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30th > August > 2012 Archive

WISE-watchers munch on hot DOGs

Millions of new black holes turned up

Customers dumping Samsung phones in wake of Apple suit

Prices of used kit plummet on sudden oversupply

AGIMO suspends govt supplier application process

Is anyone using Oz government's multi-use lists of approved suppliers?

Harvard boffins build cyborg skin of flesh and nanowires

Man and machine become one

Oracle knew about critical Java flaws since April

Could have issued patches, but didn't

'iPhone 5' released by Chinese Apple copycat

Goophone releases Android-based handset matching rumoured iPhone 5 look

Chinese dissident grassed by Yahoo nears release

Wang Xiaoning completes porridge on Friday

Philippines tech industries survive floods

Outsourcers unscathed after recent floods

Apple Mac OS X Server for Mountain Lion review

Playing god with an £14 app

Quantum sends out cheap 'n' fast newbie to beat off Amazon's Glacier

Tape market facing global cooling

Radio arse tags solve modern-day TV musical chairs dilemma

VidThere's no such thing as over-engineering

Tosh flashifies disk in demo hybrid drive

Enjoys a Momentus moment

Samsung readies handheld releases for Windows 8

IFA 2012It's all touch and go

Amazon steps over Groupon's festering corpse to set up UK deals souk

Shopping giant can't wait to tout tat vouchers

Super-critical Java zero-day exploits TWO bugs

Write Once, Exploit Everywhere

Mobe-maker flogs self-designed phones ... to your KIDS

Custom phones for custom people

Indian gov ponders restrictions on Chinese networking gear

Lovely and cheap, but possibly communist and traitorous

Sony unwraps James Bond's new Droidphone

IFA 2012Also splashproof, wipe clean 'slab. Ideal for, er, media

Why Java would still stink even if it weren't security swiss cheese

Sysadmin blogNuke it from orbit - it's the only way to be sure

Facebook co-founder Moskovitz scrambles to offload his shares

Bumwad from the bank of toyland

Love vSphere? You're going to have to love Flash too

Trevor Pott gets hands-on with vSphere's new web client

Yahoo! bureau! chief! sacked! for! Mitt Romney! racism! jibe!

'Black people drowning' shot deemed off-colour

NASA launches armoured storm probes to the Van Allen belts

Survey of vast radioactive particle-Sargasso doughnuts

Samsung whips out Galaxy Note II, cam-phone with proper zoom lens


UK data-blurt cockups soared 1,000 PER CENT over last five years

That was supposed to be a secret but it got out

Brummie plod cuffed in Facebook troll hunt

Don't I know you, sunshine?

Scotland Yard manacles another suspect in phone hack probe

Man gets Weeting greeting at Saarf Landon nick

If you can't take the Samsung, get out of the kitchen

IFA 2012Household chores to become 'inspirational experiences'

Windows 8 tablets unwrapped in Berlin: Dell goes keyless for ARM

Do these tanks have the grunt to park on Apple's lawn?

Flash tart Astute goes fourth and multiples your data

Chequered history for solid-state RAID array maker

Robot rover Curiosity sets out on first long Mars trip

Nuclear raygun tank on the prowl

Foxconn overlord seeks cheap Sharp stake to cope with Apple fanbois

Shuffling, moaning hordes clamour for more SCREENS

Attack of the Gigantic Tellies hits Berlin IFA

IFA 2012Many now too large to fit in a normal house

Obama Q&A on Reddit briefly knackers entire site

You nerds like space stuff, right?

Amazon: Time for a new Kindle Fire, this one's sold out

People just love carrying our cash registers around

Mystery virus attack blows Qatari gas giant RasGas offline

Stop the fuel pumps too? Ha ha ha! No

Applied Micro's X-Gene server chip ARMed to the teeth

Hot ChipsReady to take a bite out of x86 servers and Cisco

UK: 'We're legally bound to arrest Mr Assange'

Hague tells Ecuador not to spirit away the WikiLeaker

Microsoft NZ exposes TechEd delegates' passwords

Registration emails included passwords as plaintext

Oracle rushes out patch for critical 0-day Java exploit

'Everything's fine now, please don't delete us'

ACMA flags more ‘agile’ regulatory future

Fleet feet needed in converged world

Apple and Google in talks to end patent war?

Jobsian jihad could be over by Christmas

ANU scientists in a record-breaking tangle

Eight entangled modes from one laser

Oracle rallies PaaS providers to float cloud interop spec

Aims to help customers swap platforms more easily

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