Atom microserver

Trying to get the jump on HP Gemini boxes

Sysadmins: Your favourite tool's now ready for, er, fondling

The spice(works) must (re)flow

Health minister warns ISPs: Block suicide websites or face regulation

Norman Lamb calls on 'proper controls' to protect kids

Lovefilm Germany goes titsup for a FORTNIGHT

Amazon-owned Dummkopf locks out movie fans

Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 12 voice recognition software review

Give your PC a hearing aid

HP hires Youngjohns to head up Autonomy

Tries to counter cool winds blowing through HP's software biz

Virus lab blogger collared by blundering copyright cop bot

Malware authors have rights too, says French legal droid

Top dog EMC crushes whimpering rivals in storage pack

Is server storage cramping array sales?

Nokia flagellates self further to quell fake cam ad Twitterstorm

PicEthics? Isn't that somewhere north of London?

Amazon: Pay more for Kindle Fire, smoke ads from slabs

Freedom to read in commercial-free land comes at a cost

German Pirate party punters 'don't pay their membership fees'


Broadband minister's fibre cabinet gripe snub sparks revolt

Not in our backyard leafy historic streets

Apache man disables Internet Explorer 10 privacy setting

Fielding: Windows 8's web window is 'standards abuse'

Mars probably never wet enough for life, nuclear bomb crater indicates

Spoilsport boffins: Theorised aliens have feet of clay

Open IPTV joins HbbTV in connected telly love-in

A spec-test shared is a spec-test halved

Microsoft to comply with Brussels over browser choice gaffe

Steve Ballmer recognises how VERY SERIOUS it is

HP throws an extra 2,000 staff onto chopping block

29,000 bods at risk of redundancy, morale problematic

Foxconn: We're not FORCING interns to make iPhone 5

They are making it of their own free will

Everything Everywhere 'to stuff Santa's sack' with 4G Lumia 920s

Crimbo window opens for high-speed mobe monopoly

Infosys gobbles Lodestone for £218m

Indian outsourcer sups SAP sap

Stratus girds fault-tolerant servers with Xeon E5s

Virtualization that won't go down on you

HP preps designer desktops for Windows 8

Claims world's slimmest all-in-one PC

Riverbed sucks in more data for cloud gateway deluge

Four times bigger gut too

HTC's 4G patent beef could get iPhone 5 BANNED in US

Judge tells Apple: 'I have to be pretty darn certain a US patent is invalid'

NEC speeds up Gemini FT chipset, adds in Xeon E5s

Fault tolerance, cheaper ESXi trumps VMware HA

King Coyne snaps chains, escapes Western Digital

Hitachi GST's top man replaces departing CEO

Intel hints at weaving network fabric into Xeons, Atoms

IDF 2012Time for controllers and processors to share the bed

Windows 8 to grab iPad market share wrested back from Android

Google, watch out for MS not Apple, says analyst

Vesa to enable backlight arrays on laptops, tablets

DisplayPort updated to preserve power

Google declares success for Kansas City gigabit broadband

80% buy into Fiberhood fold

Coding may not make national curriculum

Ministerial decision coming in August, but Ministers mostly oblivious

Valve puts Steam on the TV

Big Picture UI turns a PC into a console

Dolby sets Digital Plus to shine in UltraViolet

Online movie tech gets sonic boon

GoDaddy stopped by massive DDoS attack

Millions of sites may be affected – not by Anonymous, it appears

Microsoft to open 32 pop-up retail stores for the holidays

Take that, Apple Store

E-publisher 'fesses up: 'Apple UDIDs were ours'

BlueToad clears FBI of device data collection

NZ software giants join patent bill protest

Updated: govt says "no"Petitioning against patent trolls

Scientists provide a measure of uncertainty

What would Heisenberg’s position be?

Intel contextual awareness: 'We know what your wife is up to'

IDF 2012Knows when its best to call, text, or just leave her alone

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