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31st > August > 2012 Archive

Huawei picks Android for new tablets and smartphones

IFA 2012Asks users to second its Emotion

Australian 'scope to help Europe's galaxy-mapping satellite

Zadko telescope ready for earth-saving duty spotting low flying rocks

Publishers pony up $69m in ebook price-fixing settlement

Pennies from heaven the DoJ for you and me

BYOD turns sysadmins into heroes

Intel China's IT boss on consumerisation

China's net addiction staff told to stop the beatings

Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone

Yikes. Supervolcano found under Hong Kong

Krakatau a mere firecracker compared to thankfully-dormant discovery

Build your own robot soccer world cup winner

Brainware, CAD files, all online and open source

Now even China's PC market is shrinking

Record PC sales declines across Asia and Gartner says Windows 8 won't turn things around

Velociraptor drives get Thunderbolt boost

VD and daisy-chaining go together, says WD

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

ReviewGang bang

NFC tap-to-pay kit spreads its wings at IFA: Now used for audio

It's not just good for bonking

Readers: Choose the proper new name for Everything Everywhere

Nothing anywhere, something somewhere, Omnipulant ...

Windows Phone 8: What Nokia and Microsoft must do

AnalysisYou - Ballmer, Elop - yes you. Pay attention

O2 looses legal torpedo at Everything Everywhere 4G monopoly

Let us have something somewhere, pleads spurned telco

Mellanox rips covers off virt-SAN beast, claims Fibre Channel vanquish

Preparing a whuppening for VNX ass, one might think

Windows Phone 8: Microsoft quite literally can't lose

If it bombs, Ballmer is no worse off than he is now

Hands on with the HP Envy X2

IFA 2012Windows 8 tablet-keyboard combo fingered

A load of Tosh: External hard drives the new 'personal clouds'

New STOR.E Cloud 3.5in disk is a NAS disguised as a bandwagon

LOHAN rolls out racy rocketry round-up

Progress to date on our audacious spaceplane mission

Philips databases pillaged and leaked SECOND time in a month

UpdatedAnonymous piles into electronics giant

Hands on with LG's 21:9 monitors

IFA 2012Widescreen viewing for business or pleasure

VMware bounced from the OpenStack party

What do you mean we're not on the list?

So, just what is the ultimate bacon sarnie?

If you think you know, prove it

'This lawsuit is not about patents or money, it's about values'

QuotwPlus: 'A mind-numblingly inept display'

Safer conjugal rights via electronic skin

Something for the Weekend, Sir?I just want to touch

Cheer up, Samsung: Tokyo judge bins Apple's sync patent claim

South Koreans didn't nick music transfer idea

Capita Group snaps up travel agent for biz types Expotel

Outsourcer will book events and travel for firms like BP

Hertfordshire plod passwords leaked by pro-Assange data burglar

Database raid by lackadaisical protestor

Hipsters hacking on PostgreSQL

Open ... and ShutRelational cred from SoMa to Shoreditch

Facebook shoves your face in Microsoft's Bing thing

Please visit our search engine... bitches

HTC hawks fresh Desire for market boost

IFA 2012X marks the spot

Sharp's slim screen factory 'flogged to death' by Apple

Plant can't build enough working parts for Cupertino idiot-tax giant

Archos pushes out 7-inch GamePad, slaps on dual thumbsticks

IFA 2012Droid-tab gets Vita-esque makeover

Catapults, subsidies, and benefits: Bongonomics explained

¡Bong!Our VC's on FIRE at Burning Man and the Paralytic Games

Sony slims down 3D headset, cooks up eye candy

IFA 2012Also updates NEX snappers and projector tech

Amazon flings open doors to Android Appstore in Europe

At what point does choice turn into fragmentation?

Apple drones reject American drone-strike tracker app

Is it useful to know when robot flyers kill someone?

Computacenter profit hit by start-up costs in Germany

'Growing pains impacted our bottom', groans chairman

Chemical biz 'Nitro' hackers use Java to coat PCs in poison ivy

Chinese spying crew is back in business

3,000 Guild Wars 2 gamers banned for flogging stolen loot

Black-marketers get the black spot

Pret-a-porter: LG boffins' bendy battery can be worn as PANTS

But keep that fire extinguisher close

Ethernet switch sales sizzle

Everybody needs – and is buying – bigger pipes

Flash firm boss smacks back at SEC's insider trading charges

It ain't me guv gov

Here we go again: Critical flaw found in just-patched Java

Emergency fix rushed out half-baked

Symantec crowdsources buzzword bingo to name product

Global Intelligent Integrated Automated Critical Business Recovery, anyone?

NASA funds sexy, stealthy, sideways supersonic flying wing

With just one small problem ...

Schlockmeister Troma's back catalog hits YouTube

Toxic Avenger, Surf Nazis Must Die, and other works of cinematic genius now online

IBM to double-stuff sockets with power-packed Power7+

Hot ChipsBig boost in clock speed, smart accelerators

Ninefold offers Windows Server 2012 head start

Australian company offers cloudy servers with cut-over to official code

The dead reanimates as HP ships Open webOS beta

Meg's boys are also hiring webOS developers. Curious...

Google engineer finds British spyware on PCs and smartphones

FinSpy turning up in dictatorships across the world

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