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4th > September > 2012 Archive

A second opinion on sucky second quarter server sales

Sucks to be non-Xeon, Q4 uptick on the way

'Immortal cancer' found in Australia

Only attacks Tasmanian Devil but may help target human cancers

China and Japan stick it to floods, quakes and tsunamis

Nations nail pre-and post-disaster tech

China mutates plants ... IN SPAAAAAACE

Astro-capsicum on sale now

Acer to launch Windows Phone 8 smartphone in 2013

Six devices planned, based on Qualcomm and MediaTek chips

Nokia Asha 311 budget smartphone review

Social climber

Australia won't back away from data retention plan

Anonymous restive as A-G restates case for government data trove

Organic food offers basically no health benefit, boffins find

Does offer prospect of grub grown in human excrement

Ofcom begged to protect minicab, other small-biz's radio spectrum

You did it for the luvvies

Ulster Bank waves £100 at punters pummelled by RBS IT fiasco

Very generous compo, we think you'll find

Torvalds bellows: 'The GNOME PEOPLE are in TOTAL DENIAL'

At last, somebody says something on Google+

New NHS chieftains put docs' software bill on their tab

We'll pay for it, but you lot can install it

Oracle hurls Sparc T5 gladiators into big-iron arena

Hot ChipsAt my interrupt signal, unleash hell

Freesat eyes YouView USP for next-gen UI

VoD and live content combined into one EPG

'Nutjob' serves half-baked Raspberry PI scam

Budget-priced board too expensive for 'BA applied math student and journo'

Hilton takes first M4 exit, zooms away from cloud provider Rise

Now head of channels Sue MacDermott will drive sales

GridIron crams fat Hadoop ready-meal boxes into data centres

Would you fries chips with that compute'n'flash combo?

Tablets keep UK IT's head above water

Floating on a fondleslab (or two)

Oracle in new bid to wring cash out of SAP in piracy spat

Cheers for the $426m offer, but we were thinking $1.3bn

Internet Explorer needs fresh dev infusion for a full recovery

Open ... and ShutDrip bag of unsavvy users won't help IE get healthy

Hackers leak '1 MILLION records' on Apple fanbois from FEDS

FBI laptop with data on 12m iThings 'pwned via Java hole'

'Picture of Dorian Gray' borrowed in 1934 is finally returned

Intriguing case of immortality work lost for generations

New deals for Virgin Sim punters

Unlimited data, apparently

Broadband minister Hunt LOSES portfolio, takes on national health

Forget about download speed, just try not to kill them

Iomega: SOHO punters will pay hard cash for our cheap boxes

EMC storage biz unit shows off non-enterprise figures

Orange enables Samsung Galaxy SIII bonking

The future is Mastercard, but we'll take Visa too

BBC dishes out fanboi-only telly downloads ahead of ITV plans

Fandroids will have to wait for Doctor Who offline

Eco-nomics: Was Stern 'wrong for the right reasons' ... or just wrong?

AnalysisPerhaps greens just aren't the good guys

Valve reiterates games hardware gambit

Controller roller

Cambodia set to boot out Pirate Bay co-founder

Responds to international warrant

iPhone 5 wait drives record Samsung smartphone sales

Nokia knocked back too

Samsung puts Police on trail of AWOL OLEDs

Pricey TVs vanish on road to IFA

Sony: Our Xperia S tab COPIED Samsung's slab ... on price

New gear not destined for the bargain bin - yet

WiReD surgically removes damaged neurotrash 'expert'

Jonah and the wail

Tech Data taps up ex-Acetebis CEO Michael Urban

New senior veep for Euro volume biz has his work cut out

Report: Nokia to join Qi party with wireless-charging Lumia 920

Watch out, WiPower...

Nvidia coder primes Optimus for Linux

Interactive Ideas puts 10 staffers on redundancy watch, exits retail software

North London distie to push only enterprise software

Android dev smacked with £50k fine over premium rate SMS scam

PhonepayPlus: You'll have to refund punters too...

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hands-on review

IFA 2012The pen is mightier than the word?

'Google's crap for business' - CIOs give ad giant dose of reality

UK tech chiefs snub Choc Factory's paltry package

Fujitsu to embiggen iron bigtime with Sparc64-X

Hot ChipsSo is this the Sparc M4 on Oracle's roadmaps?

Microsoft claims Windows Server 2012 is 'first cloud OS'

Puts boot into VMware and others

Apple confirms 'surprise' September 12 event

iPhone 5 announcement likely, iPad Mini less so

Obama platform: 'Open' internet, strong IP protection

Democrats duck specific net neutrality pledge

Supercomputing takes a slight pause in Q2

Big systems drive HPC sales

Mozilla dumps iOS, pulls Firefox Home from iTunes Store

Open source browser still shut out by Apple policies

FBI says Apple ID heist claim is TOTALLY FALSE

Popcorn time‘Not our data’

Another trans-Pac fibre mooted

South Pacific Island Networks redux

Google/Oracle judge loses interest in paid bloggers

Letter of the law more important

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